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Supreme God and God

Supreme God and God
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About the Author Dr. Vasant Balaji Athavale, M.D. (Paediatrics), D.C.H., F.A.M.S., Vaidyacharya, is a renowned Paediatrician. He ranked first in the examinations of M.D. (Paediatrics) and D.C.H. He is the founder of the Paediatrics Department (established in 1959) in the Lokmanya Tilak Mahanagarpalika Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra. He was professor and Head of this department from 1959 to 1990. He was honoured by UNICEF which conferred on him the Fellowship for his research paper ...
About the Author

Dr. Vasant Balaji Athavale, M.D. (Paediatrics), D.C.H., F.A.M.S., Vaidyacharya, is a renowned Paediatrician. He ranked first in the examinations of M.D. (Paediatrics) and D.C.H. He is the founder of the Paediatrics Department (established in 1959) in the Lokmanya Tilak Mahanagarpalika Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra. He was professor and Head of this department from 1959 to 1990. He was honoured by UNICEF which conferred on him the Fellowship for his research paper that was read in the International Paediatrics Conference held in Tokyo in 1965.

Dr. Athavale has obtained the highest degree in Ayurveda, that of 'Ayurvedacharya'. He has written a number of books on Ayurveda and modernised the entire Ayurveda for day-to-day life. The books in Marathi and English are written in a simple and easy language that they are useful for both the elite and an average individual. In 1996 he received the prestigious international honour of 'The Best Author of books on Ayurveda'. In 2001, he was honoured with 'Lifetime Achievement Award' in the international symposium on Ayurveda by the National Education Board.

Dr. Mahesh Gandhi, M.D., D.P.M. is a sexologist and Homeopath. He is internationally renowned for treating psychiatric cases with Homeopathy. He has been practicing psychiatry for the past 27 years. Dr. (Mrs.) Shraddha Gandhi, M.D., D.P.M. has been practicing as Consultant Psychiatrist, Hypnotherapist and Counsellor for the past 20 years. She also treats psychological, problems with Homeopathy.

The Gandhi couple treat concentration and memory problems, problems with children like dyslexia, autism, stammering, bed-wetting, temper tantrums etc. They also treat anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, addictions, marital discord, sexual dysfunctions, psychosomatic disorders and personality disorders in adults. They have written a book titled 'Psychiatry for Students and General Practitioners'.


This book deals with the peculiarities and problems of teenagers that is adolescents and their parents. Adolescence is the period of rapid growth during which sexual maturation occurs and the child becomes an adult.

The anatomy and physiology of reproductive organs are given. The common problems of adolescence like pimples, faulty posture, masturbation and menstrual disorders are discussed. The dangers of smoking, alcohol and drug addiction are stressed.

Teenagers should strive to establish their identity by continuing education and acquiring skill and proficiency in the selected subjects and imbibing good qualities so that they can become good husbands or wives and later responsible parents and citizens.

Friction between teenagers and their parents is a common story. Important hints are given to both teenagers and their parents, so that the teenagers can pass through their adolescence smoothly and develop better ties with their parents. This book gives in detail the duties of parents and discusses the practical problems faced by parents in rearing and guiding their teenagers. The various defects in the personalities of parents and the common mistakes committed by them in rearing their teenagers are also discussed.

I am sure this book will help both the teenagers and their parents to understand each other. It will help the parents to guide their teenagers tactfully and give them an insight for becoming better parents


Chapter 1 : Teenager and Adolescents
1Difference between Teenagers' and Adolescents10
2Goals of Teenagers'10
Male Reproductive Unit and System
3Structure of Sperm13
4Sperm formation and its passage14
5Difference in location of testes and ovaries15
6Variation in size of right and left testes15
7Absence of one or both testes in some children and its effect on sexual development during adolescence15
8Structure and length of the penis16
9Relation of the size of the penis to sex urge or fertility17
Female Reproductive Unit and System
10Structure of the ovum17
11Number of ova produced by a female18
12Reproductive system of a female18
Chapter 2 : Hormones and Teenagers' Problems
2Functions of hypothalamus22
3Pituitary gland23
4Hormones secreted by Anterior Pituitary gland and their function23
5Hormones secreted by Posterior Pituitary gland and their function24
6Hormones secreted by thyroid gland and its function24
7Male sex hormone and its functions24
8Suprarenal's, their structure and function25
9Diseases caused by abnormal function of Suprarenal Cortex25
10Hormones secreted by thyroid gland and its function26
11Goitre of puberty26
Chapter 3 :Secondary Sex Characteristics
1Onset of Puberty27
2Appearance of secondary sexual characteristics in boys27
3Appearance of secondary sexual characteristics in girls28
4Appearance of secondary sexual characteristics in puberty28
5Change of voice during adolescence in boys29
6Delayed puberty29
Chapter 4 : Menstruation
2First menses in girls - Menarche30
3Relation of menarche and height30
4Regu!arity of monthly period31
5Cessation of monthly period - Menopause32
6Untouchability of a menstruating lady - tradition in India32
7Common menstrual disorders32
8Effect of climacteric or Menopause33
9Misconceptions about menopause35
Chapter 5 : Breasts
1Structure of Breasts36
2Factors controlling the size of breasts36
3Misconceptions about breasts in adolescent girls37
4Measures for increasing size of breasts37
5Asymmetric enlargement of breasts in adolescent girls38
6Prominent breasts in an adolescent boy39
Chapter 6 : Normal variation in sexual maturation and stature29
1Early sexual maturation - Precocious puberty40
2Causes of delayed sexual maturation41
3Adolescents (14 to 15 years) looking younger (8 to 9 years)41
4Causes of short stature41
5Measures to increase the height of a child42
6Causes of tall stature43
7Measures to reduce the height in girl43
8Causes of faulty posture43
Chapter 7 : Skin and Hair
1Pimples - their management45
2Lines appearing over skin of thigh, buttocks and shoulders45
3in adolescents46
4Difference in distribution of hair in men and women46
5Hairy girls47
6Causes of baldness47
Chapter 8 : Growth and development
1Growth and development of teenagers - characteristics and48
2its practical implications50
3Nutritional requirements during adolescence51
4Improving one's interest and concentration in study53
5Becoming a successful group leader53
Chapter 9 : Smoking and Drug addiction
1Smoking or tobacco chewing - injurious to health54
2Drug addiction57
3Effect of drugs that can cause addictions61
4Suspecting drug addiction in a child62
5Common drugs causing addiction64
6Factors impelling young people to seek drugs65
7Treatment of a drug addict65
Chapter 10 : Teenager - Parent interaction
1Parents grumbling about their teenager68
2. Thoughts and behaviour of adOlescent chUdren69
3Avoiding friction between adolescents and parents71
4Generation gap72
5Narrowing generation gap.•74
6Hints to tackle teenagers tactfully75
7Training teenager to live a happy and peaceful life77
Item Code: NAE711 Author: Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale and Dr. Kunda Jayant Athavale Cover: Paperback Edition: 2011 Publisher: Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskruti Sanstha ISBN: 9789381342114 Language: English Size: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch Pages: 48 Other Details: Weight of the Book : 60 gms
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