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Turquoise Pendants - Bedeck Your Neck With The Alluring Blue-Green Beauty

We all know the charm of the turquoise gemstone and the magic it creates in the minds of people. The stunning combination of blue and green colors of the stone captivates everyone’s hearts. It is for this reason that women are instantly attracted to any piece of turquoise jewelry and it continues to be their first choice. Apart from its elegant beauty, Turquoise holds great cultural and spiritual significance.

It has been observed that those who wear turquoise jewelry tend to remain more peaceful, positive, joyful, and confident. It has a rich history in the Native American and Egyptian traditions and is still prevalent from many centuries. Turquoise is also associated with feminine energy and wearing it invokes certain feminine qualities in women such as staying connected to their cultural roots, developing empathy and compassion, being graceful, and feeling empowered in their own bodies.

Exotic India takes pride as it offers a stellar compilation of turquoise necklaces for women to make an impression.  Add a pop of vibrance of Turquoise to your outfit to stand out from the crowd and turn all heads your way. We provide you with an array of turquoise pendants of different styles and designs thus ensuring that there is something for you to choose from that resonates with your personality and taste. Whether you are looking for a necklace with a minimalistic design for casual attire or an aesthetic and intricate design for donning on a special occasion, this collection has it all.

Q. Is a Turquoise necklace suitable for everyday wear?

Although Turquoise is a highly durable gemstone, it can still get scratches on its surface. Therefore, it is advised to take the utmost care when wearing a necklace with turquoise stone around your neck every day. You should avoid wearing it while taking a bath as excessive exposure to water can take away the elegant appearance and shine of the stone.

Q. How can I style a Turquoise necklace?

Due to their stylish and elegant look, turquoise necklaces can be worn with either modern, ethnic, or Indo-western outfits. If you are wearing a basic dress or jeans and a T-shirt, pair it with a turquoise necklace having a sleek or rugged design. When going out for an evening party wearing a sequined outfit, pick a contemporary beaded turquoise necklace to create a unique look.

Q. Does turquoise have healing properties?

Yes, turquoise has various healing properties. From healing several physical ailments to reducing stress and anxiety, it is often believed to promote the overall well-being of the wearer. This gemstone also aligns the chakras of the body thus blossoming the inner blissful nature of the individual.