The Secret Benefits of Juice Therapy
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The Secret Benefits of Juice Therapy

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Author: Vijaya Kumar
Publisher: New Dawn Press
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9781845575359
Pages: 104
Cover: Paperback
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For centuries, fruit and vegetable juices have been used for their therapeutic benefits. It not only reverses the degeneration of the body but also arrests the rate at which you age, and brings you seemingly boundless energy. Fresh juice enables you to easily assimilate useful nutrients in the body. Since enzymes, essential for digestion, get destroyed when food is cooked, there is all the more reason why fresh, raw produce should constitute at least half of your diet.

Hence, the consumption of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits prove to be more beneficial to our health than other food.

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Since time immemorial, fruit and vegetable juices have been used for their therapeutic benefits. Juices are health-giving, life-giving and youth-giving essential foods. They bring a sparkle to the eyes, colour to the lips, and a spring to the step by revitalizing the bloodstream. They make the best dietary supplements, can be taken at any hour during the day or night and have no side effects.

The dietary recommendations in this book should be followed as a supplement to your physician’s advice. All the suggested recipes will be effective only when incorporated within a total diet scheme.




Introduction 7
Essential Facts About Juices 8
Indispensable Nutrients 12
Benefits of Juice 21
Juices as Cure for Various Disorders 24
Planned Diets 77

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