Span of Life

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Author: Govind Sri Rama Murthi
Publisher: Alpha Publications
Language: English
Pages: 176
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business

It is gratifying to note that Mr. Sri Ramamurti, the veteran well- known astrologer, has at last brought out his second edition of the book 'SPAN of LIFE' after pressing demand from the astrological public. Introducing the learned author to the astrological public is carrying goal to New Castle. His profound knowledge in the Hindu astrological science is well displayed in the well-arranged pages of this book.

The unique feature in the Hindu system of astrology is the determination of probable period of longevity of an individual by a sort of mathematical computation. In this direction the ancient stalvarts applied their heads strenuously and devised several methods of arriving at results; though this part of divination was most difficult on account of the operation of Law of Karma. These diverse methods are found scattered in various ancient texts. The author spared no pains to collect all these materials from these sources so as to present in a single book in a compact manner, for which due credit has to be given. He has enlarged the subject in his second edition by supplying some more additional information.

It may be found in actual life that there are many instances of demise beyond the regions of mathematical computation like Balarishta Yogas (combinations for Infantile mortality). This aspect has been extenstively dealt by the author in the; book by culling more information from several sources. Similarly the typical combinations for deaths in the respective years of life have been neatly brought out. Nakshatra Ayurdaya, Pinda Ayurdaya, Amsa Ayurdaya, Ashtakavarga Ayurdaya, Gochara Ayurdaya, Dasa Antardasa Ayurdeya and Jaimini's system of Ayurdeya are all completely explained with illustrations. Besides these, the author has furnished rare information about the Pathaki Arishta method more used by Orissa astrologers. In short, the learned author has very well exhausted the subject in a concise and clear manner so as to be of use to everyone. It is earnestly hoped that this useful and much longed-for book will be very well received by the astrological enthusiasts.




Chapter I
Balarishta yogas
Chapter II
Combinations that destroy Balarishta
Chapter III
Special Combinations for death at different ages
Chapter IV
General rules to arrive at shor middle or long life
Chapter V
Nakshatra ayurdaya of kalidasa
Chapter VI
Grahadatta pindayurdayam
Chapter VII
Jaiminy's methodology
Chapter VIII
Ashtakavarga system on longevity. The system explained
Chapter IX
Gochara Ayurdayam
Chapter X
Dasa, antardasa, ayurdayam
Chapter IX
Other Methods on longevity determination
Chapterf XII
Pathaki rishta-sisupathaki
Chapter XIII
Dhundl rajah infant-Horoscopes
Chapter XIV
Star lord on span of life
Chapter XV
Example Horoscopes 6-Typical cases Illustrated

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