Nectar Words of My Master

Nectar Words of My Master

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Author: Puja
Publisher: D. K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8124604746
Pages: 160 (5 Illustrations in Color)
Cover: Paperback
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By the grace of God, here are compiled a few divine worlds that emanated from my beloved spiritual Master Sri Paramahansa Swami Advaitananda Saraswati Maharaj during my various visits to our ashrams in India.

Within the brief time that I have known Him, I can say that my life has changed completely, from the way I eat, move or talk, to the feelings I have for my fellow human brothers and sisters. The benefit I have gained from this gospel truth is immense and priceless. I was worthless and fake, and I am now becoming genuine.

Thus, it is my humble approach to other people to offer these words of nectar to all, as a golden opportunity to transform their own lives as I did.


Om Hari

God's blessings are always showing spontaneously everywhere. Only a rare fortunate being is able to retain this grace, by using which he not only reforms himself, but also becomes anxious and concerned for the reform of others as well.

One such sensitive and tender-hearted girl from France called Valentine came to Vijay Milan Math in India. She absorbed the grace of God through Guru's grace and, after transforming her life, acquired a new name <>.

Subsequently, she approached Sri Gurudev with a prayer that she did not want to restrict Sri Gurudev's nectarful speeches to herself alone but wished to offer them for the welfare and benefit of all suffering and tormented beings.

On hearing this, Sri Gurudev, even though He is bliss personified, became immersed in bliss, and Puja received blessings and consent. Only a fortunate being will be able to read "The Nectar Words of My Master" and transform his life - ITI ME NISHCHITAAMATI!

This is My firm belief!


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The Nectar Words of My Master is a mala of 108 teachings, offered by an enlightened Master, that can be used as a day-by-day practical guide for spirituality. It deals with the trials of the human soul, when faced with negative emotions such as jealousy, anger or pride, and proposes a path towards the Light based on divine qualities and spiritual practice.

Sri Sri Sadguru Swami Advaitananda Paramahansa always conveys eternal truth through simple speech, whenever He is being questioned by sincere seekers.

Valentine Teisseire (1979-), who received the blessed name of "Puja" from Sri Sri Sadguru Swami Advaitananda, is a French disciple who has been following in His foot-steps for last four years. It is her first attempt to offer her Master's nectarful words for the welfare of all.

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