Secrets of Mahashakti (Mystery of Chandi)

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Author: Dr. N. Ramamurthy
Publisher: CBH Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 978819103656
Pages: 88
Cover: Paperback
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This introductory book on Chandi yagna deals with the benefits of the yagna, as it can aid in clearing off the obstacles and hurdles on the path to success. Goddess Durga, the chief deity of this yagna will gift the performers with the power to balance the passion and dispassion, indulgence and denial. She is the primordial energy that is responsible for the creation, sustenance and destruction of this entire universe. She is the sum total of the energies of all beings of this universe. The Chandi Yagna and he deity-Chandi is a very fierce and powerful deity. By performing the Mahaa Chandi Yana, one can become free of evil eyes, curses, obstacles and they are also blessed with a lasting health, wealth and prosperity.

Dr. Ramamurthy, has been in the forefront of imparting knowledge based studies in the areas of Vedas, Samskrit, Banking, related IT solutions, information Security, IT Audit and so on. His thirst for continuous learning does not subside. He did research on an unique topic “Information Technology and Samskrit” and obtained Ph.D.- doctorate degree from University of Madras even at the age of late fifties. He has so far penned 18 books on religious literature, software Testing and Banking topics. Currently he is working on a project of develop ping a Samskrit based compiler.



My guru used to mention Love is Lalitai, love is Chandi. In the same sense HH Shrishri Pranavananda Avaduta Saraswathi Swamiji breaths Chandi and serves for the welfare of this entire globe. This book, written by Arutsakthi in Tamil, was in a manuscript form. This was published by him to spread it among the Tamilians. His thirst for spreading this has not stopped. He wanted to take this further to the whole world by getting it translated into English. He talked to me, one day, in this regard. I also agreed to it with the intention that let this book, presently only known to those who can read Tamil, be known to people of other language also. But, I did not expect that he would arrange for this translation so soon. This clearly shows his passion toward the public.

Further, mention has to be made about the person who translated the book into English. Shree Ramamurthy was not known to me earlier. One fine day evening he called me and modestly introduced about himself and mentioned that he has already completed the translation of the book and would send it to e. my surprise had no bounds and I bowed to Shree Devee that She arranges to spread her glory to all fast and in various methods. The same night I received the book through e-mail. It is mentioned in Puranas that Mayan, the architect used to erect buildings for devas within seconds. In the same way, Shree Ramamurthy has translated this book, which is so complicated with lot of words in Samskrit language, within a short span of time. His knowledge of Samskrit language and his experience in translating such books, could easily be perceived while reading this book. He has done this amidst his tight schedule of other tasks. It is not an exaggeration if we say that the translation is so fluid that everybody, who is so busy in this world of technology and in particular the English language experts can comprehend this book. His devotion to HH Shrishri pranavananda Avaduta Saraswahi Swamiji could be an important reason for this. He has already penned couple of such books and it is understood more important books are in the pipeline. I have no doubt, that the spiritual world is going to be benefitted by him. I pray to Shree Devee to give reinforcement and strength to him, who has done such a mammoth task. It may not be enough to just convey our thanks to HH ShriShri Pranavananda Avaduta Saraswathi Swamiji, who has been the stimulus for this effort. What else we can offer him other than our humble pranams? Let us offer plenty of pranams to him and let him bless us all with the wealth of knowledge.

The secrets mentioned in this book called “Secrets of Mahashakti” are all truths of Vedanta. Let it be spread to the entire world. I bow to Paradevata who is in the form of Satguru, to bless her boundless compassion to the whole world.



The 700 verses of Devee Mahatmiyham called as Saptashatee describes the form meditation, greatness, worshipping methods, etc. about Shree Mangala Chandika Devee.

Saptashatee talks about Mahakalee, Mahalakshmee and Mahasaraswathee who take care of creation, protection and destruction of the entire universe. It is in the form of discussion between Sumethas, Suratha and Samadhi. It also describes the destruction of demons like Madhu, Kaidapa, Mahishan, Raktabeeja, Shumb and Nishumba Apparently this is a story. But when dealt with internal substance, it is pregnant with so much of mantras, secret mantra-beejas, etc. It is the integrated version of Rig, Yajur and Sama Vedas. By chanting Saptashatee, in the prescribed method, one can achieve anything this world and beyond this world also.

It is generally enjoined in Upanishads that the performance of Brahmavidya or any other Vidya for that matter, is better done when performed after knowing its meaning-yo nachiketam agnim chinuyat ya evam Veda. To completely comprehend about the comprehensive secret of Saptashatee is beyond anybody’s capacity-nor will entire lifetime be adequate.

However, this book aims at providing a 30,000 feet overview about Chandi and different methods of Chandi yagnas.

In number system the number 9 has high esteem. Even the vehicle registration number 9999 runs in a high premium. It is apt that this book contains 9 chapters describing about Navaksharee and Chandi. When HH Pujyashree Pranavananda Avaduta Saraswathi Swamiji, asked me whether I can translate this book from Tamil to English, I was delighted and took his request as on order of Chandi through him and could do my best possible. My pranams are due to Swamijee for giving me this opportunity.

Conventions used in this book: A humble attempt has been made to provide whatever was communicated in Tamil without much of deveeations. But all of us are aware of the challenges in translating such a book from Tamil to English. English equivalent for most of the Samskrit and Tamil words are used wherever possible. Generally it is very difficult to find an equivalent word in English for some of the Samskrit words. The transliterated Samskrit words are written in italics for instance puja. When Samskrit words are transliterated in English diacritical marks in this book to some extent as given below and not in its entirely- since it makes the reading a little more difficult and since this book is intended for common audience.

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart are due to Shri Arutsakthi Nagarajan, who has written a nice introduction and pleasantries about me and about this English edition. My sincere thanks to Mr. M. Easwaran of CBH Publications for bringing up this book in a nice form. Though the book was ready in the year 2011 itself, it got delayed in publishing the same on account of various reasons. It is she who decides the activities and same is the case in publishing this book also.

Let Goddess Chandi bless her choicest blessings to all the readers.




  Dedication 4
  Foreword 5
  Introduction 6
  Preface 8
  Foreword (as per the Tamil Edition) 10
  Preface (as per the Tamil Edition) 11
I Entry into the book 14
II Chandi is the peace 25
III The Threesome Great Powers 29
IV Is this the Meaning of Number Nine? 32
V All the 700 are mantras only 39
VI Shall we read as prescribed? 43
VII A journey around the inherent meanings 51
VIII History of Saptashatee 61
IX The yagna and its results 65
X Saptashatee and Shreemad Bhagavad Geeta 74
  Annexure 1-Shree Durga Saptashtee-Adhikara Nirnaya 80
  Annexure2- Myth of number 9 83
  Annexure3- Shree Durga Saptashloki 85

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