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The Siva Purana - Complete Set in 4 Volumes

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The Siva Purana - Complete Set in 4 Volumes
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Shiv Puran is one of the Puranas and has important place in Hindu religion. It depicts various avatars that lord Shiva took and roles that he played for the betterment of the society.

The Shiva Purana also known as shiv puran is an ancient religious text that is devoted to the Hindu god of destruction, Shiva. The puran is originally thought to have consisted of 1, 00,000 verses spread over 12 chapters. However, the existing text, after abridgement from Sage Vedavyasa, consists of 24,000 verses only. It is said that Vedavyasa taught the verses to his disciple Lomaharshana (also known as Romaharshana) who later recited it to sages that wanted to expand their knowledge of Lord Shiva.

The Significance of Shiva Purana

The significance of the Purana is narrated within most texts using what look like propaganda tales of caution. Such tales are most likely later additions that were included in the Purana through oral or written reproductions of the text. These narrations outlining the importance of reciting Shiv Purana highlight how people in misery were able to find peace, prosperity and moksha just by reading the Shiva Purana. For those that are reading the Purana to gain a better insight into the story of the Lord Shiva might be bitterly turned off by such propaganda narratives.

However, in terms of the Hindu religion itself, the Shiva Purana is priceless as it narrates the origin of the universe, the origins of Lord Shiva himself and every tale related to Him. For Shivaite Hindus, the text provides them with the knowledge they need to understand their deity and the principles He is supposed to have taught his disciples.


The actual story contained in the Shiva Purana begins with Romaharshana reciting the tales of the Lord to other sages. The story of the lord begins with the creation of the universe, the Holy Trinity, the gods and every form of life on earth. Important points in the plotline deal with the marriage of Shiva and Sati, the killing of the demon Tarakasura, the incineration the God of Love, Parvati’s “tapasya” and her subsequent wedding to Shiva.

The birth of Kartikeya and the creation of Ganesh, the destruction of Tripura, the story of Sita and the Ketaki Flower, the significance of the jyotirlingas and important of various tirthas specific to Lord Shiva, the stories of Ravana and Rama, the bestowing of pashupat astra or Arjun, the story of the Shivarati Vrata, etc. In the epilogue, the sages are gratified and thank Romaharshana for the recitation. Then Shiva himself appears in front of the listeners, donated the Purana to his devotees along with a bull and gold and returns to Shivalok.

Item Code: NAB424 Author: J.L. Shastri Cover: Hardcover Edition: 2014 Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd. ISBN: 9788120803398 Language: (English Translation of Shiva Purana) Size: 8.7" X 5.8" Pages: 2174 Other Details: Weight of the Book: 2.950 Kg
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