Vaidyavatamsah of Lolimbaraja

Vaidyavatamsah of Lolimbaraja

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Item Code: IDI602
Publisher: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office
Language: (Text with English Translation)
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8170802032
Pages: 89
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.3" X 5.1"
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There are many Nighntus, ancient and recent, of Ayurveda in different formats and orientations. As the dictum Says that Vaidya - the Practitioner of Ayurveda without a nighntu will be a laughing stock. Study of Nighntus is of prime importance to Vaidyas. Hence, effort has been made to present this small Nighntu in English for wider acceptability.

Lolimbaraja was an erudite scholar of Sanskrit and Ayurveda. His work Sadvaidya jivanam was famous after his name as Lolimbarajiyam. All his works are small and accepted widely. Similarly, the present work Vaidyavatamsa too, is a mini dictionary (Nighntu) as he himself said. He said in the introductory stanzas that, only the known and famous material is being presented leaving others.

It is observed, that most of the item used in cuisine are dealt in the book. While translating this work into English, it was thought, ancient cuisine can be added, to add taste, to the ones already flavoured. Accordingly, cuisine from the book Ksema Kutuhalam of Ksema Sarma, and syrups from Paniya kalpavalli (a book in Telugu which presented preparation of 47 syrups of different fruits and herbs) was added. Hope this will satisfy the palate of the readers.

Incidentally, it may be relavent to mention two old works on ancient cuisine, apart from famous works of Nala & Bhima, with a fervent hope that they would be reprinted with English and Hindi translations to bring them back to light.


Invocation 1
Introduction 1
Theme 2
Fruits 2
Grapes 3
Mango 3
Ripe mango juice 3
Pomegranate 5
Ziziphus mauritian 6
Orange 7
Rajadana 8
Mimusops elang 8
Bhavya 9
Artocarpus lakoocha 9
Lemon 9
Ziziphus 10
Gooseberry 11
Dried gooseberry 12
Cordia dichotoma 12
Date fruit 13
Plantain fruit 14
Buchanania Lanzan 16
Kernels of Ziziphus 16
Carissa carandus 17
Black plum 17
Wood apple 18
Coconut 18
Apple 20
fig 20
Vegetables 21
Snakegourd 21
Momordica dioica 22
Brinjal 23
Bittergourd 29
Coccinia cordifolia 30
Ridgegourd 32
Ashgourd 33
Bottlegourd 36
Cucumber 36
Bamboo sprout 38
Onion 39
Leafy Vegetables 39
Chenopodium 39
Jivanti 41
Palakya 42
Cancu 42
Kusumbha 43
Cicer arietinum 44
Portulaca oleracea 45
Mustard leaves 46
Basella rubra 48
Pea leaves 49
Sesbania grandiflora 49
Trigonella foenum 50
Moringa oleifera 51
Anise leaves 52
Tubers 52
Elephant yam 52
Grains & Cereals 54
Red rice 54
Green gram 54
Pea 55
Bengalgram 56
Redgram 56
Blackgram 56
Cowage 57
Cowpea 58
Wheat 58
Sesame 59
Meat 60
Buffelo 60
Pig 60
Tithiri 61
Fish 62
Lavaka 62
Sparrow 72
Milk and it products 74
Cow's milk 74
Goat's milk 74
Buffelo's milk 75
Camel's milk 75
Elephant's milk 75
Sheep's milk 76
Horse milk 76
Women's milk 76
Curds 76
Buttermilk 77
Whey 77
Butter 77
Ghee 78
Appeal 79
Invocation 79
Introduction 79
Glossary of Terms 80
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