The Supreme Knowledge (Revealed Through Vidyas In The Upanishads)

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Author: Swami Brahmananda
Language: English
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8170520746
Pages: 535
Cover: Hardcover
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This veritable standard work on Vidyas, or Wisdom Meditations of the Upanishads, whose author is Sri Swami Brahmanandaji Maharaj, is, as has been the case with Swamiji's earlier writings, endowed with the clarity of an acute scholar and the profundity of a practical saint combined in one. The Upanishads have these meditational procedures described in a scattered manner in different places and even different contexts. Swamiji has culled every one of these meditation techniques from their various locations in the Upanishads and brought into focus his illuminating commentary on each of them. The work is fairly voluminous but it has certainly the greatness of heralding similar literary and analytical projects on the philosophy and meditations embodied in the Upanishads. This publication is perhaps the only one on this subject, in this measure of width and depth, that will come to the hands of the readers and seekers of Truth.

About the Book

His Holiness Sri Swami Brahmananda Maharaj is a senior monk of the Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh, whose towering spiritual insights have sparked the flame of aspiration in the hearts of countless students from around the world. Swami Brahmananda radiates a peace so palpable that it touches a wellspring of joy in the hearts of all aspirants. Swami Brahmananda speaks from a depth of understanding which empowers his words to cut through the veil of ignorance. His wisdom, which is not from the intellect but from the very Source of Truth, is shared with tremendous patience and love.


  Publishers' Note vii
  Foreword ix
  Preface xi
  Introduction xxii
1 Isa-vidya (Meditation on the Lord) 3
2 Vidya' Vidya upasana (Meditation on Knowledge-cum-Karma) 11
3 Sambhuti-asambhuti-vidya (Meditation on Hiranyagarbha-cum-Isvara) 15
4 Nirguna-Brahma-vidya (Meditation on attributeless Brahman) 21
5. Saguna-Brahma-vidya (Meditation on with attributes) 26
6. Adesa-vidya (Meditation on Brahman with the help of analogy) 30
7. Tadvanam-vidya (Meditation on Tadvanam) 33
8. Nachiketa-vidya (Meditation imparted to Nachiketas 39
9. Adhyatma-vidya (Meditation pm One's own Self) 43
10 Parama-Purusha (Kashtha)-vidya (Meditation on the Supreme Person, the acme of Perfection 47
11. Angushtha-matra-vidya (Meditation on the Purusha of the size of the thumb) 52
12. Ekadasa-dvara-puri-vidya (Meditation on the Atman in the city of Eleven gates) 55
13. Bhas-vidya (Meditation on the Effulgence) 59
14. Asvattha-vriksha-vidya (Meditation on Brahman as the sacred Peepul tree) 64
15. Asti-vidya (Meditation on Brahman as Existing) 68
16. Apara-vidya-1 (Meditation on lower Brahman-1 73
17. Purusha-vidya-1 (Meditation on the Supreme Person-1) 78
18. Pranava (Omkara)-vidya (Meditation on Pranava-Om) 83
19. Shodasa-kala-vidya (Meditation on the Entity with sixteen limbs) 88
20. Apara-vidya-2 (Meditation on lower Brahman-2) 93
21. Para-vidya (Meditation on the transcendental Brahman) 97
22. Virat-vidya (Meditation on the Lord in the form of the manifested macrocosm) 103
23. dva-suparna-vidya (Meditation on the two birds) 109
24. Manduka-vidya (Meditation imparted by Sage Manduka) 113
25 'Ayam Atma Brahma' Maha-vidya-vidya (Meditation on the great sentence 'This Atman is Brahman' 120
26. Maha-samhita-vidya (Meditation on great conjunctions) 125
27. Vyahriti-vidya (Meditation on the Vyahritis 127
28. Pankta-vidya-1 (Meditation on five membered groups-1) 130
29. Satyam-jnanam-anantam-vidya (Meditation on truth-Knowledge-Eternity) 132
30. Pancha-kosa-vidya (Meditation on the five sheaths) 141
31. Anandamaya-vidya (Meditation on the Bliss-sheath) 148
32. Asad-vidya (Meditation on the Unmanifested) 155
33. Bhargavi-Varuni-vidya (Meditation imparted to Bhrigy by Varuna) 161
34. Annam-annada-vidya (Meditation on food and food-eater) 166
35. Ksheadi-vidyas (Meditations on Safety, etc.) 168
36. Aitareya-vidya (Meditation imparted by Sage Aitareya) 173
37. Vamadeva-vadya (Meditation practiced by Vamadeva) 180
38. 'Prajnanam-Brahma' Maha-vakya-vidya (Meditation on the great declaration 'Consciousness is Brahman') 184
39. Udgitha-vidya-1 (Meditation on the Udgitha-1) 191
40. Udgitha-vidya-2 (Meditation on the Udgitha-2) 195
41. Udgitha-vidya-3 (Meditation on the Udgitha-3) 198
42. Udgitha-vidy-4 (Meditation on the Udgitha-4) 200
43. Udgitha-vidya-5 (Meditation on the Udgitha-5) 202
44. Udgitha-vidya-6 (Meditation on the Udgitha-6) 204
45. Prana-vidya (Meditation on Vital Force) 206
46. Stobha-vidya (Meditation on the Syllables of Stobha) 213
47. Sama-vidya (Meditation on Sama) 215
48. Madhu-vidya (Medition on the Supreme as Honey) 222
49. Sandilya-vidya (Meditation of Sage Sandilya) 224
50. Purusha-vidya-2 (Meditation on Oneself as Sacrifice 232
51. Mana-akasa-vidya (Meditation on Mind and Ether) 235
52. Aditya-vidya (Meditation on the Sum) 240
53. Samvarga-vidya (Meditation on the All-absorbent) 244
54. Satyakama-vidya (Meditation Taught to Saryakama) 249
55. Upakosala-vidya (Meditation Practised by Upakosala) 253
56. Akshi-vidya and Antaraditya-vidya (Meditation on the Eye and the Indweller in the Sun) 256
57. Vaisvanara-vidya (Meditation on the Cosmic Person) 260
58. Sad-vidya-2 (Meditation on Existence-Absolute) 269
59. 'Tat-tvam-asi' Maha-vakya-vidya (Meditation on the great sentence 'Thou art That') 275
60. Bhuma-vidya (Meditation on the Supreme Plenitude) 281
61. Dahara-vidya (Meditation on the small heart-space) 288
62. Uttan-purusha-vidya (Meditation on the Supreme Person) 293
63. Asvamedha-vidya (Meditation on horse sacrifice) 303
64. Udgata-vidya-7 (Meditation on Udgitha-7) 310
65. 'Aham Brahmasmi' Mala-vakya-vidya (Meditation on the great sentence 'I am Brahman') 314
66. Pankta-vidya-2 (Meditation on five-membered groups-2) 320
67. Tryanna-vidya ('Not this, not this'-meditation) 325
70. Madhu-vidya-2 (Meditation on Honey-2) 344
71. Asvala-vidya (Meditation imparted to Asvala) 349
72. Ushasta Kahola-vidya (Meditation imparted to Ushasta and Kahola) 358
73. Uddalaka-Aruni-vidya (Meditation imparted to Uddalaka-Aruni) 357
74. Akshara-vidya (Meditation on the Absolute) 361
75. Sakalya-vidya-1 (Meditation imparted to sakalya-1) 370
76. Sakalya-vidya-2 (Meditation imparted to Sakalya-2) 376
77. Sakalya-vidya-3 (Meditation imparted to sakalya-3) 379
78. Chatushpada-Brahma-vidya (Meditation on Brahman with four feet) 382
79. India-vidya (Meditation on India) 386
80. Avastha-chatushtaya-vidya (Meditation on the four states of Consciousness) 388
81 Jyotisham-jyotir-vidya (Meditation on Light of lights) 397
82. Purna-vidya (Meditation on the Whole, the Infinite) 401
83. Om Kham-Brahma-vidya (Meditation on Om-space-Brahman) 409
84. Hridaya-vidya (Meditation on the heart) 413
85. satya-Brahma-vidya-1 (Meditation on Truth-Brahman-1) 416
86. Satya-Brahma-vidya (Meditation on truth-Brahman-2) 421
87. Vidyut-Brahma-vidya (Meditation on the Vaisvanara-fire) 433
88. Vak-dhenu-vidya (Meditation on the Vaisvanara-fire) 433
89. Vaisvanara' gni-vidya (Meditation on the Vaisvanara-fire) 433
90. Vyahita-vidya (Meditation illness) 436
91. Pratrida-vidya (Meditation imparted to Pratrida) 440
92. Uktha-vidya (Meditation on Uktha Hymn) 442
93. Gayatri-vidya (Meditation on Gayatri) 446
94. Panchagni-vidya (Meditation on the five fires) 451
  Devatma-sakti-vidya (Meditation on Devatma-sakti) 461
96. Brahma-chakra-vidya (Meditation on the Universe as Brahman) 468
97 Savitri-vidya (Meditation on the Indwelling Atman) 473
98. Param-brahma-vidya (Meditation on the Glory of the Supreme) 488
99. Devasya-mahima-vidya (Meditation on the Glory of the Supreme) 488
100. Paryanka-vidya (Meditation on the Couch of Brahma) 495
101 Balaki-vidya (Meditation taught by and to Balaki) 500
  Index for the Vidyas 507
  Index to subjects 510

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