Vegetarianism and Occultism

Vegetarianism and Occultism

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Item Code: NAE213
Author: C. W. Leadbeater
Publisher: The Theosophical Publishing House
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8170593689
Pages: 72
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 6.0 inch X 4.5 inch
Weight 90 gm
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The author explains in .definite and simple terms, on grounds of health, economy, ecology, ethics and spirituality, why the vegetarian diet is best for humans. He quotes numerous medical and other authorities of his time to show how unneccessary it is to slaughter millioris of animals and birds for food, and what effect the killing and consumption of flesh has on the physical, emotional and mental nature of the persons involved.

The arguments put forth in this book in favour of vegetarianism are finding more and more support in the present day. .

About The Author

Charles Webster Leadbeater (1847-1934), a young church of England clergyman, joined the Theosophical Society in 1883. He spent some years. in Sri Lanka working for the revival of Buddhism. In 1893 he commenced his clairvoyant investigations, on occasions collaborating with Annie Besant, the second President of the Theosophical Society. His books unveiled the hidden side of things and the life beyond death. His lectures worldwide presented a new viewpoint to thousands of people. It was he who discovered the great potential of J. Krishnamurti and educated him with a view to his future work.


We Want the Best6
1. More Nutriment10
2. Less Disease19
3. More Natural to Man26
4. Greater strength29
5. Less animal Passion37
6. Economy41
The sign of slaughter43
The Degradatuion of the salugterman46
Occult Reasons51
Impure vechiles57
Man's duty towards Nature62
Ghastly Unseen Results65
The Better time to come71
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