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Soul, God and Buddha in Language of Science

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Author: Mathura Prasad
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9781946869524
Pages: 606
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Book Description
About the Book

The Buddha answers all questions that a scientist like Stephen Hawking has in his mind.

• Two beginning-less, self-existent entities are - the Universe and the Buddha Field. At high energy level both covert in to each other. The Buddha Field gives birth to physical and psychic particles (souls). At high energy level, a soul converts in to the Buddha Field.

• Mass is of two kinds. Positive mass is due to souls. soul is cause of dark matter.

• Gravitational force is repulsive in nature between two souls, attractive between matters.

• Outer region of the Universe is dark because here beings are without material bodies. Here TIME does exist BUT without SPACE. Psychic matter is the cause of Expanding Universe.

• God's atom does exist. All heavenly bodies including black holes are abodes of beings.

• Stars are born due to gravitational instability in the Orion Nebula caused by God. Number of God is uncountable in the Universe.

• Very soon, the world will see all religions (barring Buddhism), Marxism and all other Wrong Views, dying of natural death.

• I have dedicated this book to Stephen Hawking, one of the brilliant theoretical physicists since Einstein.

About the Author

The author, Mathura Prasad was born in a village in Chorwar in Bihar. He used to work in the Bihar Health Services and retired in 2001. Since childhood he was religious minded. Without any direct reason, he was deeply attracted towards the Buddha and was interested in knowing religions in words of science.

He has written three books - SukhiAurShaktishali Bharat (2003) in response to ubiquitous corruption in his country, Vigyan Ki Bhashamein Dharma (2008) and Vigyan Ki bhashamein Aatma, Ishwar Aur Buddha (2014). He loves his country, culture and ancient history.

He gets pious inspiration from the Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi and international vipassana teacher S. N. Goenka.

At present he lives at Patna; engaged in purifying his mind by walking on the path advocated by the Buddha.

He is sure peace and harmony will prevail in the world, as soon as 'Soul, God and Buddha in the Language of Science' reaches the hands of scientists.


This book has tried to understand religions in the light and language of science. The book has four sections- (1) Soul, (2) Being, (3) God and (4) Utility of Religion, each divided into chapters. The Chapter 23 includes also a topic on Premature Death (PMD) - a very important topic of the day. PMD comes with a host of miseries. We have tried to study its causes and its prevention in short. To me, sorrow of separation due to PMD seems to be the greatest suffering for all of us. We must do something to mitigate this suffering at world level.

The soul, God and the Buddha are very important words of religious world. For this very reason, when we study them, we study religions in detail. What is religion?

The religion is that knowledge which leads to the highest happiness. If someone begins to live a life in light of that knowledge, all human virtues begin to come in his life and ultimately the person achieves the highest happiness, absolute freedom from suffering-either in this very life or in someone other life to come. This Nirvana state of a human is his fully developed state. All activities of all beings in the universe whether they are of this or that kinds are to attain this Nirvana - the state of absolute peace of a being. So long such a liberated man lives; he lives for others- always engaged in alleviating their suffering. He is the best citizen of his country, endowed with all virtues. He is not a cause of fear for others. The proverb "simple living and high thinking" is aptly applied on him. He possesses several super human powers. Verily, the goal of life is to attain Nirvana. Certainly morally is very important in life, but it is only the pillars on which the palace of Nirvana stands. The highest goal of life is to become free from all suffering.

Pure and perfect religion (PPR) and science are one. Only a little difference is there. The PPR knows all about how to get ultimate peace having freed from all suffering. Science still requires knowing it. There is no difference in the goal of the two; both have the same goal- to have maximum peace and happiness. Very soon, both, PPR and science are going to become one.

Science is going to reach there very soon, where pure religion has already reached. What is that where pure religion has reached already and science is to reach there?

We mention about some of them-

1. There is existence of the Psychic Zero Field (PSZF). Science is unaware of it. The PSZF and the universe are two beginningless, self-existent, entities which interchange into each other at regular intervals. Psychic particles (souls) and anti psychic particles (physical particles) are created from the PSZF periodically. The universe also converts some of its matter into the PSZF at the occasion of Nirvana a being attains.

Science is also not aware of psychic field of the universe. Each God's psychic field is the most famous ' brahma' of the Upanishads.

2. Mass is of two kinds, not of a single kind, as scientists know it today- positive mass and negative mass. We may call psychic mass 'positive mass' and physical mass 'negative mass.'

3. Dark matter is positive mass.

4. Gravitational force is psycho gravitational in nature.

(a) Between two souls it is repulsive

(b) Between a soul and a physical particle it is attractive

(c) Between two physical particles it is attractive Science knows only about (c). This is very important knowledge that will help in unification of nature's forces.

5. Existence of oscillating universe is certain. Science is not certain of it.

6. The mass of the universe at present is decreasing. This is due to attainment of Nirvana by beings.

A time would come when mass of the universe would become a minimum. The event of Big Bang would stop. On that very occasion, the PSZF would create cittas (psychic particles) and acittas (physical particles). The mass of the universe would become a maximum at that time.

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