नैतिक-मञ्जूषा (शैक्षिक मूल्य):  Naitik - Manjusha (Value Education)
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नैतिक-मञ्जूषा (शैक्षिक मूल्य): Naitik - Manjusha (Value Education)

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Author: Veda Prakash Shastri
Publisher: Neeta Prakashan
Language: Sanskrit Text With Transliteration and Hindi, English Translation
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788172027063
Pages: 766
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0 inch x 7.5 inch
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After noting the popularity of Rashtra Manjusha, an idea took place in my mind that such good sayings should be collected, which are useful for good conduct. The same idea took shape of this book 'Naitika Manjusha.'

The word 'Niti' is used in vast meaning. How a man should behave with all kinds of creaturs is the real meaning of 'Niti'. In The Niti Manjusha what kinds of conduct should take place between the teacher and the taught, the husband and the wife, among family members, between the Ruler and the Ruled, among the officers and workers, with the persons of different stages of age and also with other creatures etc. is shown through good sayings. This book is decorted with 2100 such verses.

The verses of this book are collected from the Vedas upto the Modern samskrit literature. The books from where these verses are taken, their list is given here. I am much thankful to all the writers of those books. Besides, I thank the publisher, who gave the success to my efforts.

All verses are shown here in Devanagari and Roman scripts and their essence and meanings also given in Hindi and English, so that all persons may be benefitted by reading this book. The letters of Roman script following devanagari letters are shown at beginning of this book.

The students who take interest in Antyakshari, for them the pages of all letters are shown. They may avail benefits of them.

I am sure that the students and also sholars getting advantages from this book, may add more power in their vocal affairs. Wishing good for all readers:-



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