The Wonderworld of Vegetarian Cooking (With The Art of Fruit and Vegetables Carving)

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Author: Jyoti Nikunj Parekh
Publisher: Navneet Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 9788124303603
Pages: 308 (20 Color illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description
About The Book

The Wonderworld of vegetarian cooking introduces an extensive array of vegetarian dishes to suit the tastes of even the most fastidious Indian or foreign palates.

This Book contains more than 335 recipes which are simple, practical and tasty. Profusely illustrated with diagrams and colour plates, the book is invaluable to both beginners as well as veteran cooks in obtaining the best results.

Eminently suited to all kinds of kitchens, the book also contains a glossary of simple cookery terms as well as ingredients and a table of measurements. As additional value, the reader is also introduced to the art of frits and vegetable carving, which greatly enhances the beauty of any well prepared dish.

About The Author

Jyoti Nikunj Parekh is a well- known figures in the field of vegetarian cooking since 1969, she has been teaching Indian and international vegetarian cooking along with the art of fruit and vegetable carving to a large number of students.

Apart from being a busy housewife and mother, Jyoti regularly teaches the art of cooking, bonsai, candle-making and gift wrapping. There have been a number of demonstrations of her arts at various places in India. She has also displayed her skills in many cities around the world- Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan; Boston, New York, Honolulu and Minneapolis in the U.S.A.; Toronto in Canada; London, Heidelberg and Antwerp in Europe and Hong Kong. A regular contributor to many leading periodicals and newspapers, both Indian and International, she has also given a number of radio and television programmes on the above mentioned arts.

She has been a pioneer in the field of miniature tree-growing in India and has co-authored the books Wonderworld of Tropical Bonsai and Wonderworld of Bonsai and Saikei with her husband Nikunj.

Her other book Wonderworld of Gift Wrapping, co-authored with her daughter Sonali, is also on the stands.


The word vegetarian comes from the Latin word vegetus, meaning ‘whole, sound, fresh or lively’. The original meaning of the word implies a balanced, philosophical and moral sense of life, a lot more than just a diet of vegetables and fruits.

These perceptions have an ancient tradition, manifest in the Hindu and Sikh religions. The front jacket of this book depicts the manner in which we Indians serve our meals on flat, circular plates with shallow rims, known as thalis. The liquid foods such as curries and dals are poured into bowls known as katoris, which can either be arranged on or near the thali. On festive occasions, the thali and katoris are arranged on a raised stand made of wood and known as a patla. Another patla is placed for the person to sit on. The festive border design on the floor is either rangoli or alpana — an ancient art of India — which is hand drawn with powdered marble, sand or rice paste. Generally, all items of food, including the puris, dals, curries, sweets, savouries and kachumbar (salad) accompaniments are served together, except for the rice and papudums, which are offered separately.

Food is eaten with the fingers of the right hand only, while the left hand is kept clean for taking additional helpings or picking up a glass of drinking water.

It is the usual practice amongst the devout in India, to offer the prepared dishes first at the altar of the Lord to seek blessings and thank the Almighty for the food. Only then is this prasadam distributed to family members and friends for partaking.

The back jacket of the book depicts the art of Fruit and Vegetable carving, which is explained in almost every section of this book. This art of carving helps in enhancing the ambience and beauty of the well prepared dishes at the time of serving.

In urban India, we observe that housewives and chefs adapt and create exciting new dishes out of the most common vegetables, grains, legumes, pulses, herbs, fruits and spices. A dinner may start with a soup and its accompaniments and then continue with puns and curries — side by side with Western style salad and savouries like croquettes or even a baked dish—all co-existing perfectly. Such a juxtaposition of cuisines, alongwith well decorated and presented food, creates an atmosphere of gaiety and happiness for everyone to enjoy.

Many of the world’s great artists, philosophers, writers and thinkers, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Pythagoras, Leo Tolstoy, George Bernard Shaw, Benjamin Franklin, Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer and Albert Einstein, have all thought that vegetarianism is an essential step towards a better society.

Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira and Emperor Ashoka preached non-violence while the Shojin cookery of the Zen sect developed from the prohibition against the killing of any living being. Today, the Buddhist temples and shrines of China, Korea, Japan and Thailand still use vegetables and seaplants to create wholesome vegetarian dishes for the priests as well as the common people.

Vegetarian food thus sustains us without hurting any living creature and at the same time imparts pleasure in life to one and all. There are certain combinations of vegetables, legumes, pulses and grains that are necessary for a sound diet, which can be a harmless alternative to a diet full of meat, fish and eggs.

The Wonderworld of Vegetarian Cooking is an effort towards bringing together tasty dishes for both the diet-conscious as well as the most fastidious cooks. The book includes 346 recipes of vegetarian dishes along with nearly 75 illustrated drawings and about 20 colour plates, which also takes you into the enchanting world of fruit and vegetable carving. Before trying out the recipes, I request each of you to read the recipes carefully. I am confident the dishes thus prepared will give you, your family members and friends, the satisfaction and happiness of having shared many memorable meals.


Explanation of selected food terms12
Explanations of selected cookery terms19
Condiments, nuts and herbs22
Selected names of foodstuffs and their hindi equivalents28
Weights, measures and temperature guide30
List of recipes
Cocktails and Cold Drinks
1Pungents tomato juice31
2Tropical fruit punch31
3Fruit cup31
4Pineapple punch32
5Cool coconut drink32
6Iced orange tea33
7Ganga-jamuna cocktail33
8Grapes and apple cocktail34
9Saffron (kesar) raw mango sherbet34
11Hibiscus (jaswanti) sherbety35
12Creamy golden drink35
Cocktail Snaks and Appetizers
13Spicy spinach rolls36
14Cream cheese balls36
15Vegetable mock pizza37
16Semolina savoury dots38
17Green peas towers39
18Tiny channa samosas39
19Mini islis40
20Golden toasts40
21Crispy curls41
22Orange cream dip41
23Avocado dip41
24Cocktail appetizers42
Vegetable cocktail appetizers on picks43
Salads and Hor d'oeuvres
25Eggless mayonnaise44
26Mock mayonnaise44
27French dressing44
28Orange and nuts coleslaw45
29Hawaiian summer salad46
30Fancy pineapple salad48
31Spinach carrot raita51
32French rice salad54
33Golden salad55
34Vegetable jelly-loaf salad56
35Meal on a platter57
36White gram salad58
37Raw moong dal salad59
38Red sesame seed salad60
39Deluxe tropical fruit salad61
40Sweet and sour pineapple salad63
41Exotic vegetable hos d'oeuvres64
42Vitamin salad in guava boats69
43Cooling curd tower70
44Vegetables soup71
45White pumpkin and moong dal soup71
46Coconut soup72
47White soup72
48Minestrone soup73
49Cream of spinach soup73
50Lentil mulligatawny soup74
51Cheese soup74
52Chinese sweet corn soup75
53Indian corn curry soup75
54Almond soup76
55Cream of tomato soup76
56White pumpkin soup77
57Cream of asparagus77
Accompaniment to Soups
58Cheese figures78
59Cheese shapes78
60Potato sticks78
61Bread sticks79
62Angel's fingers79
63Sally lunns80
64Brown bread80
65Garlic braed81
66Potato rolls81
67Buttermilk rolls82
68Rice bread82
69Chelsea cheese ring83
70Persian nan83
Indian Curries, Dals and Vegetable Dishes
71Hyderabadi curry84
72Khata curry85
73Matar paneer makhanwala86
74Sabzi malai kofta curry87
75Hari goa curry88
76Sabzi makhanwala89
77Kashmiri baigan korma90
78Amrut curry91
79Val curry92
80Methi kofta curry93
81Bhutte ki hari curry94
82Alu matar curry95
83Lasunwali lassi95
84Aro dal96
85Maharani dal96
86Paneer kofte ki curry97
87Methi-kele ki sabzi98
89Paneer -bhutte ka korma100
90Kofta bhaji103
Indian Breads- Puris and Prathas
91Kacche kele ke parathe105
92Punjabi roti105
93Dal parathe106
94Papaya parathe106
95Mughlai parathe107
96Phulgobi aur paneer parathe107
97Bhaat na thepla108
98Doodh puri108
99Alu puri109
100Mooli ki puri109
101Urad dal ki puri110
102Mulayam besan parathe110
103Toaster naan111
104Doodhi-bajri na thepla111
Indian Rice Preparations
105Palak paneer pullao112
106Chhote pyaz ka pullao113
107Hare matar ka pullao113
108Vitamin khichadi114
109Sabzi khichadi115
110Badami chawal116
111Masala chawal116
112Sabzi pullao117
113Daliya ka pullao117
114Hara-safed pullao118
115Alu kofta biryani121
116Alu aur hare matar ki biryani122
117Vangi bhaat123
Indian Savouries
118Hare matar ke dahi vade124
119Bhutte ka bomb124
120Sabzi ring125
121Pavroti pakode125
122Pavroti ki katori126
123Bhutte ka handwa126
124Moong dal aur bhutte ke roll127
125Papadi chaat128
126Palak chaat129
127Alu-puri chaat129
128Channa chaat130
129Moong aur bhutta chaat131
130Paneer bhaji gota131
131Suran patra132
132Gajar bonda133
133Bajri na vada133
134Tirangi dhokla134
Indian Sweets
135Ananas barfi136
136Malai halwa136
137Bhutte ka halwa137
138Shahi tukde137
140Sandesh gajar ki nav138
141Gajar gulab jamun139
142Khajur-mewe ki mithai139
143Sevai-paneer ke laddoo140
144Khajur-paneer ke laddoo140
145Paneer makai ki kheer140
146Suji-nariyal ki mithai141
147Moong dal-suji xheera142
148Kesar malai peda142
Mexian Dishes
149Curry mexian style144
150Rice mexian style144
152Taco bar146
154Chillies rellenous149
155Corn tostados150
156Mexian cutlets with salsa verda151
158Kidney bean rolls in hot tomato salsa155
Italian Dishes
159Italian clear soup157
160Tomato vermicelli soup157
161Macaroni rissoto158
162Tomato ginocchi158
163Macaroni and corn-roman style159
164Vermicelli boxes160
165Baked noodles trio161
166Baked macaroni and cheese162
167Spaghetti croquettes162
169Milanese baked spaghetti164
170Stuffed braided bun165
171Layered eggplant in tomato sauce166
172Paineapple and cheese tower166
Burmese Dishes
174Rice in coconut shell169
175Vegetable dumplings169
176Sesame and turnip salad170
177Bean sprouts in white rice173
178Burmese banana curry173
179Pineapple coconut delight174
180Yellow rice with shredded oancakes174
Greek Dishes
181Mixed vegetables and barley soup176
182Layered cheese and spinach bake176
183Ntomates me rizi177
184Greek rolls177
186Green peas keftepes178
188Apple baskets179
Sri Lankan Dishes
189Idde appung182
190Yam and tomato salad182
191Coconut rice183
192Mint chutney183
193Kalu dodol183
194Cauliflower frikadels184
195Dry potato curry184
196Pineapple curry185
197Jackfruit sambol186
198Banana coconut pudding187
Chinese Dishes
199Sesame vegetable fritters191
200Hot and sour green vegetable soup192
201Wonton soup193
202American chopsuey194
203Vegetarian manchurian195
204Vegetable noodles with walnuts195
205Chinese white cabbage196
206Stuffed dumplings in sweet and sour sauce197
207Fried rice198
208Eight jewels fried rice198
209Apple and nut fritters199
210Eggplant in hot garlic sauce199
Japanese dishes
211Daikon soup (radish soup)201
212Sesame fried tofu201
213Yasai salad202
214Potato croquettes203
218Peaches and sweet potato dessert206
Thai dishes
220Wun-sen salat211
221Yam sen-mee salat212
222Tom yam kathi kap kalampli213
223Sup phak ruda ron214
224Phak chup paeng thot215
225Thot man khao phot216
226Kaeng phet tao-hu khao het thua lantao217
227Kaeng khiao wan tao-hu217
228Khao phat khamin219
229Kuai-tiao phat khi mao220
Eggless baking
230Coconut jam cups222
231Cheese biscuits223
232Mawa biscuits223
233Coconut biscuits224
235Walnut cake225
236Chocolate layered cake225
237Banana nut cake226
238Tutti fruiti cups with butter-scotch toppings226
239Chocolate button rings227
240Pineappleupside down cake227
241Checked cake228
242Short crust pastry or sweet paste229
243Bee cookies229
245Cheese and corn pie230
246Puff pastry231
247Puff pastry biscuits232
248Cheese puff biscuits232
249Puff pastry pinewheels232
250Apple pie232
251Almond and pench flan233
Cake Decoration
252Decorating instructions234
253How to master the art of cake decoration238
254Butter frosting239
255Chocolate frosting239
256Fan cake240
257Gelatine sugar paste242
Western Style Snacks and Sandwiches
258Corn toasts243
259Puff patties243
260Savoury picnic buns244
261Currant buns244
262Spaghetti mushroom takila245
263Puff straws245
264Walnut coffee bread246
265Glazed cinnamon wheel247
267Plain waffles248
268Sweet waffles248
269Raised waffles249
270Buttermilk waffles249
272Lunch pack sandwiches251
273Open sandwiches251
274Toasted and grilled sandwiches253
275Tricolour club sandwich255
276Pinwheel sandwiches256
277Ribbon sandwiches256
278Sandwich cake259
279Checked sandwiches260
Puddings and Desserts
280Strawberry chantily262
281Pudding on a cloud262
282Chocolate souffle263
283Pineapple souffle263
284Orange souffle264
285Caramel cashewnut souffle264
286Lemon souffle265
287Chocolate cherry parfait265
288Imperial rice pudding265
289Charlotte russe266
290Apricot delight266
291Fruit trifle267
292Caramel creams267
293Sunshine pudding268
294Lemon cream pie or tarts269
295Pineapple cream tarts269
Ice Creams
296Custard apple ice cream271
297Chickoo ice cream271
298Mango ice cream271
299Pineapple ice cream272
300Chocolate ice cream272
301Honeydew ice cream272
302Strawberry ice cream273
303Vanilla ice cream273
304Vanilla orange surprise274
306Vanilla pineapple surprise278
307Lemon sponge ice cream278
308Orange ice cream279
309Rippled ice cream278
311Malai kulfi280
312Pista kulfi280
313Badam and kesar kulfi281
314Mango kulfi281
315White pumpkin kulfi281
316Sandwich supreme282
Marzipan, Chocolate and Fudge
318Marzipan mosaics284
319Nut delights284
320Chocolate balls284
321Marzipan fruits285
322Chocolate coated marzipan286
323Golden toffee286
324Varieties of plain milk chocolate286
325Chocolate with different centres288
326Chocolate coating290
327Khoya fudge291
Preserves, Pickles, Sauces and Masalas
329Lemon-ginger squash293
330Grape squash293
331Cocum squash293
332Synthetic syrups294
333Cardamom and saffron syrup294
334Strawberry crush295
335Fruit jams295
336Fruit jelly297
337Jelly crystals297
339Chilli sauce298
340Tamarind pulp299
341Dry onions299
342Mushrooms-preserved in oil299
343Hot mango pickle300
345Chaat masala301
346Garam masala302
347Curry powder302
348Milk masala303
349Ghati masala303
350Black masala304
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