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The Seven Mystical Laws of Self Healing

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Author: Sanjiv Ranjan
Publisher: Life Positive Pvt. Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788121618755
Pages: 298
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The seven mysticallaws of self Healing is a path breaking book, based on the real-life experiences of empowering people to be their own healers through understanding and decoding the mysteries that lurk in the dark, unknown alleys of their unconsdous mind. To heal, you have to love your truth with compassion and harness the limitless power that you were born with. You have to learn to integrate the forces which drive your mind, body and spirit. Above all else, this book is about 'you', and that within you, lie the same powers that gave birth to the universe.

The size of this book tells it all. It takes a genius to simplify it without losing the essence. It will fill the gap between science and mysticism and I hope it touches many lives and makes them sublime. .

About the Author

A mystic, healer, and a reformist writer, Sanjiv Ranjan's mission is to empower people. He envisions a world where every individual lives through the depth of his physical, mental, intuitive, and spiritual abilities.

He is a clinical hypnotherapist, an internationally certified healing instructor, and a visiting faculty at several media institutes where he teaches visual communication. As both healer and teacher, he has created a powerful framework for personal growth and transformation. Through visibly magical workshops, lectures, seminars, and healing sessions, he has helped many people experience an expansion of their consciousness and a manifestation of miracles.

He is the founder of the Ail India Institute of Mind Body Medicine where he devotes his time and energy in developing easy-to-apply evolutionary tools for social, educational, and health care reforms.

Yet, Sanjiv Ranjan is essentially a poet at heart and a revolutionary in spirit. His love for verse, for the lyrical beauty of nature, frequently makes him seek the solitude of mountains, the unknown terrain of the Himalayas, where he feels life, love, and magic are tangibly alive in the intense, warm, welcoming embrace of Mother Nature.

Author's Note

The body is even more intelligent than the mind.
It is endowed with a timeless wisdom.
And because the body is intelligent, it knows how to heal itself, if allowed to. But unfortunately, the art of allowing has died an untimely death.
This book is an endeavour to share my experiences and insights gained over the years, working with patients suffering from diverse disorders.

Whether it was a physical, mental, or spiritual problem, the hallmark of all the cases that were presented for healing was that they were considered impossible to cure. At best, they could be managed with life-long medication.

But what was common amongst all of them and interesting to note was the cultural background they were coming from and the way it influenced their thinking, along with the beliefs that they dearly held to be true.

People from an Eastern geographical territory especially India, when faced with a life threatening or severely debilitating syndrome, often thought that their disease was a reflection of their past Karma, or destiny as predicted by astrology. Some related to their disease as the Will of an unknown, unforgiving God, and for some, it was simply an accident. They were clueless as to why they suffered, as they went from pillar to post in search of relief, as well as sympathy.

And people from a Western geographical mind-set blamed it on their genes, stress, and a few also understood the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

But all the above named, possible causes are outside personal power, and likewise, all those who suffered felt a certain sense of helplessness. They felt out of control, and a sense of being victimized by their own body and life situation. They seemingly could not do anything in their power to change it. However, if this were to be true, then healing would never have worked, for anyone.

I was blessed in the sense that my clients were willing to explore alternate realities to the one that they were trapped in. They came with an open mind.

I consider myself lucky to have worked with them, and in the process, I discovered that neither of these beliefs form an empirical truth. That in spite of our genes and a pre-determined destiny that may follow planetary movement, the Universe in its utter benevolence, has bestowed upon us a Free Will, the power to choose, the power to change.

Your genes may make you more vulnerable to certain illnesses, but there is something within you that can overrule that and change. You can alter the destiny of an illness and the way it interacts with you.

The same is with your stars. Their power only goes as far as probabilities. They define your strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities and threats that may come your way. But destiny is never a story etched in stone. It is fluid, and it can change its course, and the field is always left wide open to you ... because life is a mysterious game and you are all here to play.

The universe, somehow, loves self-fulfilling prophecies. When you believe in something, whether it is an astrological, parental, societal, or genetic prediction, when you accept it, the universe manifests it for you.

Whatever you truly believe and accept becomes your reality, by virtue of being the coloured lens through which you perceive life. If you believe that life exists as various shades of grey, then your mind will create them within your visual field, and then wherever you shall look, grey is what you will see.

Apart from the nature of what people believed, another very important factor that deeply influenced healing was the healing of the inner child. Unknown to you, deep within your unconscious mind, your child self actually controls your adult life.

Your child self is the most vulnerable part of who you are, and unfortunately, almost everybody has a wounded inner child, partly due to the extreme vulnerability of the phenomenon which is childhood, and partly because we do not know the importance of living consciously. So parenting is mostly a random, unconscious, event in our lives.

As a result of this, you may not at times have control over the first few chapters that got written in the book of your life, because at that time, you were extremely vulnerable to outside programming, to the beliefs and experiences of the people you lived with and learnt from, all of which heavily influenced your subconscious minds.

But life truly loves you. And no matter what those first chapters are, you have been given the power to choose the subsequent ones and create a brand new heroic ending to the story of your lives.

Believe me when I say that you are all heroes, except for those moments when some of you gave your power away.

The cases presented in this book are real life heroes, who suffered, who lived in pain as well as shame, who almost died in innumerable ways before they woke up to responsibility. Through responsibility, they reclaimed their personal power, and went on to live a powerful life

Every disease that they suffered from told the story of their life, at times heart rending, at times poignant with grief, at times shocking me into stillness as their tears froze, because the winter in their soul was so real, so close, and spring not even a distant possibility.

But when they owned up to the grief, to their wounded vulnerable selves, when they learnt to let go of behaviour that did not serve them well, when meaning and love for the 'self entered their life, they began to heal, the disease syndromes began to recede.

As a healer, I often came face to face with evil. The more I delved into evil, judgment turned into compassion. The deepest realization that dawned upon me was that inherently, evil emanates from the wounded, vulnerable, inner child.

Evil is a cry for help, from the darkness within. And when we face this darkness with courage and compassion, the light of our soul that was buried under the burden of our past begins to shine.

This book is a journey. It will take you into yourself. As you read through it, you may find your life begin to unfold in your own unconscious mind. Just be available to your inner world- watch, listen, and feel.


You cannot attempt to treat the body without healing the mind.

When studied closely, the human body seems to know a deep mysticism. Beneath our skin, almost six trillion cells work in complete harmony to preserve the integrity of the organism, and at any given point, each cell knows exactly what every other cell is doing.

Every cell has a mind that knows how to repair itself, because the inherent nature of life is to heal all things made by itself. And the cell is alive. Life throbs within its microscopic confines.

But the problem arises when you do not allow the cellular mind to function, when you do not give it the time it needs. You have our own busy schedules, your own agendas in life, and those agendas do not have any space for your body, because you are completely consumed by your mind. Your mind does not allow you to listen to the body and let it thrive.

All of you have experienced fever. You love popping a pill to bring it down. It seems like such a harmless thing to do, because even though you have fever, you also have work to do, money to make, an important engagement to attend. You cannot allow the body to languish in its febrile state.

It is uncomfortable, too. So you pop the pill. Harmless as the action looks, it could possibly open you up to graver diseases. Why?

Because fever is an immune response. It is a part of the body's natural defence mechanism. The body raises its temperature to kill the invading microorganism. It is equipped to do so and it is guided by a timeless intelligence that is more than a million years old.

So, when you take a fever-reducing medicine, you interfere with its natural protection process.

Now the body gets confused. The cellular mind goes off-axis. The immune system suffers a shock. It is as though battle- ready soldiers, who were going all out to meet the enemy, suddenly find their arms tied.

Slowly, over time, your immune system figures out that you do not trust the intelligence of your body. You do not rely on it. You do not believe that it can fight disease, on its own. It begins to understand the futility of maintaining such a huge army. It begins to lose focus, and the understanding of what its function is, becomes flawed.

This is how the immune system starts disintegrating. The powerful army within you starts disbanding. And you become even more vulnerable to alien attack. The more susceptible to diseases you become, the more you hear that your immune system is weak.

But the point is that it is you who destroyed that army. It is you who made it weak, by not trusting it.

And trust is a very fundamental building block of the universe.

It is the foundation stone of life on this Earth.

Every cell in your body trusts every other cell in your body, and more importantly, it trusts itself completely; that is why your heart never forgets to beat. That is why the world within you is a miracle of exquisite harmony.

When sound caresses your ear drums, your brain knows that it shall be conveyed with fidelity. When light dances upon your retina, the sight is trusted, the impulse conveyed instantly across the optic nerve to the exultant visual cortex waiting to receive it.

The only one who moves out of this magnificent world of trust which exists within you, is you. .. and you pay for it by suffering from dis-ease.

You are not a victim to the diseases that you invite. You are a party to their genesis. You have allowed the violation of natural laws. You have perpetuated all crimes against yourself, because you do not have the time to nurture your own self, your own body, and your mind is so drowned in the cacophony of voices and sounds outside you, that you have lost the ability to listen to the ephemeral whispers of your own inner voice, of what your body tries to let you know, in every waking and sleeping breath.

And fever is not the only immune response which gets mutilated. The same is with most of the symptoms that we self-medicate for-nausea and vomiting for instance, frequently found in stomach infections.

Why does the body create the feeling of 'nausea'? The body is dealing with an infecting pathogen. It is simultaneously trying to repair itself. The stomach knows that it is not in a position to digest food, and it also knows that the body has enough food reserves to last awhile. So it creates a wave, which throws the existing food out. You vomit. Then your brain generates a feeling of nausea, so that you do not ingest any fresh food, allowing your stomach time and empty space to initiate and complete the healing process.

The moment the repair is complete and the stomach regains its health and vitality, the desire for food will return automatically. It is common sense.

Have you ever seen anyone successfully cleaning a soak pit, without emptying it first?

But no, you do not have that time, or the love, or the patience, or the understanding of your body functions, to allow the healing to take place from within. Or perhaps it has not been taught. So, most of you will readily pop an anti-emetic pill, and then take antibiotics, and then another something to bring the fever down, when the body was doing all this on its own anyway.

And once again in the process, you maim your immune system, and very effectively and subtly give it the message not to rely on it to take care of you, and that it is completely redundant as far as your busy schedule is concerned. It can very well retire, for you have far quicker and much more effective means at your disposal.

One can give endless examples on this phenomenon. But did anyone tell you that almost every healthy body, from time to time, produces aberrant cells. And that there is an internal surveillance system (your immune system, your white blood cells, which are the angels in your bloodstream, who relentlessly patrol your body) which monitors such aberrant cells and destroys them before they turn cancerous.

And if your immune system disbands its army, there will be no-one to check these miscreant, aberrant cells, and unhindered, they will flourish and grow like vandals in the absence of a police force.

Considering this, does it make sense to sacrifice such a valuable entity, your own internal defence system, just because you do not have the time, the concern, the love, for the magic which resides within you.

It is not that medicines are unimportant and have no role to play. They are life saving, essential in many instances, and must be used with awareness. But they should not be employed indiscriminately or arbitrarily. They should be used with caution and care, and prescribed only where there is a real danger to the organism. The body cannot be treated like a stupid child. A deeper understanding of the body is mandatory. It is a learning for every human being and cannot be restricted only to health care professionals.

An evolved society can be formed only when every person learns to be his or her own doctor, and more than 80 per cent of the medicine practised, focuses on being preventive. Prevention is far more powerful than cure, even in terms of economy. Cancer right now is difficult to be cured. Perhaps Nature intends that we learn to prevent it, and in doing so, move higher up on the evolutionary ladder, for Man is but a transitional being. Neither did creation begin with him, nor will it end with him. And just the way he evolved into Man from his animal antecedents, he shall evolve into higher being, yet.


Introduction 5
Chapter 1 The 1st law of self-healing-Love is the biggest healing force in the universe 31
Chapter 2 The 2nd law of self-healing-In itself, no disease or crisis has any reality; whatever meaning it assumes, is given to it by you 75
Chapter 3 The 3rd law of self-healing-The human body has an infinite capacity to heal, repair, and regenerate itself 109
Chapter 4 The 4th law of self-healing-Your body, begins to heal when you tune into its rhythm 137
Chapter 5 The 5th law of self-healing -Your body constantly serves your mind; to heal the body, you have to treat the mind 173
Chapter 6 The 6th law of self-healing-AlI healing relies upon and begins with faith 215
Chapter 7 The 7th law of self-healing-The deepest healing known to mankind is the healing of the inner child 241
Epilogue 279
Reference 286

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