Rasasastra (The Mercurial System)

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About the Author Born in 1951, Dr. P. Himasagara Chandra Murthy has imbibed the qualities of a Vaidya from his father late Vaidya Sri. P. Seshagiri Sarma. He developed interest in teaching with the inspiration instilled in the childhood by his first teacher, his mother Smt, P. Nagamamba. After primary education in Munnangi, Pasumarru Vijayarai and Bapatla, he took to Ayurvedic graduation from Srirangacharya Govt. Ayurvedic College, Guntur. Dr. Murthy stood first in selection for P. G. cou...
About the Author

Born in 1951, Dr. P. Himasagara Chandra Murthy has imbibed the qualities of a Vaidya from his father late Vaidya Sri. P. Seshagiri Sarma. He developed interest in teaching with the inspiration instilled in the childhood by his first teacher, his mother Smt, P. Nagamamba. After primary education in Munnangi, Pasumarru Vijayarai and Bapatla, he took to Ayurvedic graduation from Srirangacharya Govt. Ayurvedic College, Guntur. Dr. Murthy stood first in selection for P. G. course in Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar. Guided by the legendary personality, Prof, Harishankarji Sharma and eminent Rasashastri, Dr. M. U. Bahadurji, he completed his M. D. (Ayurved) in Rasashastra in 1979. Since then Dr. Murthy has worked for many institutions like, B. H. Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Lodra, Gujarat, Rayeleseema Development Trust, Anantapur, A. P. and Ayurveda College, Pathanjalipuri, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. He Joined in the state Govt. service of A. P. in 1986 and since 1989 he has been in the faculty of Dr. N. R. S. Govt. Ayurvedic College, Vijayawada. He made personal efforts to successfully establish P. G. Dept. of Rasashastra in the same place. He has been awarded Capt. Srinivasa Murthy memorial Gold medal by Academy of Ayurveda for “the teachnique of finding metallic impurities in Mercury”. Dr. Murthy has been a member in Boards of study and examinations in many Universities. His students are spread all-over India and abroad. Dr. Murthy, apart from being a teacher, researcher, and a clinician, has considerably good expertise in playing sitar. He knows eight languages and is considered as a good orator. So far, he has written 7 books and 15 scientific papers. He has guided about 10 P.G. theses. Presently he is in the faculty of P. G. Dept. of Rasa Shastra, N. R. S. Govt. Ayurveda College, Vijayawada, A. P. India.



“Salutations to the God of Mercury, who is all pervading, the only cause of hit ion and dissolution and because of whom the universe exists.”

Each substance in this universe endeavors to metamorphose qualitatively. this effort, man too, specially endowed with the sense of discrimination — Riddhi, naturally stands out. This development pertains to all aspects of life, in chiding health. Since health is a prime requirement for achieving any means, he b1, for this purpose, started making use of mother nature. Thus many “paths” save evolved with respect to time and space and have become popular. In spite of the difference in these paths, all of them have two fundamental principles in common (i.e) — removal of the disease and preservation of health. Normally quick removals of disease and permanent up keeping of health have always held import3nce. This was not possible with ordinary health and Medical systems, thus necessitating the discovery of a better system which could successfully serve this purpose.

This search has ended with the advent of Mercurial System. In text books of Rasa Sastra, it is mentioned that this science has its roots with Lord Siva and his negate. The very thought inculcates undeterred dedication and devotion towards system. Thus treatment with Mercurial has been considered as — “Divine Therapy”. Everybody, irrespective of such beliefs, have doubtlessly agreed upon the fast, gentle and permanent curing capacity of these drugs.

“Though the writing of books on Rasasastra had started during 7th, 8th Century A.D.; it dates back to antiquity. This is evident by the references we come roses in Vocalic, Brãhmaza, Smrti and Samhitã literature. During 12th century A.D., Rasa.ãstra enjoyed the highest popularity, resulting in numerous books being written in this century. and afterwards — being replete with drugs, of mercurial kingdom. At present, every ayurvedic physician invariably uses rasa drugs. Modern medical system has been fear — stricken by this system, since Mercury, Arsenic and other heavy metals are freely used.

These drugs are not used as such in the body. Purification, subjecting to various processes, incineration etc... arc done to these materials to remove the toxicity, added with other herbal drugs and are given in a dose which is homologous to the diseased and the disease. Therefore there is no question of side-effects/bad effects, as feared by modern physicians.

Higher learning centers like, The Gujarat Ayurveda University —Jamnagar, Banaras Hindu University — Varanasi and many other P.G. Centers of Rasasastra (like P.G. Department of Rasasastra — Dr. N. R. S. Government Ayurveda College - Vijayawada), have been striving hard to clear the doubts raised by the modern counter-parts with respect to drug safety and efficacy. It is expected that such endeavors be encouraged further and these medicines are popularized in the interest of every body’s health, since Rasagastra alone has the capacity to give befitting solutions to the health challenges, arising time and again. Training in rasagástra has been institutionalized, with the establishment of CCIM (Central Council of Indian Medicine) and specific curriculum has also been developed which has gone through various changes.

When I requested Dr. Namburi Hanumantha Rao to write his opinion on the Telugu version of this book (Published in 1997), he has, with a forethought, suggested to bring it out in English also, since the subject and the presentation were lucid in Telugu version. It took almost more than a decade to complete this Herculean task.

I will be very happy, if this fulfills the much felt need of — effective teaching aids in Ayurveda especially in Rasasastra and helps the Students, Scholars, Scientists and Teachers of Rasasastra, in taking the subject to their minds.

What is unique about this work is, apart from lucidity, inclusion of pottali kalpana with original versification on pottali, appendices on modern analytical methods and values, Namboori Phased spot test (NPST), guidelines for manufacture of Ayurvedic medicines, along with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and list of dissertations and theses of Post Graduate and Ph.D, Scholars (to the possible extent).

It is expected that the experts would scan this book diligently and give suggestions which will be carried out in the editions to come.

In the service of the super cosmic, ‘Parabrahma’ and his rays — the human race.




Definition 1-2
History of Rasasastra 9-40
Rasasala (Pharmacy/Laboratory) 42-52
Paribhasa (Clarification of Terminology of Rasa Sastra) 53-75
Yantra (The Apparatus) 76-98
Musa (Cruscible) 100-106
Kosthi (Hearth/Stove) 108-112
Puta (Incineration) 114-122
Rasa (Mercury) 123-156
Rasasya Gatayah, Bandhah, rasabhasma 158-173
Hingulottha Parada (Extraction of Mercury from Cinnabar) 174-202
Flow chart of Rasa Dravya Vargikarana-Classification of the drugs of Mercurial Kingdom 203-209
Maharasa-Group of Drugs 210-246
Uparasa (Secondary Mercurial Drugs) 249-283
Sadharana Rasa (Common drugs of Mercurial kingdom) 284-302
Dhatu Varga (Metals) 303-361
Ratnani (Prescuous Stones/Gems) 362-393
Uparatnani (Minor gems/semi precious stones) 394-403
Sudha Varga (Calcium group of drugs) 404-416
Sikata Varga (Silica group) 417-420
Ksara Varga (Alkali-Group) 421-426
Visa Varga (Poison-Group) 427-454
Appendix-I 455
Appendix-II 460
Appendix-III 473
Appendix-IV 475
Appendix-V 477
Appendix-IV 504


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