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Item Code: NAP619
Publisher: Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
Author: Dr. S.N. Tripathi, Dr. Ashwini Tekale & Dr. Darshana Khaire
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788121804127
Pages: 48
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.0 inch X 5.0 inch
Weight 50 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description

Ayurvedic Medicine developed the whole Panchkarma program to clean and adjust the system and in future to prevent and cure the disease faster. It has special methods to select and cure disease:

1). Number one is objective and

2). Number two is subjective.

Basic principles of this medical system have application of understanding to find the disease and in person. Both can be classified and genralized to cure the disease. Without that no one can get comfort and life. They symptomatically do it and nature helps on each and every spot. Everything you see is to follow health guidelines for only comfort to life.



No one knows all about health and nature. It is only people's imagination and experience to work for life and never get tired.

7 Vedas, the oldest epic of human history, tells about health and how to carry life successfully.

Ayurvedic medicine is one of that which scientifically tells about Panch Mahabhutia (5elements):

1) Ether

2) Air

3) Heat

4) Water

5) Earth.

Fortunately when they meet 4 more elements:

1) Time

2) Direction with space

3) Mind

4) Soul, Human life comes out of 9 elements.

Nature controls everything in this world, whether living or non living.

Ayurvedic Medicine is a top medical system which deals with people's health. Panchkarma is one of the branches which helps to maintain health to live long in this world.

It is a procedure of five different steps to maintain and adjust the body (mind, body, emotions, and spirit ). Ayurvedic medical doctors are trained to perform Panchkarma and know what medicine to use. Ayurvedic Medicine always uses scientific and technological methods.

Panchakarma should be given by a docter. If not, is not good to take it. Three month to one year training is not enough.

This procedure can be used all over the world under the supervision of a docter. Usually a docter knows how to deal with people's health and the treatment.

Ayurvedic medicine only deals with the root cause, in stead of treating sign and symptom.

Panchkarma does not allow to go back to old habits People have to choose:

Food: where, when and with whom the eat,

Drink: what, when, and how much to drink,

Talk: what and when to talk,

Thinking: what to think and how to implement it.

Ayurvedic medicine emhasizes more on health to eliminate diseases. Everyone should Follow the points to get good health and the rest follows after.

Panchkarma maintains health, corrects behavior and mind. Everything is decided by energy forces (humours).

Nature is powerful and does not give any chance of amalgamation in food at the cost of health. Ayurvedic medicine does not follow any other medical system and never allowed any medicine to be produced in mass for a mass of people. Now we are living in a modern era which is full of illusion. Countires in some number they like new ways of life. They are OK until they do not touch the food and lifestyle. In case if they touch the food with preservation, chemical and artificial means, Ayurvedic Medicine advises them not to do anything with food at the cost of health.

Ayurvedic medicine does not follow any other medical system and never allowed any medicine to be produces in mass for a mass of people. Now we are living in a modern era which is full of illusion. Countries in some number they like new ways of life. They are OK until they do not touch the food and lifestyle. In case if they touch the food at the cost of health. Please follow these four factors to be healthy and happy:



Relationship with nature, and

Social structure

Only nature is always right and permits us to do things and be happy the way we want. People are attached with illusion and artificials things which will pay according to their actions. Ayurvedic medicines wants to protect people's health and heal 1.7 billion People out of India and there are according to their karmas (actions).

One may think about modern medicine and its science and technological development to have progressive growth and then treatment. Panchkarma follows that.

Eight Keys of Life

Khan =Food

Pan= Drinking

Rahan =How to Live.

Sahan= Where to Live.

Baat= What to Talk.

Vyohar=How to use them.


Vichar= How to Impement it.

That all possiblity keeps away from diseases.

Following are the bodily materials and waste products of the body that are resposible for all problem and diseases. They are like:

Rasa= fluid.

Rakta = Blood.

Mansa =Muscle.

Meda =Connective tissue.

Asthi =Bone.

Majja = Bone marrow.

Santan vahak =Sperm & Ovum. (Reproductive System).

When Dhatus (Bodily Materials) are healthy, they function normally and produce Oja or Aura or Grace to live in the boundary of immune system and its main key "self body resistance" which is responsible of life and is given by mother at the time of birth.




Content Page No
Ayurvedic Medicine and Pancha Karma 1-6
History and Philosphy of Pancha Karma 7-9
Panch Karma 10-17
Procedure of Panch Karma 18-22
Food guidelines and advantages of Pancha Karma 23
How often people should take Pancha Karma 24-25
Questions and answers of Pancha Karma 26-28
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