Revelations of Medical Astrology – With Remedial Measures

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Author: S K DUGGAL
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S.K. Duggal. B.Text.Tech., M.A., LL.B., Jyotish Visharda, Jyotish Kovid, Jyotish Shiromani, Jyotish Vachaspati, Chikitsa Jyotish Nishnata, is a Textile Technologist. He was working with JCT Ltd., Phagwara. It was during his stay at Phagwara that he came in contact with some renowned Astrologers. He started learning Astrology in 1963 in a traditional way from various Jyotish Gurus teaching Astrology in 100 years old Vedic Pathshala situated in a small village Hadiabad (Phagwara), Punjab.

He was Executive Director (Projects) in Punjab State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (PSIDC), Chandigarh and Managing Director of North India Technical Consultancy Organisation Ltd. (NITCON), Chandigarh. He has more than 40 years experience in the Textile Industry. Presently, he is associated with a number of textile units in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. He is the Vice-President, International Council of Astrology & Allied Sciences; Member and Hon. Advisor, International Federation of Astrology & Spiritual Sciences. Presently, he is the Chairman, Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) — Chandigarh Chapter. He has been awarded title of Acharya in Astrology. He is teaching General Astrology, Dasa and Transit, Medical Astrology, Marriage, Astro-Meteorology and Mundane Astrology.


Human beings have suffered physically since the beginning of humanity. Medical system has also improved with the passage of time. However, the changes in the life style have also brought in more and more complicated diseases.

Medical treatment to diagnose and remedy these diseases can basically be divided into four categories (1) Ayurvedic (2) Unani (3) Allopathic and (4) Homeopathic.

In the ancient times, Astrology was used to diagnose diseases much before those could happen and also to take remedial measures to ward off these diseases. In this book, an attempt has been made to collect the various astrological combinations given in the classical books and also to add to these the combinations which have been found applicable to various new diseases based on statistical analysis.

The Ayurvedic and Unani practitioners of medicine treat their patients with the help of conventional type of medicines mostly prepared from gems, metals, plants, animals and other mineral products and derivatives of these elements. Their systems depend upon the condition of vayu, pitta and kapha in the human system, which they diagnose by feeling the pulse of the patient and comparing the beats! Changes in the pulse rate conforming to a specific disease. This system is basically dependent upon experience and is difficult to pass on to the next generation. However, the new entrants in this field are also able to achieve a level of excellence after long practical experience.

The Pharmacopoeia of medicines adopted by them includes medicinal plants, herbs, minerals, etc., which are connected to various planets depending upon the frequency and wavelength of radiation and vibrations emitted by these elements.

Allopathic treatment has been in vogue since last about three centuries. Till last century, there were limited drugs available in the market. Discovery of penicillin and other antibiotic drugs are the development of later part of the 20th century. Except for Stethoscope and X-ray, there was hardly any sophisticated instruments for diagnosis of difficult diseases. Some times, treatment used to be on hit and trial basis and as such, it used to take long time before one could effectively cure the patients. At times, the delay used to be fatal.

With the latest research in Allopathic system of medicine and a very scientific approach throughout the world, it has been possible to identify the new diseases more precisely and also to discover the medicines most appropriate to combat these diseases. These medicines do have some side effects in the human system, which sometimes become a matter of serious concern. Therefore, the allopathic doctors do take special care before prescribing antibiotics steroids and advise for sensitivity tests in order to ascertain which drug will be suitable for curing the patient.

Homeopathic treatment depends mostly on bio-chemical salts. It is understood that these do not have any side effects on the human body. The treatment is basically based on symptoms. The greatest advantage of homeopathic treatment is the low cost, no side effects, acceptability by children and application of small doses. Some of the homeopathic medicines have been found more effective where other systems have failed.

Use of alternative medicine is prevalent in India. This includes messaging of human body with specific oil formations, derivatives of plants in the form of essence and aromatic scents. These systems are still prevalent in Kerala and other parts of South India.

Needless to say identification and treatment of various diseases based on planetary combinations in an individual horoscope are really very effective. Mention of such diseases and their cures is found in classical books like Bhrigu Samhita, Nadi Shastras, etc.

I have a personal experience to share. I belong to a family of Doctors, yet and suffered from stomach ailments till the age of 22 years, when I was able to get my horoscope from Bhrigu Samihita, which prescribed a ‘Divya Oushadhi’ which I prepared myself, took it twice on particular astrological calculated days and was cured permanently. I never had such a stomach problem for last 43 years, since then.

Classical books like Brihat Prashar Hora Shastra, Sarvartha Chintamani, Jatak Parijat, Gadavali, Jatak Tatwa, Brihat Jatak, Saravali, Uttrakaalamrit, Jatak Alankar, etc. have lot of combinations to diagnose a variety of diseases including Tuberculosis, Cancer and even Aids. Effective remedial measures adopted in time can be useful to ward off or combat these diseases to a great extent.

The extraordinary insight medical astrology affords the doctor into the nature of the whole of his patient has to be experienced and to be believed. The quick insight he can obtain in differential diagnosis will save his time. For instance, Saturn in Libra afflicting Mercury, induces very obscure spasms in the blood vessels of the kidney which frequently is confirmed only after many tests of the blood samples simply because the condition goes on changing with the movements of the planets.

Similarly, in the realms of appendicitis, thousands of horoscopes have been studied and the fundamental astrological ingredients of the disease have been defined. Rahu and Mars prominent in respect to the 6th house reveal one’s susceptibility to appendicitis and it will manifest under the directional influences of the afflicted planets. Because of this advance knowledge, one should adopt a plan of operation to counteract these influences.

The remedial aspect of Astrology is also very important. For certain afflictions in the Horoscope, i.e. in harmonious dispositions of planets which they may express themselves as mental or physical afflictions, remedial measures based on mantra shastra are suggested in the ancient texts. The afflictions of planets merely indicate the deficiency of the requisite or normal energy quantum and this can he compensated by mantras which are nothing but groups of adjusted forms or sounds vibrations. Researches have shown that sound waves have their therapeutical value. In prescribing different types of mantras for different types of mental and physical afflictions, our ancient medical men like Dhanwantari, Susruta, etc. seem to have been alive to the tremendous potentiality of sound vibration.

Classical Indian literature goes to prove that certain ailments can be rectified even by combinations of’ Ragas’ of Indian classical music. Even today these experiments have proved useful for curing ailments like headache, body pain, and mental stress and strain.

The role of Yoga in tackling these diseases cannot be ignored. Yogic exercises are a boon for present day diseases like spondolosis, obesity, Spinal disorders, etc. caused by sedentary life style of the modern times.

Muhurat plays an important role in the success of any event. Anything started in an auspicious period results in beneficence. Muhurat is important in Medical Astrology as well. In the miscellaneous chapter, details of various Muhurats have been given for commencement of administering medicine to the patient, auspicious timings for treatments and operations of different body parts. Application of these Muhurats will be useful to get rid of chronic diseases.

An effort has been made to identify the astrological combinations for various diseases and to suggest astrological remedial measures, wherever possible. However, it is suggested that while using any remedial measures, the advise of the expert, yoga teachers, vaids, hakims and doctors, is taken before hand.

The author does not under take any responsibility on this score as the remedial measures as given in classical books have been compiled as such and presented to the public for their benefit.

Preface to the Second Edition

Looking to this demand, number of diseases with their combinations have been included. More examples have been added. Regrouping of diseases in a house has also been done.

The salient feature of this edition is enormous changes in Chapter-XVI regarding Remedial Measures. Additional information has been provided as far as Daan (Charity) and Gems are concerned. In addition to this, upayas have been given based on Herbal treatment and Ayurvedic baths.

I hope this enlarged and revised edition will have wider acceptability.

I am grateful to my wife Dr. Indra Duggal and my Daughter- in-Law Dr.Rajni Duggal for advice on regrouping of topics. I am also thankful to Shri Saurabh Sagar for taking keen interest to publish the book in a very short time.


Preface xi
Preface to Second Edition xv
List of Tables xxi
List of Examples xxiii
Chapter-II Significators 1
Significations for Planets 18
Signification of Houses 23
Significator Planets for Houses 24
Significators for Constellations (Nakshatras) 26
Chapter-III First House 30
Headaches 31
Dementia 35
Meningitis 38
Cancer 40
Epilepsy 44
Leprosy 49
Mental Diseases 56
Chapter-IV Second House 63
Eye 63
Teeth 72
Chapter-V Third House 78
Ear/Deafness 78
Chapter-VI Fourth House 88
Asthma 88
Blood Pressure/Hypertension 91
Heart Diseases 92
Lungs/Tuberculosis 107
Chapter-VII Fifth House 114
Stomach/Intestinal Troubles 114
Gastric Troubles, Colic, Worms 127
Diarrhoea/Dysentery 130
Appendicitis 133
Indigestion 136
Chapter-VIII Sixth House 139
Diabetes 139
Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Acidity 145
Skin Diseases 149
Leukoderma 152
Chapter-IX Seventh House 153
Kidney Problems 153
Hernia 162
Frigidity/Sterility 170
Menstrual Disorders 173
Venereal Diseases 178
Abortion/Miscarriage 180
Chapter-X Eighth House 183
Ulcers 183
Wounds 186
Tumours 191
Rheumatism 192
Piles 197
Hydrocele 201
Chapter-XI Ninh House 203
Paralysis 203
Chapter-XII Tenth House 211
Back Pain 211
Fractures 218
Chapter-XIII Eleventh House 219
Legs 219
Chapter-XIV Twelfth House 227
Feet 227
Gout 232
Insomnia 236
Chapter-XV Miscellaneous 241
Combinations of Balarishta 242
Combination of Short Life 249
Combinations for Medium Life 251
Combinations for Long Life 257
Calculations of Longevity261
Effects of main periods of various Planets 289
Timing of Diseases in the sub-periods (antar dasa) of various planet 300
Auspicious Muhurata for administering Medicines 301
Roga-Mukta Snana 301
Chapter-XVI Remedial Measures 303
Sun 303
Moon 311
Mars 314
Mercury 316
Jupiter 319
Venus 321
Saturn 324
Rahu 327
Ketu 330
Effects of Kaal Sarpa Yoga 333
Cancellation of Kaal Sarpa Yoga 335
Specific Remedies for Insomnia 339
Remedies through Gems for various Diseases 340
Chapter-XVII Bibliography 344
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