Ramajna Prashna

Ramajna Prashna

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Author: Triveni Sahayi
Publisher: Raka Prakashan, Allahabad
Language: (Text and Translation)
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8188216240
Pages: 103
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7" X 5.6"
About the Author

Late Sri Triveni Sahai ji was born on 17th June, 1916. He was a guzzeted officer. He was a man of various activities and learned man. He also participated in the Freedom Struggle and was a great patriot. In 1942 he worked as a Sub Editor in the Urdu edition of "Harizan", newspaper that was published by Mahatma Gandhi at Vardha in Ahmedabad. In 1957 a book of short stories named "Banphool" was published and written by him. He wrote many articles and poems, which were published in various newspaper and magazines.


It is said that Goswami Tulsidas Ji had written this book named Ramagyan Prashna for the benefit of one of his acquaintances Sri Ganga Ram Jyotshi (Astrologer). Sri Ganga Ram resided at Prahladghat in Kashi. He used to go for evening when Sri Tulsidas Ji, on his way to the Ganges called on Sri Ganga Ram Ji, he (Ganga Ram ji) for prayer. Sri Goswami ji enquired, "What is the reason? You look so worried".

The astrologer (Ganga Ram Ji) told, "At Raj Ghat, resides the King of the Garhwar race. His prince son had gone on a hunting expedition; but has not returned at yet. There is news that one of the members of the party has been mouled to death by a Tiger. The Raja had called for me today. I was asked to tell whether the prince is in comfort or not. It is dealing with a king. I am told that if my predictions about the prince come out correct, then I shall be highly awarded, otherwise I will be sentenced to death. I have returned home, with permission of one day's time for calculations. But my knowledge of the astrology is not so much as to find out, a definite answer to the king's query. God knows, what happens tomorrow".

Goswami ji (Tulsidas Ji) was moved on the sight of the pitiable condition of the Brahmin (Sri Ganga Ram) and he said, "You do not worry. The Lord Sri Raghunath Ji will save you".

Having being assured by Goswami Ji, the astrologer went for the evening prayers with him. On returning home after the prayers Sri Goswami Ji set upon writing this book. In absence of ink at that time, he diluted catchu (katha), and finished writing of this book with a read-pen in six house; and presented it to Sri Ganga Ram Ji.

The next day, Sri Ganga Ram Ji presented himself before the King and informed him that the prince was well. Sri Ganga Ram had consulted this book.

The prince was all right. One of his companions was killed by the tiger. But the King kept the astrologer detained till the return of the prince. On the return of the prince Sri Ganga Ram was set free. The King begged pardon of Sri Ganga Ram brought the entire reward and kept it at the feet of Sri Tulsidas Ji. What did Sri Goswami Ji care for the money, but on much insistance and entreties, he took out ten thousand rupees only, just to satisfy Sri Ganga Ram Ji. Sri Tulsidas Ji, spent the entire amount of ten thousand rupees in erecting ten temples of Sri Hanuman Ji at Banaras. In all these ten temples, the statue of Sri Hanuman Ji is facing towards the south.

This book is comprised of seven chapters. Each chapter has seven groups, and each group consists of seven couplets. In this book Sri Tulsidas Ji has retold the story of his epic "Sri Ram Charit Manas", but the sequence is not in order. It is jumbled up. In the first and the fourth chapter, the contents of the Bal Kand of the Ram-Charit-Manas have been given. In the second chapter the Ayodhya Kand and a portion of Aranya Kand of the Manas have found place. In the third chapter the remaining portion of the Aranya Kand and the Kishkindha Kand have been dealt with. The Fifth chapter deals with the Sundar and Lanka Kands of the Manas. In the Sixth chapter the coronation ceremony has ben described together with a few other incidents. The seventh chapter is mostly devoted to tell the manner in which this book is to be consulted.

Two Word: Shivanath Vajpayee
Sri Janakivallabha vijayate: Dr. Pravakar DewediXI
Editor Notes: Kalpna SahaiXIII
Sri Sri Sita Ram Saran Main
Chapter- I1-14
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