Wisdom of the Ancient Rishis

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Author: Brahamrishi Krishna Duttji Maharaj
Publisher: Vedic Research Centre
Language: English
Edition: 2002
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May the Almighty bless all beings! My humble salutations to all Seers, Saints and Savants who tread on this earth and engage themselves in the gigantic task of uplifting the fallen man and put him on the path that leads to eternal bliss.

For some good reasons, it has been my cherished desire for a long time that the English translation of the discourses of Brahamrishi Krishan Dutt Ji may also be brought out. By God's grace the present book is towards that accomplishment only. The discourses presented herein were delivered by him originally in Hindi at different places and times.

Shri Brahamrishi Ji was an unlettered youth of about 30 years with no schooling of any sort. Yet, when he transcends into the state of trance (Yoga Samadhi), he gushes forth a stream of knowledge.

In February 1969 I brought out a Hindi compilation of his discourses entitled "THE SOUL OF SHRINGIRISHI. THE DISCIPLE OF THE ANCIENT SEER GURUDEV BRAHMA, IN KALIYUG, which met with great success and attracted a large number of readers to the ethical teachings of Shri Brahamrishi Ji.

The purpose of the present compilation in English is primarily to acquaint the English-speaking world with the profound scientific and spiritual knowledge as expounded, rather mysteriously, through Shri Brahamrishi Ji. The demand for this compilation has been prompted by the fact that the audience enjoy the spiritual nectar contained in the discourses while still wondering about. its source. They visualize as if they are carried back to Satya- Yuga, the era predominant with Vedic culture, divinity, truth and righteousness. They feel as if they are driven into the spiritual ecstasy at the revelations made of unfathomable depths and as if they are having a great Saga of Satyuga taking them to unscalable heights of spirituality through his discourses.

The credit of bringing out this compilation goes to those ardent scholars who have taken pains (of course with pleasure) in translating the discourses from Hindi to English and helped string them into a garland. They are (i) Prof. GURU PERSHAD M.A., retired head of Hindi department, Nivoda (Patna) who has translated 8 discourses in abridged form. (ii) Prof. BANARSI DAS JI ARORA, retired lecturer Camp College, Delhi who has rendered the translation of the discourses on 'the subject. "History of the Creation of the World etc. and (iii) Shri SHYAM SUNDER JI BANSAL B.Sc., a Telecommunications Engineer who has rendered the English version of the rest of the discourses with his back ground of scientific knowledge and to maintain the originality and flow of expositions as in Hindi versions. I am grateful to them for their kind assistance in undertaking and accomplishing the, great job with a spirit of dedication.

The readers are requested to excuse the discrepancies that might have possibly crept in. Suggestions for future improvements are welcome. The readers are requested to dive deep into the subjects dealt with and drink the spiritual nectar from the divine discourses delivered through the person of Shri Brahamrishiji.

My thanks are to Mahatma Harparshadji. Shri Des Raj ji Trehan, Swami Mukta Nand ji Maharaj, Prem Kumar Vij, Dr. Devender Kumar Ph D. Delhi University, Shri Tribhaven Chander Hyderabad, Principal Vishnu Sahai Sadak, Shri B. Dikshat M. A. of Maharishi Daya Nand Samarak, Karnwas (Bulandshar) and many others who helped me in this divine task.

I pay my homage to my revered Gurudev Brahmarishi Yogeshwara Nandi ji Maharaj of Yoga Niketan, Rishikesh, without whose pious contact and blessings this book could not have been compiled.




Publishers' Note ix
Preface xi
Observations by Swami Yogeshwara Nand Ji Maharaj xiii
Preface to Second Edition xv
A challenge to Science xvii
Brahamrishi Krishna Datt Ji xix
Roaming of the Soul about the Universe through the medium of Yoga 1
How the Spiritual Scientist acquires the knowledge of other planets at will 4
How does contact take place with other souls living in the ethereal Spheres 6
Some Aspects of the Conduct of Yoga: whether two souls may exist in one body 8
How do two souls happen to appear in the same body 10
Chittrawali Widnam Yantra (Modern Television) in Mahabharata age 11
The State of the Soul after Death 13
The elements that accompany the soul after death 14
Engagement of the soul after death 15
Destiny of the soul which passes out through different apertures of the body 16
Spiritual Lights 21
Spiritual Lights (Contd) 30
Conception of Yajna 38
Creation and the Institution of Natihnal Order 47
How the World was Created 47
Duration of the World 48
Four phases of mans life 51
Dasharatha's Putrashthi Yajna 52
Lord Rama's birth 53
Foresightedness of our great Rishis 54
Sita's birth 54
Causes of Lord Rama' s Exile 54
Mystery of Ahalya's Episode Exploded 55
Did Lakshmana Chop off the nose of Ravana' s sister 56
Did Kumbhakarna sleep for six months 57
Makaradwaj's birth 58
Ravana's coronation 59
Ravana brings Sita to Rama's Yajna 62
Ravana's ambitions before his death 66
Vishnu-the King having four Arms 67
What is Padma, Gada, Chakra & Shankha 67
What led to Mahabharata war 69
How great was the Mahabharat war 71
Lord Krishna 76
Lord Krishna (Contd) 86
Lord Krishna's birth 86
Lord Krishna's knowledge about Sodashkala (Sixteen Sciences) 88
Godhood and the SprituaJ World 95
What is Devyan 96
Lord Krishna's previous life 98
Maharishi Daya Nanda's previous life 98
What is Laxmi and Lotus? 100
Who are Aryans 102
The Law of Karma 106
Yog Mudra 119
Who is the Vital-breath of the King 121
Why does the neck swing to and fro 122
Pointer to Theism 128
Spiritual. wisdom can over come all hindrances in man's life 133
Development of Material Sciences in Hiranya kashipu'speriod 135
Holika's journey to Mars & Moon 136
The two phases of Man's life 141
What are dark and bright periods of Man's life 142
Samanya Prana 148
Who is Bakasur & Indra 149
How to Salute a cheat 150
Annah (Food), Kamdhenu 157
The fire principle, Anteriksh, Ambar 159
Prana, Paramatma 160
Discourse on "The Celestial Sphere of the Moon and Nationalism" 161
The Chief foed on the Moon 163
Predominance of elements that exist in the Moon & other spheres 164
The outer line of the Moon 166
Part-II 168
Scientists of Mars who visited this earth about 120 times 171
Our old scientists combined the various ingredients 172
Our Rishis possessed both spiritual and material knowledge 173
Some prevailing fallacies & their clarifications 177
Bhasamasura 178
Drinking of the sea in three draughts by Augusta Muni 179
Who are Pitars 180
Shiva and his Tabor 181
Ahalya & Gautam 181
What is Narda & Gandharvas 182
Sheshnaga- The real meaning of Ganesh ' 1 83
lord Krishna & his investigations 185
Ayurveda in the age of Rama 186
The ideal routine in period of pregnancy 186
lord Christ learnt Ayurveda from Virandi . 187
1 82 Beads in human tongue and their relation with the Moon 188
Two experiments on Tuberculosis 194
Urine-. The great Alchemy containing gold & mercury 195
A cure for barrnness 195


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