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Lal Kitab (Application of Principles and Curative Measures)

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About The Author The author was born in 1930, in a small village of erstwhile Punjab province. He holds a post-graduate degree in Ancient Indian History and Culture from Kashi Vidya Peeth, Varanasi. He also holds a degree in Education from Rajasthan University. He is an educationist by profession. He has 34 years’ experience as an officer in the field of education, which provided him lavish opportunities for interaction with the teachers with varied interests, especially in the fi...

About The Author

The author was born in 1930, in a small village of erstwhile Punjab province. He holds a post-graduate degree in Ancient Indian History and Culture from Kashi Vidya Peeth, Varanasi. He also holds a degree in Education from Rajasthan University. He is an educationist by profession. He has 34 years’ experience as an officer in the field of education, which provided him lavish opportunities for interaction with the teachers with varied interests, especially in the field of astrology. He is the disciple of Late Shri Manik Chand Jain, the modern Aryabhat and Late Pt. Dina Nath Ji, Nakshatra Samrat and freedom fighter, of the Punjab. His articles in ‘Occult India’ and ‘Mystique India’ were well received. English translation of ‘Lal Kitab’ System of Astrology; and the book ‘Horoscope: Construction and Organisation’ are already in the market.

The author has been profusely awarded for his lectures on astrology in several national astrological conferences, especially organized by Bharat Nirman and All India Saraswati Jyotish Manch. The International Biographical Centre, London also approved his credentials, for the award of International Man of the Year-1997.

Present work is an endeavour of the author to translate the difficulties, problems and requirements of a layman, student and professional astrologer.



The eagerness with which people from all walks of life are delving into astrology and related sciences is a healthy sign that people are eager for a meaningful and peaceful journey of the soul to its destiny.

Lal Kitab, in reality, is a treatise on Samudrika Shashtra. As such, it treats the birth chart with supplementary knowledge of palmistry and Vastu Shashtra in prognostication.

Main features of Lal Kitab are that once the birth chart has been cast, it hardly needs any help from ephemeris; transits, planetary aspects in transits and annual charts; because, it has its own system of transits, aspects, annual chart and other subsidiary charts.

On the face value, it seems a very simple and easy affair to handle a birth chart; but the work is difficult to understand, because it is written in a typical dialectical and allegorical language that had been prevalent, in the past several centuries, in the Northwest region of India-Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, it tries to illustrate the characteristics through colloquial idioms and allegorical similes, which were prevalent in the region, and makes it difficult for those who are not acquainted with the cultural background of Northwest India.

Another problem with the readers of Lal Kitab arises when the question of curative measures arises. The book mentions the measures in a very causal way, perhaps taking it granted that the reader has some background. However, Lal Kitab has crossed the boundaries of locality of its origin. The population is becoming heterogeneous in the post independence era. Thereby necessitating that the readers, while going through the book, should also learn to use the book in true sense.

At present various versions of Lal Kitab have flooded the market, but they are just translations of various Urdu versions in their own way, without endeavouring to expound the way to use the Lal Kitab efficiently and meaningfully.

The author does not claim to be a master or Dr. in Lal Kitab. However, this work is a humble effort to enable the reader to understand the Lal Kitab and use it in a meaningful manner. No doubt, many points may still remain unexplained in a clear manner. If the readers most kindly point out pitfalls and offer their points of view, the author shall acknowledge them gratefully and include them in the subsequent reprints, if Almighty so desires. The author feels such a process should be initiated so as to propagate the ancient sciences among the commons, which is the need of the hour. The author expects that the readers would join hands with him in this pious cause. If this happens, the author shall feel amply rewarded.


Preface to the Second Edition

Overwhelming response of the students and scholars of astrology and their suggestions and frankness, in pointing out the drawbacks, omissions and commissions, is whole-heartedly appreciated and the author has no words to thank them all. He has tried to convey his gratefulness to all of them individually, even if some body has not received the response from him, he tenders his unqualified apology to all. He feels confident that this sort of trust and confidence in the author and their eagerness in the subject shall straighten the path of development of ancient science to be simple, realistic and intelligible. The author is really indebted to all of them. He would be failing in his duties if he does not acknowledge the yeomen’s service rendered by the following persons in this regard:

Shri G.V. Mallikarjun, Bangalore.
Shri Sandeep, Chandigarh.
Shri J.K. Sethi, Delhi.

In fact, this edition has become the work of the readers and scholars, so the author now feels shy to call this as his own work. New chapters on Rin Pitri, Finding the number of brothers; and the procedure of calculating the Mahadasha and the 35 years’ cycle have been added on demand of the readers.

The author also express his sincere thanks to Shri Narendar Kumar, Sagar Publications, for his personal interest and keenness with which he took great pains to bring out this book in the present form.




i. Preface vii
ii. Tables and Charts xiv
1 Lest we Forget 1
2 This Book 3
3 Directions of Lal Kitab 6
4 Grammar or Principles of Lal Kitab 9
(a) Special definitions 10
(b) Strength and effects of aspects 24
(c) Drishti or aspects 28
(d) Special aspects 30
(e) The minor chart 31
(f) Birthday and Birth time planets 33
(g) Constituent planets or elements of planets 35
(h) Planets' Baits of sacrifice 38
(i) Age levels of planetary ordinary effects 40
(j) Potency of planets 43
(k) The houses of natal chart 54
(l) Planets of Mahadasha 78
(m) Effects of Mahadasha 85
(n) Deceptive planets 85
5 Principles of Progression 88
(a) Order of planets in progressed chart 88
(b) Effect of planets 88
(c) Conjoined Planets 96
6 How to Decipher the Effects of Joint Houses? 97
7 Specific Effects 103
8 Permissible-non-Permissible Rules of Lal Kitab 108
9 Curative Measures of Lal Kitab 111
10 Specific Rules for Observance of Curative Measures 124
11 Planet of Ancestral Debt 134
12 Progression 144
(a) Preparation of various charts 144
(b) 35 years' of planetary effects 155
(c) Man of Planet 162
13 Progression of Horoscope and Curative Measures 170
14 Study of Different Aspects of Life 190
(a) No. of Brothers 190
(b) Marriage 192
(c) The children 200
15 Monthly Averge Income 212
16 The table Showing the Planets and Related Departments 219
(a) Effects of Pen and Ink 220
17 Travels 221
18 Health, Business and Battle 224
19 Residence and Family Comforts 230
20 Age 247
21 The Houses and Planets 258
22 Special Description of Planets in Twelve Houses 265
23 The Twelve Houses 286
(a) Effect of planets in first house 291
(b) Effect of planets in second house 310
(c) Effect of planets in third house 329
(d) Effect of planets in fourth house 347
(e) Effect of planets in fifth house 361
(f) Effect of planets in sixth house 380
(g) Effect of planets in seventh house 402
(h) Effect of planets in eighth house 422
(i) Effect of planets in ninth house 440
(j) Effect of planets in tenth house 451
(k) Effect of planets in eleventh house 475
(l) Effect of planets in twelfth house 491
24 More than Two Planets in the chart 511
25 Panchayat of Planets 524
26 Matrix for Annual Chart 526

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