Three Studies in Vedic and Indo-European Religion and Linguistics (A Rare Book)

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Item Code: NAD287
Author: Boris Oguibenine
Publisher: Bhandarkar Oriental Research Insitute, Pune
Language: English
Edition: 1990
Pages: 48
Cover: Paperback
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We were indeed happy to have had Professor Boris Oguibénine to liver the “Professor P. D. Gun Memorial Lectures” (Fourth Sides) at the Bandera Oriental Research Institute. For, even at a comparatively young age, Oguibénine has come to be recognized as an Ideologist and Logistician of great promise.

Oguibénine was educated at Moscow University (1957—1962) and at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow (1962—1965). In 1965, he joined the Research Staff at the Oriental Institute of the Moscow Academy of Sciences where he worked until 1974. In that year he left his country, and was soon appointed Lecturer in Buddhist Sanskrit at the University of Vienna. If I remember right it was also about that time that I first came to know him through correspondence. In 1975, Oguibenine shifted to Paris where he got an appointment as Research Officer at the Centre of Scientific Research and at Sorbonne. This gave him a propitious opportunity to steadily devote himself to the study of and research in the subjects which he had been cherishing. And, be It said to his credit, he made the best possible use of that opportunity. For, in the course of the next few years) he produced, besides many research papers (e. g. “Amaze fur me Rig-Veda—Motivverzeichnis “, “Le discourse et le cults dens le Saved “, “A semiotic approach to religion “, “Myth message in metasemlotic research “, “La damson dons le Veda et le transfer de merited duns le Buddhism “), such well-received monographs as Structure d’un mythic bezique; Se myth cosmogonique Dane le .l.Rgveda (1973) and La dresser Ukase, Recherché cur le sacrifice de La parole Dane le 1.?Gueda (1988). Since 1988, Oguibénine has been working as Professor of Sanskrit, University of Strasbourg (France). It was surely a lucky coincidence that we could welcome him at the Institute soon after his now appointment.

I heartily thank Professor Oguibénine for the three rectifies which now being published here, be delivered at the Institute on October 12—14, 1988 and which Are now being published here. I heartily thank Professor Oguibénine for the three rectifies which now being published here is delivered at the Institute on October 12—14, 1988 and which are now being publisher here.



I feel greatly honored by the invitation extended to me by the tarry Professor Dr. R. N. Dandekar to deliver the Professor P.]J. Bandera Oriental Research Institute and by its Honorary Secret. Gune Memorial Lectures (Fourth Series).

Be it permitted to say here how gratifying for me it was to spend several days in September—October 1988 with my Indian colleagues at the B.O.R.I., among whom, besides Professor Dr. R. N. Dandekar, I would like to mention Professors Dr. M. A. Mehendale, Dr. S. 0. Laddu and Dr. A. M. Ghatage. I vividly remember the many Instructive conversations I have had with them.




  Lecture I :  
  Vedic Brahmacjrin in the Atharvaveda and in Two Domestic Treatises 1-20
1 Original Patterns of the Upanayana Ceremony 1-3
2 The brahmacarya According to AV. 11. 5 3-6
3 A Comparative Analysis of Two Versions of the Upanayaua According to the Ghyasütras 6-14
4 Evolution as Expansion and Increasing. Scarcity vs. Redundancy 14-19
  Bibliography 19-20
  Abbreviations 20
  Lecture II  
  Terminology of Parental and of Friendly Relations in Indo-European and Vedic 21-34
  Bibliography —. 34
  Lecture III  
  Bull, Cow and Woman in Vedic and IndoEuropean and Vedic Stylistic Features 35-44
1 The Purpose 35
2 New Hypothesis .... 35-36
3 Evidence of Vedic Hymns vs. Indo. European Data 36-42
  Addenda 42-43
  Bibliography 43-44

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