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Tantra Mantra and Yantra in Indian Tradition

Tantra Mantra and Yantra in Indian Tradition
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From the Jacket Sri Venkateswara Temple, popularly known as Birla Mandir is located on Niladri (a hill) in the heart of the city of Pearls-Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pardesh. The temple was constructed in 1969 (1969-1975) by Hindustan charity Trust (A Birla Foundation) under the able and efficient guidance of Late Sri B. M. Birla. Sri Ganga Prasad Birla turns this temple into a great pilgrimage centre by developing and adding many more shrines in the temple complex. Apart from the presiding ...
From the Jacket

Sri Venkateswara Temple, popularly known as Birla Mandir is located on Niladri (a hill) in the heart of the city of Pearls-Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pardesh. The temple was constructed in 1969 (1969-1975) by Hindustan charity Trust (A Birla Foundation) under the able and efficient guidance of Late Sri B. M. Birla. Sri Ganga Prasad Birla turns this temple into a great pilgrimage centre by developing and adding many more shrines in the temple complex. Apart from the presiding deity Lord Sri Venkateswara in the main temple, there are shrines for other deities like Padmavati, Andal, Garuda, Hanuman, Siva, Vinayaka and Sai Baba. The entire complex was built with quality marble brought say, the visit to Hyderabad will not be completed without a visit to the Marble Marvel—the Birla Mandir.

Back of the Book

Dr. Kamalakar Gundepudi obtained his Master’s Degree in 1975 from Andhra University and Ph.D. in 1985 from Nagarjuna University. He is with Birla Archaeological & Cultural Research Institute (BACRI) 1-fyderabad since 1978. He did his P.G.Diploma in Museology from Osmania University in 1995 and is the recipient of SalarJung Gold Medal for that year. From the same University he obtained his P.C. Diploma in Archival Science & Manuscriptology in the year 1999. He is a recognized supervisor for guiding Ph.D. students in the field of Archaeology and allied subjects and examiner for Post Graduate and Doctoral examinations for many Universities. To his credit he has organized several national and inter-national seminars as Director of BACRI on different topics. He has edited and published several Publications apart from several research articles on Archaeology and Conservation. He had participated and directed several excavations since 1978 which include Veerapuram, Vaddamanu, Carapadu, Pudur etc. He has also participated in Under-Water explorations off Arabian Sea at Dwaraka and Betdwaraka under-taken by National Institute of Oceanography (Goa) in collaboration with BACRI.

Dr.(Mrs.) Haripriya Rangarajan obtained her Ph.D. Degree in Indian Culture from the Gujarat University in 1987. She specialized in the iconography of Vishnu and has contributed articles to academic journals, national seminars and popular magazines. Her doctoral thesis was published in 1996 under the title Spread of Vaishnavism in Gujarat up to 1600 A.D. (A study with Special Reference to the conic forms of Vishnu). Her book on Ramanuja Sampradaya in Gujarat - A Historical Perspective was published in 1996. Her third work entitled Varaha Images in Madhya Pradesh — An Iconographic Study was published in 1997 and the Asiatic Society of Bombay has awarded the Silver Medal for this work in 1998. She is a recipient of Indian Council of Historical Studies fellowship for her research studies. Presently she is working on a project entitled Varahi Images in Orissa; An Iconographic Study. She is keen in organizing and participating in the academic activities. To her credit she has organized several seminars and work-shops in close association with well-known museums and research institutions.

Mrs. Rita Sridhar obtained her Post Graduate Degree in Linguistics in 1977 with a Gold Medal from Delhi University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education in 1988. She started her career as a banker, and has since been a teacher and social worker. She loves teaching, particularly Mathematics to students who have a fear of the subject, and has been a visiting faculty and consultant to a number of educational institutions. She is an advanced Diploma holder in Russian language and using her facility with a number of Indian languages she has worked on a number of translations. She is also an ardent upasaki of Devi Chinnamasta. She has also edited books and dabbled in freelance journalism. Through all this she has also sustained a keen interest in Indology, in the fields of Religion, Vedic Studies, Culture, Sociology and Music. She currently lives in Mumbai with her husband who is a senior banker.

About the Book

Sri Lakshminaryan Mandir, popularly known as Birla Mandir, in Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, was constructed in 1960 (1960 - 1964) by Hindustan charity Trust (A Birla Foundation) under the able and efficient stewardship of Padmabhushan Sri Ganga Prasad Birla. Built on an elevated picturesque location, the temple commands a good view of the Bhopal city. The presiding deities of the temple are Sri Maha Vishnu and his consort Sri Maha Lakshmi. There are also other shrines in the temple complex for Lord Siva, Durga Devi and Hanuman. The spacious front yard of the temple is an added attraction with beautiful garden and water fountains. Located in the same premises is the Birla Museum –a treasure house of Indian culture with different types of Exhibits. The temple and the Museum attract huge crowds of pilgrims as well as tourists not only from Madhya Pardesh and also from other parts of the country.

1. Beyond Time: Tantra and the worship of Goddess Kali (Prof.(Ms.)Aloka Parasher Sen 1
Prof.(Ms.)Aloka Parasher Sen
2. Tantra - Yoga & Pranayama 17
- Shri Amrutananda
3. Vastu Mandala: Anatomical Mysticism 24
- Prof.P.P.Apte
4. Yantras in Hindu Culture 29
- Dr. Aravind Kumar & Dr. C. Seshagiri
5. Application of Mantras in Yogic Sadhana 34
— Dr. K.S. Balasubramanian
6. Mantras in Worship and Rituals in Pavement Temples 41
- Prof. (Mrs.) V. Balambal
7. Cosmic Mandala Through Rangavali Paintings (A Neo Dimension Merruchhandani Fresco Technology) 54
- Mrs. Bharati Mate
8. Mantra, Yantra and Tantra - A New Look at the inter connection between the Three Requisites of Sri Vidya69
— Sri Chaityanandanathar (Haranji)
9. Mantramu - Sadhana - Siddhi (Telugu) 78
- Ghatam Ramalinga Sastry
10. Intellect is Mantra, Heart is Yantra and Application is Tantra 87
- Dr.(Mrs.) Gita Kasturi
11. Guru and his importance in Tantra Practice 95
— Dr. Goda Venkateswara Sastry
12. Iconography of Goddess Dhumavati in Dasamahavidya — A Study 103
- Dr. (Mrs.) Haripriya Rangarajan
13. Tantra and its influence on the Arts of Bengal 109
— Mrs. Jayshree Sengupta
14. Gayatri Mantra and its significance 116
- Dr. Kamalakar Gundepudi
15. Bharatiya Parampara Me Tantra, Mantra & Yantra (Hindi) 122
- Dr. Motilal Khaddar Sastry (Masterfi)
16. Mantra, Yantra and Tantra - A Bird’s Eye View 130
— Kowtha Lalith Manohar
17. Significance of Eight and its Multiples in Tantra and Yantra in Hindu Tradition 134
- Prof. (Mrs.) M. Krishna Kumari
18. Tantra in its Essential Nature 141
— Kulavadhuta Satpurananda
19. Some Thoughts on Tantra 159
- H.H. Mahamedhanandanath Saraswati
20. Mandala worship as found depicted in Buddhist Literature and Art 172
- Dr.M.L Nigam
21. Mantra Yoga 175
- Er. G A.D. Prasad & Dantu Nagarjuna Sarma
22. Science of Mantra Depicted in Lakshmitantra - A Pancharatra Agama 182
— Dr. (Mrs,) Rajani Patki
23. Concept of Sakti in Mahabharata 193
- Dr. (Mrs.) E.R. Ramabai
24. Chinnamasta Devi The Goddess of Transformation 199
- Mrs. Rita Sridhar
25. Role of Tantra, Mantra & Yantra in Jyotish 216
— Shri Roop Saran
26. Effect of Mantra on Human Health 231
— Dr. (Mrs.) Sandhya Lakshmi
27. Tantra Mudras 239
— Saripalle VS. Somayaji
28. Some Tantras and Early Spread of Buddhism 250
— Dr. I.K Sarma
29. Tantra Tradition of Kerala : A Survey on Archaeological Matrix 256
- Dr. T. Satyamurthy
30. The Role of Mantra for Adhigamana 261
— Dr. K. Satyamurthy
31. Mantra Sakti (Telugu) - 269
- Sri Rama Sarma Chirravuri
32. Pancha (Five) Makaras in Srividya Worship 276
— Sri Sathyanandhanathar (S.Shangaranarayanan)
33. Ananta Phala Siddhi Eka Sloki Lalita Rahasyanama Parayana (Chaitanya Kriya Yoga) 281
- Subramanyam Pisipati & Prof. Venkata GK.M. Pisipati
34. Alpha (Bet) Auto Mantra Sadhana 297
— Mrs. Sudha S. Sathaye
35. What is Tantra and its Origin 307
- Swami Tarkeshwaranand Tirtha
36. Tantra-Mantra-Yantra Ka Antaha Sahasambandh (Hindi) 319
- VK Thvari & Dr. (Ms.) Shall Pradhan
37 Tantric Prayogas in Grihya Rituals 326
—Dr. T.V. Vasudeva
38. Rudrayamala — An Overview (Uttara Tantra) 334
- Prof. Venkata GKM. Pisipati & Prasad S.S. Pisipati
39. Relevance of Astrology in Mantra, Yantra and Tantra 341
- Dr. R. Venkateswara Rao
40. Archaeology- Mantra-Tantra and Yantra 347
- Dr. B. Vidyadhara Rao
41. Mantra is Mind and Yantra is Body 350
- Dr. G Vijayabhaskara Reddi
Item Code: NAD076 Author: Dr. (Mrs.) Haripriya Rangarajan & Dr. Kamalkar Cover: Paperback Edition: 2010 Publisher: Birla Archaeological & culture Research Institute ISBN: 9788190990202 Size: 11.2 inch X 8.5 inch Pages: 384 Other Details: Weight of the Book: 977 gms
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Kailash Raj’s art, as always, is marvelous. We are so grateful to you for allowing your team to do these special canvases for us. Rarely do we see this caliber of art in modern times. Kailash Ji has taken the Swaminaryan monks’ suggestions to heart and executed each one with accuracy and a spiritual touch.
Sadasivanathaswami, Hawaii
Good selections. and ease of ordering. Thank you
Kris, USA
Thank you for having books on such rare topics as Samudrika Vidya, keep up the good work of finding these treasures and making them available.
Tulsi, USA
Received awesome customer service from Raje. Thank You very much.
Victor, USA
Just wanted to let you know the books arrived on Friday February 22nd. I could not believe how quickly my order arrived, 4 days from India. Wow! Seeing the post mark, touching and smelling the books made me long for your country. Reminded me it is time to visit again. Thank you again.
Patricia, Canada
Thank you for beautiful, devotional pieces.
Ms. Shantida, USA
Received doll safely and gift pack was a pleasant surprise. Keep up the good job.
Vidya, India
Thank you very much. Such a beautiful selection! I am very pleased with my chosen piece. I love just looking at the picture. Praise Mother Kali! I'm excited to see it in person
Michael, USA
Hello! I just wanted to say that I received my statues of Krishna and Shiva Nataraja today, which I have been eagerly awaiting, and they are FANTASTIC! Thank you so much, I am so happy with them and the service you have provided. I am sure I will place more orders in the future!
Nick, USA
Excellent products and efficient delivery.
R. Maharaj, Trinidad and Tobago