Tantra Granthamala No.11 Vamakesvarimatam

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Author: Michael Magee
Publisher: Prachya Prakashan, Varanasi
Edition: 2005
Pages: 60
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

From the Jacket

This is the first translation into English of Vamakesvarimatam, on of the most authoritative and oft-quoted manuals of Sri Vidya, and one, furthermore, with decidedly a Kaula slant.

This Tantra is said to consist of two parts- that published here consisting of five patalas-and a second part known as Yogini Hrdaya which has three Patalas. However it has been common practice for both parts to be treated separately and the Translator has followed this custom.

It has been claimed that this Tantra is the 65th independent Tantra referred to in the famous Saundaryalahari. Because of its emphasis on Antaryaga, or internal worship, the Vamakesvara is thought of very highly.

In common with many other Tantras, Vamakesvara is also hard to understand owing to its use of codings and language meant only for the initiates. The detailed understanding of these codings depend on Oral instruction, for initiates only, and Mr. Magee being one such, has very successfully decoded the hidden meaning and made them clear in his Translation.

Vamakesvara Tantra is noteworthy for its fine style and content. Therefore its English Translation has made it accessible to the English speaking community for the first time.

About the Translator

36 yrs. Old Mr. Michael Magee was for seven years a Co-editor of the international Publication "SOTHIS" which covered the esoteric sciences of both East and West in a comprehensive fashion. In 1976 he began his study of Sanskrit, attending classes at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in London and also studied extensively on his own, doing Research at the Indian Office Library and the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. In 1978 he was initiated by his Gurudeva H.H, Shri Gurudeva Mahaendranath, Shambhala Tapowan, Mehmadabad, Gujarat-387130, India, and given the name Lokanath. Besides being the Adiguru of the Adinath subsect of the Nath Sampradaya, H.H. Shri Mahendranath is also the last living Guru of the Uttara Kaula Sampradaya-His Gurudevas in these two Paramparas being Shri Lokanath Avadhuta and Shri Pagala Baba of Ranchi.




First Patala
Salutation 1
Subject matter of the work 1
Origin of Sixfold World 1
Work of Creation and Dissolution of the World 1
Supreme Matrka Devi 1
She adorns the three Worlds 2
Devi is Supreme Protector of World 2
She is Supreme Protector of World 2
Aggregate of Letter-Groups 2
Producer of Form and Formlessness 3
Dwells in Holy Pithas 4
Names of Tantras 4
Sixteen Nityas 4
Form of the Cakra 6
Glory of Cakra 6
Form of another Cakra 9
Devi Dwells in the Cakra 9
Order of the letters 9
Extrication of the Eight Bijas 10
Vasini Bija 10
Vidyas of the Angas 12
Second Vidya 12
Third Vidya 12
Fourth Vidya 13
Fifth Vidya 13
Sixth Vidya 13
Vidya for Devi's Invocation 14
Vagbhava Vidya 14
Its glory 15
Form of Worsip 15
Making the Cakra 15
Vidya for Purification of hands 15
Form of Protection 16
Dhyana of Devi 16
Worship with eight Mantras 16
Worship for Agitating Others 18
Worship for fulfillment of all desires 20
Worship for all-protection 20
Worship for freedom from diseases 21
Worship of Cakra the giver of everything 21
Method of Worship of Kamesvari 22
Worship with Mudra 22
Feeling of betterment of others 23
Dhyana 23
Second Patala
Agitating the World form Worship 25
Second method 25
Forms of Agitation 27
Another method of making the Yantra 28
Yantra for Protection 29
Method for wearing it 30
Yantra for agitating the locality 31
Method for wearing it 31
Another form of Yantra 31
Yet another Yantra 33
Special worship and its Fruits 34
Third Patala
Forms of Mudras 38
Trikhanda Mudras 38
Various symptoms of Mudras 38
Occasions for the use of Mudras 41
Fourth Patala
Problem of Adsara-sadhana 43
Form of knowledge 43
Superiority of Sakti 44
Movement Inherent in Sakti 44
Sakti is the Doer of all 44
She is the Creator of the World 44
Manifest World 44
Nature of Her Form 45
Everything Merges in Her 45
She is the process of manifestation 45
Her Manifest form 45
Divisions of Her Manifest Form 45
Sadhana of three Bijas 45
Their Fruits 46
Another form of Secret Sadhana 50
Sadhana of Sakti Bija 50
Specialties of the Fruits 51
Glory of the Vidyas 51
Sadhana of another Root Vidya 52
Vidya for Longevity 52
Time for the worship of Mudras 52
Fruit of worship of the Cakra 53
Fifth Patala
Method for Japa and Home 55
Rule for japa 55
Fruits from beginning a japa 55
Description of the Rosary 56
Fruits of the number of Japas 56
Place for special Japas 57
Method of Home 58
Kundas and their Fruits 58
Fruits of different kinds of Homa-materials 58
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