Yoga for Young Mothers

Yoga for Young Mothers

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Author: Seema Sondhi
Publisher: Wisdom Tree Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8186685685
Pages: 125(B & W Illus: 60)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 6" X 6"
Weight 190 gm


About the Book:

Congratulations on becoming a MOM!

Now that you have a baby, there is all the more reason to take care of yourself-your health, your looks and your body. This amazing book gives you simple and easy asanas and meditation techniques to make you look as beautiful and toned as ever, with the extra energy and charge you need to take care of your bundle of joy. There are also asanas that you can do with your little one that increase the bonding between the two of you and instil in your baby the basics of yoga right from the very beginning.

Let's begin the journey towards a new and wonderful you.


About the Author:

Seema Sondhi is a well-known yoga expert. A mother of two teenaged daughters, she has been practising yoga for more than a decade. She has done various TV shows and has been featured on channels like CNN and CNBC, apart from being regularly featured in the printmedia.



Finally you have your baby in your arms. You deserve a pat on your back for giving birth to a healthy baby. After sufficient rest you will have to face a grueling daily timetable of balancing your household chores, maybe office work, and nursing your baby. In this book you find clear explanations of various exercises, which will help you regain your figure and get rid of the extra weight that you put on during pregnancy. Regular practice of the asanas will definitely tone your body and bring back your vibrant self. Pranayama meditation and relaxation will prove to be beneficial because taking care of the baby will be time-consuming and hectic. Remember to also keep time for yourself.


‘Sadhana should be as much a part of your daily life as eating,
Drinking and breathing.



Preface                 VII

  1. The Miracle of Motherhood   1                  
  2. The Profound Benefits of Yoga   5
  3. Weight Loss through Yoga   7
  4. Shaping up post-pregnancy  9
  5. Getting Started  13
  6. Sequence of the Asanas   15
  7. Bandha  83
  8. Pranayama   91
  9. Relaxation  103
  10. Meditation   109
  11. Eating right for you and your baby  113
  12. Yoga: Not a Change in Lifestyle   117


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