Stories That Open A New Horizon

Stories That Open A New Horizon

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Item Code: NAD966
Author: Ratna Das
Publisher: Dr.Brindaban Bihari Das Kathiababa
Edition: 2005
Pages: 32
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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The Mahabharata lies not only at the roots of Indian culture and religion, it is a certain vision of life that this great Sanskrit epic embodies which is of immense importance to every Indian even today. The Mahabharata is not simply an epic about a Great War, the War of Kurukshetra, it is about ethics and ideals and also about the joys and sorrows of everyday life and above all about man’s realisation of his own dharma. “What is not in The Mahabharata is nowhere to be found’s is a truth that every Indian grows up with.

Though the philosophy of life that we find here is profoundly Hindu, the epic transcends all barriers of religion and culture to help its readers sail along.

The present collection of stories, taken from The Mahabharata, has been translated and compiled by Ratna Das. She has worked hard to convey in simple language the essence of the high ideals that man may aspire to. The stories try to give a glimpse of the various facets of the core of the Hindu religion. Questions that might seem difficult like ‘what is true dharma?’or What is the nature of the relation between a Guru and his disciple’ are answered through these stories. Meant for both adults and children this book is the common man’s inspiration that will not only give him a taste of the profundity of The Mahabharata, it will also enable him to realise his dharma.

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