An Outline Buddhism (The Religion of Wisdom and Compassion)

An Outline Buddhism (The Religion of Wisdom and Compassion)

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Author: Shinkaku
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8177693344
Pages: 43
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 6.9" X 4.6"
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Since the dawn of time man has sought to define his status in the universe, to seek a path that explains the mysteries that surround this earthly life. But what has Buddhism to offer in the way of defining these conundrums?

What is the 'Middle Way' and what defines the 'Four Noble Truths'?

How can on define the 'Eighth Fold Path' and understand their concepts? What are the 'Three Characteristics' and what is meant by 'Karma' and 'Nirvana'?

In this small book by Shinkaku we have clear and concise answers to these simple but complex questions. With the information succinctly composed and laid out, no-one need ever to be concerned that they have failed to interpret the teachings of Lord Buddha.


Buddhism is considered to be more a philosophy than a religion, but what are its defining pillars or concepts? Often, with this blurring of religion and philosophy, when taken in the context of its origins, one is apt to be confused. Buddhism was born and evolved out of the ancient Indian scriptures that predate the Hindu traditions.

The Buddha was born and died a Hindu, but his teachings went a step beyond the ideals of the ancient Vedas. The pure form of Buddhism, which came from the Buddha, Siddhartha, has been considerably changed over the centuries. In this booklet the author clearly explains the basic tents of the pure Buddhism and its ideals.

Within the 'Four Noble Truths' and the 'Eight Fold Paths' are the main themes of Buddhism, and these are eloquently described. There are no gods or goddesses to consider, no prophet of the Lord to understand, and no worship of any deity or higher being to be performed. In Buddhism it is the 'way of living' that is foremost. It is the analysis and deep insight on a mental plane that is needed to understand the true nature of all things, to encompass all paths.

This book is presented to help you discover and understand for yourself more about Buddhism, to realize and appreciate a different philosophy for living.

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