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Studies in Indian Thought Collected Papers of Prof. T.R.V. Murti

Studies in Indian Thought Collected Papers of Prof. T.R.V. Murti
Item Code: IDD321
Author: Harold G. Coward
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 1996
ISBN: 8120813103
Pages: 426
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9" x 6"
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From the Jacket

From the renowned author of The Central Philosophy of Buddhism comes an eagerly awaited collection of his twenty papers. A part from two papers original to this volume the collection carries papers published in a span of over forty years in various books and journals. The papers are grouped in eight sections - (1) Rise of the Philosophical Schools, (2) Philosophical Explorations, (3) Advaita Vedanta, (4) Nyaya-Vaisesika, (5) Buddhism, (6) Freedom and the Individual, (7) the Philosophy of Language in the Indian Context, and (8) Personal Statement: The Philosophy of T.R.V. Murti. A Complete bibliography of Prof. Murti's writings is given at the end. Editior's Introduction comprises an academic biography of the author.

Professor Murti has imbibed the best of the traditional Indian system of intensive study of original texts and the philosophical equipment of a modern professor and philosopher. These qualities are reflected in every line of his papers. The reader finds in the present author a companion who takes him to the vast expanse and depths of India thought with comparisons and evaluations with allied issues in western philosophy. And ye the reader is not lost in details. He participates with the author in a critical evaluation of the schools and constructive philosophical activity.

 About the Author

Harold Coward is Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Humanities Institute at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta. In addition to numerous articles and edited books, he has published Bhartrhari (1976), The Sphota Theory of Language (1980), Pluralism: Challenge to World Religions (1985), Jung and Eastern Thought (1985), Sacred Word and Sacred Text: Scripture in World Religions (1988) and The Philosophy of the Grammarians (1990).



Academic Biography of Professor T.R.V. Murti

1. Rise of Philosophical Schools

2. Philosophical Explorations
   2.1 Knowing, Feeling and Willing as Functions of Consciousness
   2.2 Illusion as Confusion of Subjective Functions
   2.3 The Universal and the Particular
   2.4 The Conception of Body

3. Advaita Vedanta :
   3.1 Revelation and Reason
   3.2 The Two Definitions of Brahman in the Advaita
   3.3 The Concept of Appearance
   3.4 Self-Luminosity
   3.5 Knowledge and Truth
   3.6 The Six Ways of Knowing

4. Nyaya-Vaisesika : Types of Indian Realism

5. Buddhism
   5.1 Nagarjuna's Refutation of Motion and Rest
   5.2 Buddhism and Contemporary Indian Thought
   5.3 Samvrti and Paramartha in Madhyamika and Advaita Vedanta
   5.4 Vedanta and Buddhism
   5.5 Radhakrishnan and Buddhism
   5.6 The Metaphysical Schools of Buddhism
   5.7 Indian Realism or Vijnanavada and its Refutation

6. Freedom and the Individual
   6.1 The Gita Conception of Philosophy and Religion
   6.2 The Concept of Freedom as Redemption
   6.3 The World and the Individual in Indian Religious Thought
   6.4 Suffering and its Conquest

7. The Philosophy of Language in the Indian Context

8. Personal Statement: The Philosophy of T.R.V. Murti
   8.1 The Philosophy of Spirit
   8.2 The Concept of Philosophy

9. Complete Bibliography of the Writings of Prof. T.R.V. Murti


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