Practical Horary Astrology

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About the Book Based on the simple principles of traditional horary astrology culled from classical works, this book is a guide to arrive at accurate answers to specific questions and situations concerrung : • Marriage • Children • Surgery • Loss and gain of articles • Money • Travel abroad • Fulftlment of objectives • Business ventures • Employment An excellent tooi to make difficult decisions, Prasna astrology is broug...
About the Book

Based on the simple principles of traditional horary astrology culled from classical works, this book is a guide to arrive at accurate answers to specific questions and situations concerrung :

• Marriage
• Children
• Surgery
• Loss and gain of articles
• Money
• Travel abroad
• Fulftlment of objectives
• Business ventures
• Employment

An excellent tooi to make difficult decisions, Prasna astrology is brought to the reader in an easy to assimilate graded text.


About the Author

Gayatri Devi Vasudev is the Editor of The Astrological Magazine. She has worked closely with its Founder Editor Dr. B.V. Raman for nearly 3 decades. Gayarri Devi Vasudev's successful predictions include the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the election of George Bush, Benazir Bhutto's primeministership and exit, the end of the Rajiv era, the formation and continuation of the BJP led Government in India, the Kargil conflict, the primeministership of A.B. Vajpayee, the fire in the Bharatpur arms depot, Nawaz Sharif's exit, military rule in Pakistan, etc.

Gayarri Devi Vasudev has authored many books on asrrology that include, besidees the present one, Clues to Interpreting Charts, The Art of Matching Charts and How to Judge a Horoscope - Volume II. She has also edited several works on asrrology.



It gives me great pleasure to write a few words by way of Foreword to Practical Horary Astrology. The author Gayatri Devi Raman is my daughter. She has made an intelligent study of both natal and horary astrology and has gained considerable experience as a correct predictor on the basis of horary charts. She has already made her mark as a feature-writer in The Astrological Magazine.

Horary astrology is, perhaps, the most important aspect of predictive astrology, where the data employed are accurate and verification of predicted events is possible quickly. In fact, horary is more useful than natal, because it caters to important problems met with in the daily life of the average man and woman.

This book has been done by my daughter with skill and ability. She has dealt with the subject clearly and convincingly in a simple and easily understandable style. The illustrations given are all drawn from the charts handled by her.

"The need for such a book, dealing with horary astrology in a practical and non-technical manner, has been long felt. I am happy that my daughter has supplied this want.

The book will be found to be useful not only to the beginner with the merest acquaintance with astrology but also to the advanced student and the professional astrologer.

My daughter tends to hold her own in the future and I hope more books will be coming out of her pen on aspects of astrology not so far touched by me.

Blessing her with all my heart and wishing her a long and fruitful life of service to the public.


Preface of the First Edition

In no venue of life is horary astrology more applicable and useful than in daily life. Yet, this branch of astrology has not been fully explored. There have been many translations of classical works on the subject but no real text-book on the art of answering horary questions.

I found most classical works contained definite planetary combinations indicative of definite answers to queries. But these planetary combinations occurred ever so rarely in actuality that I was forced to look for more practical planetary positions that could help us find answers. I discovered that most of horary astrology could be boiled down to a few basic principles. These principles could be extended to apply to any planetary juxtaposition obtaining at the moment of the question.

I began the study of horary astrology with an English translation of Neelakanta's Prasna Tantra by my father Dr. B.V. Raman, next took up the translations of Bhattotpala's Prasagnana and Shatpanchasika by late Sri V. Subramanya Sastri, then the rare Kerala classic Prasna Marga (Chapters 1 to 16) while it was in the process of being translated and revised by my father and finally came back to Prasna Tantra. Studying it over and over again, I pitched upon a fundamental principle that could answer any question. This principle, I found, lay in It hasala Yoga, a combination of two planets in a particular way. Other Yogas such as Easarapha, Kamboola, Nakta, Radda, etc., were but extensions and qualifications of this Yoga.

My father Dr. B.V. Raman has been my Guru in astrology. I have had the rare privilege of spending all my life so far with my Guru. These years have been filled with astrological discussions on almost everything on earth ranging from the colour of one's dress to Marxism to Sankhya philosophy to marriage to success to death and even after life. These discussions have given me rare insights into the science of astrology which no book can offer. But what I have learnt can fill many books.

My mother Smt. Rajeswari Raman has also indirectly played the role of a Guru when she plied me with questions on just about everything under the sun. Trying to answer them was an exercise in horary planetary gymnastics which tested my interpretative ability.

I have sought to fill these pages with what I have learnt under my Guru and from my own experience of handling a wide range of cases.

A basic understanding of general astrology which includes casting the horoscope is necessary for a study of this book. If the principles outlined here are applied diligently, it should be quite easy to answer most questions. I trust all those genuinely interested in discovering truth will find this book useful.

I thank my brother Niranjan Babu of Sri Suprajaram for his constant help In reading proofs and for bringing out the book so neatly.


Preface of the Fourth Edition

Horary astrology is one of the simpler topics in astrology and highly popular since it purports to matters of immediate or urgent interest to the querent. The third edition of this book has been extremely well-received by the interested public. Hence the fourth edition in a short time thereafter.

I am grateful to UBS Publishers’ Distributors Ltd. , for bringing out this edition in the shortest possible time.




  Foreword V
  Preface to the Fouth Edition VII
  Preface to the First Edition IX
1 Branches of Astrology 1
2 Keys to the Signs 3
3 Keys to Houses 11
4 Keys to the Planets 22
5 Keys to Planets In Signs 30
6 Aspects 41
7 Reconciling Yogas and Tajaka Aspects 52
8 Question Data 57
9 How to Ask Question 60
10 Signification, Malefics and Benefics 63
11 How to Read Aspects 67
12 The Role of the Moon and the Eleventh House 74
13 Some Exceptions 83
14 Timing Events 88
15 Bhava, Combustion, Nodes and Retrogression 95
16 Practical illustrations 100

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