Prayer (By Mahatma Gandhi)

Prayer (By Mahatma Gandhi)

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Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Publisher: Rajpal and Sons
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8170289599
Pages: 136
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
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About the Book

Prayer was an integral and important Part of Mahatma Gandhi’s personal and public life. In his personal life, Mahatma Gandhi used prayer as a means of communicating with god and purifying and disciplining himself. In public life he extended the meaning of prayer beyond religion and spirituality using it as a means of bonding with the people and building a sense of community and harmony. Divided into three sections this book presents Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts and views on the meaning and practice of prayer.




Section I
Meaning of And Necessity for Prayer
What is Prayer? 13
True Prayer 14
True Worship 15
The Greatest Binding Force 15
Prayer is all Inclusive 16
Meaning of And Necessity for prayer 16
Prayer is Necessary for all 19
Man Cannot live without Prayer 20
Hypocrisy of Lip Prayer 20
Why Pray? 21
The Object of prayer 22
Spontaneous Upwelling of the heart 23
A Man of Prayer Knows No Fear 23
Why Recite his name 24
Beauty of repetition 25
No faith in Prayer 26
Why No Faith in Prayer 33
Have Faith 33
God’s Word 35
Nirbal key balram 35
The Only Help of the Helpless 37
God’s Covenant 38
Secret of Self Control 39
A Call of Repentance 41
Visitations 42
Inner Voice 44
Section II
Forms and Methods of Prayer
Yajna 49
How I Establish Communion with God 49
The Form of My Prayer 50
Service is Prayer 51
Resign to His will 54
How to and Whom to Pray? 56
Punctuality at Prayers 58
God’s Time Never Stops 59
Never Miss Prayers 60
Attendance at Prayers 61
The Spiritual value of Silence 63
Silent Prayers 65
Silence During Prayers 66
How I Introduced Congregations Prayer 67
Congregational Prayer 68
Co-operative Prayer 70
My Faith in Public Prayer 71
Crowds attend my Prayers 71
Individual Prayer 71
Concentration during Prayers 73
Compulsory Prayer 74
The Malady of Intolerance 75
Fasting and Prayer 76
The Truest Prayer 79
The Inner Meaning of the fast 81
The Use of Images in Prayer 82
Idol Worship 83
Idolatry Vs. Idol worship 84
Worship in temples 85
Are Temples Necessary? 86
Are Places of Worship a Superstition 89
Why no temple in the Ashram? 91
A Model Temple 92
Nature’s Temple of worship 94
Tree Worship 95
Atmosphere for Prayers 97
The Place of Prayer in Ashram Life 97
The Ashram Prayer 106
About Prayer at the ashram 109
Time Taken up by Prayers 111
Prayers especially for women 112
Section III
A Good Seed Sown 121
Who Is Rama? 121
Power of Ramanama 123
A well Tried formula 125
Ridiculing Ramanama 125
Ramanama Must Not Cease 126
Ramanama and National Service 127
Ramanama 128
References 129

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