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Vedic Cell Biology with Life Energy & Rebirth

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Item Code: NAT818
Author: Dr. C.P. Trivedi
Publisher: Parimal Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788171102976
Pages: 234
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Book Description
About the book

The Vedas are the oldest literary record of the human civilization on the earth, as such they represent common heritage of the human society. The same has been explored by Dr. C.P. Trivedi in his book Vedic Cell Biology with Life Energy and Rebirth. Dr. Trivedi has interpreted the Vedic hymns in a chronological order with depth of Vedic knowledge. He has done it through the knowledge of modern science. It may give new light to the scientists, for. them it gives a new hypothesis on life energy, which was known to the ancient Vedic scientists long ago. The whole play of life on the earth is due to the assimilated carbon, it has been explored under the wedding of Aryaman. The living organisms at cellular level exhibits the same functions, it has been discussed under the race of Rbhus.

Dr. Trivedi has given in his interpretation of Vedic hymns, the theory of chemical evolution of life on the earth as suggested by A.I. Oparin in 1922, which is the testimony that beyond this the scientists have not traced the theory about the life energy and Rebirth. The discovery of DNA by Watson and Crick in 1955 has opened the door of Biotechnology all over the world but they are silent on Rebirth. The Vedic knowledge of DNA can open new fields of Research in this direction, as Dr. Trivedi has also discussed the theory of Rebirth with reference to the Vedic knowledge.

The work of Dr. Trivedi reveals the fact that once in the history, Vedic culture flourished on the earth. Without it such work having global importance is not possible. It is also not possible that through meditation in the state of trance, such knowledge can be explored.

Vedas are the oldest literary record of the human civilization on the earth. As such they represent common heritage of the human society. Dr. C.P. Trivedi has explored the same in his book 'Vedic Cell Biology with Life Energy and Rebirth’. All the four Vedas are the foundation of Indian culture. They contain ocean of knowledge and set what should be the ideal life-style of people. He has interpreted the Vedic Hymns in a chronological order with depth of Vedic knowledge.

The teachings of Vedas should be made popular. It is so very necessary in the context of what the present political and social environment in the country is. The book is monumental in its contents. Dr. Trivedi has done a commendable work.

The death is a natural part of life. A.l. Oparin in 1922 has established the theory of chemical evolution of life on the earth, since than the people are dwelling between the old religious customs and modern science. They want to know the purpose of life. The quest to know about the mystery of life is till persisting in the human mind.

Dr. C.P. Trivedi in his book Vedic Cell Biology with Life energy and Rebirth has tried to trace the oldest and the latest views regarding the Origin of life. Whether concrete or symbolic in solving the age long puzzle is a matter of discussion with open mind. Dr. Trivedi has tried to trace the modern scientific theories in the Vedic hymns.

Rgveda largely preserved through a complicated and highly strenuous oral tradition is acclaimed as the oldest book of the world. Veda primarily means knowledge. Oxford dictionary has explained it as ‘most ancient Hindu scriptures.’ Although its scriptural sanctity seems to have had a major role in it preservation yet the growth of stupendous auxiliary literature round it points to its stock of metaphysics as a perennial source of attraction for its preservation and interpretation. Time and again our social and spiritual leaders in India have drawn on the Vedas for the rejuvenation of social structure on the national plane but there has never been any organized effort the propagation of the Vedas beyond India.

With the establishment of Royal Asiatic Society in Calcutta in the last decade of the eighteenth century, Vedas found their way to the Western world and came in handy for the promotion of philology or linguistics as an important branch of scientific study. Nineteenth century proved highly productive for the Vedic studies in the West. By the first quarter of the twentieth century several translations of the Vedas followed each other in English, French and German. This served as fillip to various disciplines of learning both philosophical and scientific. Vedic contribution of Zero to mathematics got firmly established and the concept of separate categories of mind and matter had to face reappraisal. Vedic cosmogony asserted it relevance and attracted the scientists for a deeper analysis. The advance of science from atomic theory to quantum theory has further accelerated the urgency of evaluating the Vedic concept afresh. Dr. Trivedi's work on the Vedic Biology— Race of Rbhus is a monumental step in this direction.

I do feel elated in this context to welcome to contribution of Dr. C.P. Trivedi to Vedic studies from the point of view of modern science. Dealing with the Vedic cell Biology, Dr. Trivedi has identified Rbhus with the cell. Rbhus are invoked by Medhatithi Kanva for the first time in the twentieth hymn of the first Mandala. The divine origin of Rbhus is said to have been discovered by the wise. Ayam Devdaya Janmane Stomo V; iprebhirdsayda/ Akari Ratnadhatamah.

Although lexicographers following the practice of hymns to assign the status of Gods of the subject of its description or praise count the Rbhus as God, but Rbhus seems like a combination of two roots such as R to move and Bhu to be. Closely following the first stanza Rbhus are credited with the creation of two horses and the process preceding it is visualized as mental— "Manasa Tataks uh". Dr. Trivedi has tried to examine and explain the metaphoric representations relating to the race of Rbhus and construed a wholesome picture of Vedic Cell Biology and Life Energy.

A Close scrutiny of ‘Asya Wamiya’ Sukta presenting Sun, Air and Fire as three brothers has revealed step by step the cosmic principles contained by the solar system. Dr. Trivedi talks of metaphors and riddles and proceeds to trace the origin of life and the phenomenon of photosynthesis through seemingly symbolic episodes. Of course the Vedic vision runs the whole gamut and Dr. Trivedi carries the life energy beyond its visible periphery to establish the cycle of rebirth. Vedic view to consider the world as a singular nest— biosphere has now become easily accessible to us in the context of cotemporary expressions like ‘global village.’ Dr. Trivedi has discussed the Vedic cosmology with reference to Asya Vamiya Sukta and Purusa Sukta, they have treasured valuable secret to life energy, cosmic principles and the solar system.

The problems taken up by Dr. Trivedi are highly interesting and scientific. I am sure the readers would enjoy the confluence of the latest and the oldest sets of awareness in solving the agelong puzzle of creation. Life energy can not be confined to being merely a substantial scientific entity. It has an equally dynamic spiritual value and subsistence to reckon with.

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