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The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology

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Item Code: UBI850
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass International, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 9789392510007
Pages: 203
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Book Description

To appreciate the depth and uniqueness of Vedic astrology. one must encounter and explore the nakshatras. Nakshatra literally means "that which never decays." The nakshatras reflect the primordial level of the zodiacal belt, which lies beneath the twelve basic signs. In comparison to the signs (or rasis as they are named in India), the nakshatras reveal the deeper, more profound effect of the constellations. While the rasis reflect a "mass" or "heap" of the twelve signs, the nakshatras further divide the constellations into 27 segments of equal length. Each nakshatra is 13° 20' in duration. Multiplying this length by 27 equals the entire zodiacal belt of 360".

Each nakshatra has a rich mythology and powerful deities that reside within it. It is important to remember that the basis of astrology is mythology. By exploring the myths and archetypes of the nakshatras, the constellations are brought to life. One of the best books on this subject is Myths and Symbols of Vedic Astrology1 by Bepin Behari. As Behari points out, "the Atharva and Yajur Vedas give complete lists of them (nakshatras) and associate them with the oldest Vedic gods." By befriending the particular god or goddess of a given nakshatra, archetypal healing becomes possible. C.G. Jung, the great Swiss psychi- atrist, once stated that we must "feed the gods.


Dr. Dennis Harness has compiled a lucid, informative and very readable text on the all important subject of the nakshatras. In the Vedic or Hindu system of astrology, the nakshatras play a prominent role in the art of prediction. In fact, the mysterious and ancient Nadi leaves are based on the nakshatras. This book entitled The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology will be very useful to all those interested in the sacred science of astrology, both scholars and students alike. Dr. Hamess reveals how Hindu mythology plays an imperative role in understand- ing the deeper symbolic meaning of the nakshatras. This text will also be very useful to Western astrologers who can easily calculate the astronomical position of their planets by subtracting the approximately 23 degree difference between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs. This book demonstrates how the nakshatras can be easily utilized in both natal chart analysis and muhurtha or electional astrology. An additional section of the book also explores the use of nakshatras in relationship compatibility.

I have known Dennis Harness since 1980 when he had just embarked on his graduate studies in the field of psychology. He came to see me that summer for his first Vedic astrological consultation. Dennis enjoys reminding me that I suggested that he would make a fine Vedic astrologer as well as a psychologist. However, during that initial session, I also cautioned him that two marriages were indicated in his natal chart. Happily, when his second marriage came to pass in 1991, he found solid footing in his personal life as predicted and his foray into Vedic Astrology began to blossom as well.


Origins of the Zodiac

If we were to look up at the stars in the night sky what would be the simplest way to determine the zodiac, the path through which the Sun, Moon and planets travel? It would obviously be through watching the path of the Moon, which is both the brightest and the fastest moving of the heavenly bodies.

And how could we most easily divide up the zodiac in a meaningful way that could be readily calculated and clearly observed? It would not be into the twelve signs because there is no simple way to measure this. No planetary motion approx- imates a twelvefold division of the zodiac. The twelve months of the year, upon which the idea is based, require long term observation. The simplest zodiacal division would be relative to the daily motion of the Moon. The Moon's movement on a daily basis is the most evident planetary motion and can be easily observed by anyone. This divides the zodiac into twenty- seven parts, which can determined by watching the position of the Moon on consecutive nights.

It was to the Moon that ancient people first looked for calculating time and connecting to the stars. It was necessary to determine the month and the seasons. The Moon is the basis of the heavenly clock. The first zodiac, therefore, would have been lunar.

The Moon takes about twenty seven days to circuit the zodiac. following a mean daily motion of slightly over thirteen degrees. Each night we can see the Moon in a different spot in the sky until after twenty-seven days it returns to approximately its original position.

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