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Satya Jatakam (Basis of Dhruva Nadi)

Satya Jatakam (Basis of Dhruva Nadi)
Item Code: IDL089
Author: Sage Satyacharya
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Edition: 2007
Pages: 144
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"

This is an English version of great Astrology work by Satyacharya, considered to embody the principles of Dhruva Nadi and Satyasmhita Nadi. It is told in this work that its principles were communicated by Dhruva to Jaimini, who in turn passed them on to Garga who transmitted them to Vyasa, wherefrom Satya Rishi got them.

As per another Satyacharya was a Buddhist monk well-versed in Astrology. Many of his Slokas have been quoted by Bhattotpala in his commentary on Brihat Jataka at relevant places. Some of them have been appended at the end of this book as an Appendix for the benefit of our esteemed readers.

Now coming to the merits of this book there are many special features in this work that render it unique. Such a treatment of the subject of astrology is novel to this book and is not to be found elsewhere in other texts on the subject. Some of the distinguishing features of this work are the exposition of stellar theory, Panchasiddanta criterion Bhavapahala (Effects of the houses), Grahakarakatva (significations of the planets) and Dashaphala (results of different Dashas). The book gives rules to determine the effects of the planets placed in different Nakshatras which are not be found in general works. It deals with Bhavaphala and Dashaphala in an exhaustive manner. It give the results likely to manifest when particular Bhavadhipati is placed in the twelve different houses for all the 144 (12×12) combinations possible. Almost half of the work is devoted to a detailed study and interpretation of the results of Dashas and one can boldly sat that such a treatment is rare to be found elsewhere.

The book will prove to be a guide of immense value and great practical utility to all students of astrology for both the beginners and the advanced for instructions of the art of prediction by synthesizing the diverse factors like stellar position Navamsha, Bhava, Rasi etc. judging the same correctly.

It is earnestly hoped that the book will be received by all the readers interested in the science with enthusiasm and should it serve and add to the knowledge of readers we would feel that our purpose has been completely realized.

We further express and omissions might have embodied the book; if these are brought to our notice they will be rectified in the next edition.

Contents At A Glance

This book contains unique rules and principles of astrology hitherto unexposed to many will doubtlessly prove to be of great value to every earnest seeker, Some of the special features which distinguish the work are:

Stellar Theory

The book contains rulers to determine the effects of the planets placed in different constellations. This is a rare features which is not available in many-many text books on astrology.

It provides an exhaustive account about Bhavaphala that is the results of various Bhavadhipati when placed in the 12 houses, thus form all the 144 (12×12) possible combinations. The details has been given on through scientific basis by synthesizing the Grahakarakatva and the Panchasiddhanta principles.

Many amazing rules have given in this book for delineation of Navamsha chart and Gochara phala of different planets.

Interpretation of Dashas

A large part of this work is devoted to a study of the results of dashas. It deals with dasha system in detailed manner, gives dasha effects of various house lords when they are found placed in the twelve houses individually (144 combination).


Adhyaya I
Time of Birth – Janma-nakshatra Strength of a Bhava- significance of the houses.

Adhyaya II
Five Basic Principles
Strength of Bhavas and Plants Pancha Siddhanta criterions, Planetary friendship auspicious and inauspicious stars etc.

Adhyaya III
Results to be read from the Twelve Bhavas
Subhayogas and Asubhayogas –Effects of the 12 houses 48-85

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