Vedanta : A Simple Introduction

Vedanta : A Simple Introduction

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Author: Pravrajika Vrajaprana
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788175053402
Pages: 60
Cover: Paperback
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Publisher's Note

In recent times the universal philosophy of Vedanta has generated worldwide interest and a desire to know more about this philosophy and its practice. In a world of blurring social and intellectual boundaries, Vedanta holds hope for a healthy society that transcends geographical, cultural, and religious differences..

This book is an attempt to portray the essential features of Vedanta without venturing into its philosophical intricacies. This difficult task has been achieved by Pravrajika Vrajaprana, a nun from the Sarada Convent, Santa Barbara, USA, in her clear and concise account of the universal principles of Vedanta.

This volume was originally published by Vedanta Press, Hollywood, in 1999. We are grateful to them for having given us permission to publish it in the Indian subcontinent. We have made some changes in this book to suit the Indian readers.

Nowadays we need more emphasis put on harmony like that found in Vedanta. We believe that this book will inspire its readers to create a harmonious society free from divisiveness of any kind.

Back of the Book

Vedanta is a distillation of everything that is clearest wisest and most compelling in the Hindu religious tradition.

And because one of Hinduism’s core beliefs is in the validity of all paths to God Vedanta itself holds up a kind of mirror to every other religion as well allowing us to see what is clearest wisest and most compelling there too.

I hope this succinct and immensely readable overview will find a wide, wide audience.


1Vedanta : An Overview7
2Why Are we unaware of our divinity? The Concept of Maya 9
3The problem of Suffering: Karma and reincarnation 12
4Spiritual Practice the Yogas17
5Spiritual Basics ethical and moral Virtues 30
6God in Human form: The Concept of the Avatar37
7The Harmony of Religions 40
8The Oneness of Existence Unity in Diversity 44
9Revitalization of an ancient philosophy: Sri Ramakrishan The Ramakrishna Order, and the Vedanta Societies 46
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