Rasopanisat (Rasopanisad)
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Rasopanisat (Rasopanisad)

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Item Code: NAI227
Author: Prof. (Dr.) Gyanendra Pandey
Publisher: Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788121803052
Pages: 387
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 400 gm

Rasopanisat (Rasopanisad) is one of the rarest ancient treatises dealing with pharmaceutical science, iatrochemistry and alchemy which are comprehensively, independently and extensively development as a full-fledged branch of Ayurveda, the medical science of India, in the name of rasasastra or rasatantra.

This work presently in the form of Sanskrit text is containing sixteen (16) adhyaya (chapters) embodying textual material hitherto available:

Several facets, topics and aspects pertaining different areas of rasavidya (specific strata, concept and science of rasasastra) are covered under various chapters consisting the textual material from original source.

Present in-depth study, critical analysis and close observation of textual discussion and revelation by handling a hard venture have exhaustively, collectively and explicitly resulted into production of English version with commentary (duly supported with supplements).

The work stands unique, painstaking and dynamic task-inspired by sincere devotion-emerged as first hand contribution.

It is, thus, set for promoting global admiration towards excellence of Indian knowledge of science at its highest exalt.




Prologue v-vi
Chapter I : Karana Bandha 1-34
Chapter II : Rasaveddhi Karana 35-45
Chapter III : Sparsa Vrddhi Karana 46-53
Chapter IV : Bija Vidhana 54-83
Chapter V : Vedhapatta 84-87
Chapter VI : Lohakarana 88-102
Chapter VII : Paksaccheda Ranjana Kalka Vidhi 103-12
Chapter VIII : Golaka Vidhana 103-123
Chapter IX : Ansadhi Bandhana 124-129
Chapter X : Naga Sankramana 130-134
Chapter XI : Tarotkarsa Vidhana 135-138
Chapter XII : Sulbara Kalikaccheda 139-146
Chapter XIII: Vangastambha Sodhana 147-167
Chapter XIV : Sodhana Vidhi 168-175
Chapter XV : Abhraka Dravakadhikarana 176-189
Chapter XVI: Dravanadhikara 190-257
Supplement 337-338
Mana : Weight Conversion  
Appendix- A  
Table I : Herbal Drugs in Rasopanisat 339-350
Table II : Section I : Rasa Paksachedana vaga/gana 351
Section II : Rasa Niyamaka gana/Varga 352-353
Table III : Seciton I : Rare Drugs in selected Rasa Text 354-355
Section II : Rasousadhi (Rare Herbal Drugs) 356-357
Appendix- B  
Table I : Section I : Metallic/Mineral Drugs 358-359
Section II : Important Drug Material 359-361
Table II : Animal/Marine Drugs 362-367
Appendix - C  
General Index (Selected Subjects/Topics) 368-377
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