Shrimada Bhagavata Purana (An Ocean of Bhakti Rasa)

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Contents   Glory of Shrimada Bhagavata 9 Atmadeva brahmin 11 Shrimada Bhagavata Recitation week regime 16 Ante-Chapter 19 Ode 19 Bathing Beauties 20 Manifestations of Hari 22 Puranas And Mahabharata as Authored By Vyasa 24 Narada Story ...



Glory of Shrimada Bhagavata 9
Atmadeva brahmin 11
Shrimada Bhagavata Recitation week regime 16
Ante-Chapter 19
Ode 19
Bathing Beauties 20
Manifestations of Hari 22
Puranas And Mahabharata as Authored By Vyasa 24
Narada Story 25
Creation of Shrimada Bhagavata 27
Krishna Departs 31
Birth of Parikshita 32
Vidura 33
The Curse of Vidura 33
Worries For Yudhishthira 34
Victory Campaigns of Parikshita 36
Dealing With Kaliyuga 38
Parikshita Offends Sage Shamika 40
Congregation 41
Chapter One 44
Meditation Regime And Lord Hari's Comic Dimension 44
Deities And Their Blessings 46
The Creation 47
Chapter Two 53
Vidura On Pilgrimage 53
Boar Incarnation 56
Progress Of Creation 59
Asthanga Yoga 61
Devotion 62
The Fate Of The Sinners 62
Chapter Three 65
The Bloodlines Of Other Daughters of Manu 65
Tiff Between Daksha And Shiva 66
Bhakt dhruva 68
Evil Vena And Prithu 70
Prachetas And Raja Puranjana 72
Chapter Four 77
Character Of King Priyavrata 77
Raja Priyavrata 77
Bharata And Deer 81
Descendants 87
Cosmic Dimensions 87
Chapter Five 95
Ajamila 95
Penance Of Daksha 98
Priesthood For Vishwaroopa 102
Offsprings Of Aditi And Diti 107
Chapter Six 110
Jai-Vijaya 110
Human Dharma, Caste Dharma And Women Dharma 117
Signs Of Dharma And Caste 117
Women's Dharma 118
Brahmcharya And Vanaprastha Ashrama 119
dattatrey A-Prahlada 120
Aspects Of Anti-Religion 122
Chapter Seven 127
Various Manvantaras 127
The Gods Seek Help Of Brahma 131
Sea Churning 132
The Great Demon King Bali 138
Fish In Carnation of Lord 142
Chapter Eight 145
The Story Of Raja Sudyumna 145
Ten sons Of Manu 146
Chyavana And Sukanya 147
Nabhaga-Raja Ambarish 149
Ishvaku, Mandhata And Saubhari 151
Trishanku And Harishchandra 153
Raja Sagara 154
Spectacles of Lord Rama 157
The Chandra (Moon) Dynasty 161
Parshurama 163
Vishamitra 165
Puru Dynasty 168
Dushyanta-Shakuntala 169
Panchala, Kauravas Etc 171
Chapter Nine 177
Reassuring Mother Earth 177
Pootna Redemption 183
Shakata And Trinavarta 184
Vatsasura And Bakasura Redemption 187
Salvation Of Aghasura 189
Brahma's Delusion 190
Dhenukasura 192
Kalia Naag 194
Redeemed Is Pralambasura 197
Magic Of Flute 198
Blessed Are The Wives 200
Krishna Belittles Indra 201
Liberation Of Nanda 203
Raas Leela 204
Sudharshana Redeemed 207
Salvation Of Shankhachoora 208
Arishtasura Dealth With 209
Keshi And Vyomasura 211
Krishna and Balrama Set Out for Mathura 213
Akroora In Hastinapur 221
Chapter Ten 223
Battle With Jarasandha 223
Kalyavana And Muchukund 224
Pradyumna And Shambasura 228
Syamantaka Gem 230
The Marriages of Krishna 233
Bhaumasura And 16,000 Princesses 234
Usha-Aniruddha 236
Raja Nriga 238
Tyranny Of Jarasandha 240
Shalva 243
Balrama On Pilgrimage 244
Krishna And Sudama 245
Get Togethers 247
Abduction Of Subhadra 248
Prayer To Lord By Vedas 249
Shankar And Vrikasura 250
Bhrigu's Test For Trinity 252
Lord Ananta 254
Splendours Of Krishna 255
Chapter Eleven 258
Accursed Yadavas 258
Incarnations Of Lord 259
Worship Of Lord 260
The Visit Of Brahma And The Gods 261
Mastery of Various Types 268
Bhakti And Jnana 269
Rules-Disciplines 270
Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga And Bhakti Yoga 271
Endurance Personified 272
Samkhya Yoga 273
Three Instincts Or Tendencies 274
Kriya Yoga 275
Destruction Of Yadavas 277
Krishna's Return to His Abode 278
Chapter Twelve 280
Royal Dynasties Of Kaliyuga 280
Glory Of Bhagavata Purana 285
For The Faithful 286
Aarti Kunj Bihari 287

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