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The Secret Benefits of Spices and Condiments

The Secret Benefits of Spices and Condiments

The Secret Benefits of Spices and Condiments

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Item Code: IDK154
Author: Vijay Kumar
Publisher: New Dawn Press
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 1845575857
Pages: 119
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 X 5.5"
weight of book 163 gms

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What would a kitchen be without the distinctively aromatic smell and taste of different spices, bringing out the flavours of almost any type of cuisine imaginable? Spice add piquancy, tang and flavour to food and are versatile ingredients in all forms of cooking.

The Secret Benefits of Spices and Condiments unearths a whole new world of hot and pungent Indian and exotic spices. It gives a detailed account of their origin, cultivation, chemical composition, medicinal and culinary uses. The book also discusses at length the use of various spices in different cuisines of the world like Japanese, Chinese and French.

So pick up this book and discover the myriad varieties of spices which enhance the pleasure of eating.


India is considered the Home Spices since ancient times. Although different spices are produced in different countries of the world, India has the privilege of producing all types of spices. In some spices like black pepper, cardamom and turmeric, India holds top position among the major spice producing countries of the world.

Spices have been prized for centuries. In fact, they were once valued as highly as gold. There are accounts of how people followed the trails of early merchants in their search for spices. They explain how indigenous spices were traded, and were once a royal luxury. Today spices cost so little, and even more new and unusual varieties of spices are available.

Exotic, aromatic and exciting spices add piquancy, tang and fiery flavour to food, and are a versatile ingredient to all forms of cooking.

Spices are also useful as preservatives and antibiotics, and for their therapeutic benefits.


  Preface 7
1. Allspice 8
2. Amchur 10
3. Anise 12
4. Aniseed 14
5. Asafoetida 16
6. Basil 18
7. Bay Leaf 21
8. Bishop's Weed 23
9. Caraway Seeds 25
10. Cardamom – large 27
11. Cardamom - small 29
12. Cassia 31
13. Celery 33
14. Chillies 35
15. Cinnamon 38
16. Clove 41
17. Coriander 45
18. Cuminseed 48
19. Curry Leaf 51
20. Dill 53
21. Fennel 55
22. Fenugreek 58
23. Galangal 60
24. Garlic 62
25. Ginger 66
26. Horse - radish 69
27. Kokam 71
28. Lemon Balm 73
29. Mace 75
30. Marjoram 77
31. Mint 79
32. Mustard 81
33. Nutmeg 83
34. Onion 86
35. Parsley 89
36. Pepper 92
37. Pomegranate Seeds 96
38. Poppy Seeds 99
39. Rosemary 101
40. Saffron 103
41. Sage 106
42. Tamarind 109
43. Thyme 111
44. Turmeric 114
45. Vanilla 117

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