The Power of Tantra (An Indispensable Book For Those Engaged in the Study and Practice of Tantra)

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Author: Dr. Narayandutta Shrimali
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Book Description

About the Book


India is known the world over for the science of Tantra, the ancient spiritual discipline, related to the power of Shakti, the female principle of creation.

Dr. Narayandutta Shrimali, the privileged disciple of Yograj Shri Sachchidananda of Siddhashrama, elucidates in this book, the eight important Tantrik Sadhanas (practices) - Baglamukhi Sadhana, Tara Sadhana, Ashralakshrni Sadhana, Sammohana Sadhana, Aghor Gouri Sadhana, Kala Gyana Mantra, Ananga Sadhana and Dattatreya Sadhana. He has mastered not only the Tantra Shastras but also the Mantra Shastras. Each Sadhana is accompanied by its relevant mantra and yantra, the most important elements of Tantric ritual.


Written by a practising Tantrik, this is an indispensable book for those engaged in the serious study and practice of Tanrra.


About the Author


Dr. Naryanadutta Shrimali, a noted astrologer, palmist and numerologist, is the author of over 60 books.


He had made a significant contribution in the field of occult sciences and is the publisher of a magazine, Mantra, Tantra, Yantra Vigyan. Some of his important books are Mantra Rahasya, Brihad Hastarekha Shastra and Practical Hypnotism.




I am happy that a book on a little known subject, is being published. Tantrik practices and Siddhis which have made India the world leader in spiritual power, and which Sadhakas or practitioners of tantra strive to master, have been elucidated through this book.


The details of the Siddhis and Sadhanas have been given here lucidly. I have reproduced here, unedited, all the letters, related to the subject, that I was able to obtain. Therefore, neither the publisher nor the author or compiler is responsible for the success or failure of these Siddhis Sadhakas, desirous of practising them, may use their own judgement and wisdom.


Sadhana is a difficult pursuit. The Siddhis and Sadhanas given in this book are authentic, but ultimately it is only the Sadhakas own enduring capacity, power and wisdom which are responsible for their success or failure. One's failure in a Sadhana may be attributed to his own inadequacy.


The publisher's interest and enthusiasm have enabled the book to come out with an attractive get-up and they deserve to be thanked.


The episodes narrated in the book are a pleasant blending of facts and imagination. They bring out the total personality of Dr. Shrimali.


I mention his name with all respect as he is my guru, and dedicate this little book to him with humility and deep gratitude.




Yogi Gyanananda showed me the letters related to Dr. Narayandutta Shrimali's life. He wished them to be published. The letters selected by rum from the collection are indeed significant since they reflect the personality of Shrimaliji.


I feel that these letters should have been. published much earlier as they do not only transcend time but will also be a source of inspiration to those engaged in Sadhana (Tantrik practice). Through them they will experience a new surge of energy within themselves and will get renewed vigour and courage to go ahead on their chosen path.


I am familiar with the many facets of Shrimaliji's personality. Although I am unable to fathom his total personality, from my personal knowledge of him, he appears colossal like the Himalayas, and pure like the Ganga, He has lived his life fully, and has enjoyed every moment of it. I am amazed how an individual could have attained so many dimensions of Sadbana. But there he is - a living example of this achievement.


He has elucidated the original form of Vedic Mantras and, through their basic sounds, transports us back to the era of their creation. He got these original sounds recorded on tape and this in itself is a monumental work. These tapes are worth preserving for the coming generations. From these they will know how sages recited the Vedas in ascending and descending notes leaving an indelible impression on the mind.


Being a disciple of Sarvashreshtha Yogiraj Sri Sachchidananda is the greatest honour and good fortune today and this 'honour belongs to Shrimaliji. Yogiraj is one of the founders of the Siddhashrama and the entire world is indebted to him today.


For Sadhakas (practitioners) like us it is a rare good fortune even to be able to have a glimpse of him. The fact that Shrimaliji is his disciple speaks of his extraordinary personality. He is the favourite disciple of Sachchidanandaji and in him we have found the very embodiment of the Mantras.


Yogi Gyanananda has given here vignettes of the Tantrik convention held at Kamakhya. The rare and difficult Sadhana performed by Shrimaliji at the convention was unique. I was already familiar with the Tantrik aspect of him and it would be no exaggeration to call him the modern Gorakhnath.


I do not find myself competent enough to write about him. Although I am older in age, one superior in knowledge is Gyanvriddha (ripe in wisdom). I, therefore, pay my homage to him. The troubles and travails he has gone through in his life are tremendous. He has tried to make every moment of his life meaningful. He has not lived just for the sake of living. In Tantrism he has been able to come close to persons like Trijata Aghori. This is not of little significance.


I am aware of Shrimaliji's temperament. He is a shy person. He does not like to talk about himself nor does he like to hear his praises. If however, these letters do not get published it would amount to depriving the practitioners of Tantra of something valuable.


Along with these letters others related to rare Sadhanas are being published here. From these one learns that if Sadhana is done the proper way, it undoubtedly yields results. Practitioners can benefit from these too. Shrimaliji is active even today and is happy bestowing his knowledge on his disciples. This is evident from his letters.


My feelings towards him are of humility, and I pray to God to grant him a long family life to enable the society to benefit from him. May he live long and continue to inspire us. You may contact Dr. Shrimali at: Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan, Dr. Shrimali Marg, High Court Colony, Jodhpur-342001 (Raj). Tel: 22209.




I shall begin with the Tantrik Convention at Kamakhya.


This convention was a subject of discussion amongst us. For those who believed in Tantra and knew about Tantrik practices, this was an unprecedented opportunity as the convention was to be held at the seat of Kamakshya the deity of Tantra. Although the convention wasn't publicised in the press, it was a welcome piece of information for those initiated in Tantra, and it was reported that some foreign Tantriks too were to participate in the convention.


It was said that distinguished Tantriks from all over India would be participating in the convention, but only those who had mastered at least one of the ten mahavidyas (great skills) would be permitted to participate. Now for Tantra, this is a high standard to achieve. This precondition was laid down so that only very distinguished Tantriks would participate, the organisers did not wish the place to be overcrowded by novices and precious time wasted.


This convention was neither a political one nor a social occasion. It was not funded by big businessmen, nor was mere curiosity the motivation. The only objective was to explore the possible contribution that could be made by Tantriks in the changing social conditions, and find the ways in which they could benefit the society.


Moreover, it was also the intention to find out how many expert Tantriks existed in the country. The media employed to achieve this purpose, reached Tantriks and Yogis living in the distant Himalayas.


By Tantriks I do not mean only practising Tantriks, but also those who had mastered the Mantra Shastra. In other words, this convention was aimed as an interaction between great Mantra Shastris (masters of Mantras) and Tantra Shastris (masters of Tantra).


The matter had been under consideration for a year. We were waiting eagerly for the inauguration of the convention. It was a ten-day affair and all those distinguished in this area had been contacted.


Happily, most of the invitees had consented to attend.

Included among these were Pagla Swami, Swami Chaitanyamurti, Kripalu Swami, Baba Bhairavnath, Swami Pret Baba, Aghori Girjananda, Aghori Kharparananda Bharati, and Trijata Aghori. I had heard of these great personalities millions of times. They had become legends associated with great miracles. A get- together of such Tantriks, Mantriks and Aghoris was a great wonder for us.


The consensus was to gather left and right wing experts in Sadhana at one place to demonstrate their Siddhis .Ways and means of overcoming the obstacles in achieving them and in what way they could benefit common people were to be the subjects of discussion at this convention.


Moreover, this was the first time in 5,000 years that Sadhakas, Tantriks, Mantriks and Yogis of such great distinction were to assemble at one place.


The efforts made by some yogis in this direction were indeed laudable. It was only due to their efforts that the impossible had been achieved; Yogis in remote spots in the Himalayas could be approached and persuaded to attend the convention.


Efforts were made not to over publicise this convention and to keep away onlookers and curious spectators from thronging the place: This could have led to chaos and the very objective of the convention would have been defeated. Moreover, the Sadhakas had to be assured that they would not be expected to appear before common people and demonstrate their Siddhis.


They were right in their own way and it was only proper that the dignity of this extraordinary gathering was maintained and the prestige of the distinguished participants suffered in no way.


For the last twenty years I have been trying to penetrate into the realm of Tantra and I have been able to master Tara Vidya, which is one of the ten great skills in Tantra. I have experimented this with success, and had gone up in my own estimation. Frankly, I had overestimated myself, but after participating in this convention I realised how little I knew and that I was nowhere when compared to the great accomplishments of the participating Sadhakas. I am not even worth a particle of dust. I cannot reach their heights even if I learnt at their feet for hundreds of years.


I was permitted to attend the convention only after I had gone through difficult tests in Tara Sadhana. I learnt in this convention what I had not in twenty years. It was perhaps a reward for some good deeds I might have done in my present and past lives.


If Tantra and Mantra still exist in this country today, it is only because of some of the great Sadhakas.


I started my life as a student of law, and I had passed the examination with high grades. But because of a citation of a wrong ruling on my part, in a criminal case, an innocent man was sentenced to death. It was my mistake. This made me so miserable that I resigned from my post and gave up my career forever. Then I took up journalism and my sharp insight and fearless writings soon made me popular. I was the President of the Journalists' Association for a number of years. Since those were the days of the British rule, I was looked upon with disfavour by the authorities from the very beginning. I was virtually under a state of siege. I renounced the world before I could be besieged completely. I was not married and, therefore, had no family encumbrances. I decided to devote the rest of my life to Sadhana and the discovery of unknown mysteries.


I have always been argumentative. I do not get impressed easily by anyone. When I talk to someone, my journalistic tendencies overtake me and my probing questions dissect him and expose him completely. If there is anything fraudulent in him, it comes out and this way I have not come across a single complete personality. Therefore, I have not been able to bow my head at anyone's feet. Unless I am totally impressed, I cannot utter the word "Guru". In a way I have been without a Guru for twenty years, although I did learn some Tantrik practices during this period, and have also been impressed by the work done by some people. I met some reputed Sadhakas; learnt Tara Sadhana from Bhoot Baba and I did form a favourable impression of him but every time the journalist in me came in the way. As a result I was impressed only by some aspects of his personality. Until now I have not met anyone who has mastered great Tantrik practices and has impressed me enough to be my Guru.


I have met Tantriks who are experts either in the leftist methods or the rightist methods of Tantra. If they have mastered one method, they are completely ignorant about the other. I met some Hathayogis too, but they possessed only ordinary skills.


Ordinary Tantriks could perhaps be impressed by them but not me. I met some Mantra Shastris who could perform miraculous deeds through Mantras, but they had no other knowledge.










Dr. Shrirnali's Letters to his Wife


Dr. Shrimali's Letter to Ritu


Letters to Dr. Shrimali


Sadhanas and Siddhis


Baglam ukhi Sadhana


Tara Sadhana


Ashthalakshmi Sadhana


Sammohana Sadhana


Aghor Gauri Sadhana


Kala Gyana Mantra


Ananga Sadhana


Dattatreya Sadhana



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