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Raksha Mantra: Drishta Dosh Nivaran Mantra (Powerful Dirshta Dosh Yanta Free With This Album) (Audio CD)

Raksha Mantra: Drishta Dosh Nivaran Mantra (Powerful Dirshta Dosh Yanta Free With This Album) (Audio CD)
Specifications: Times Music (2003)
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About the CD

One’s good fortune is almost never free from envy and resentment from others. After all one man’s meat is another man’s poison as the saying goes. From the greatest business tycoon to the most humble laborer each and every one is watchful of the disturbing consequences of drishta or buri nazar as we Indian commonly term it.

Drishta is not a concept drawn from superstitions. Science explains it as the flow of negativity that affects the person or object towards which it is directed. Its ominous power can be subtle or immense depending upon the depth of negative emotions. Stronger the emotions greater will be the energy released.

As always there are remedies in our age old beliefs and practices to ally its ominous effects. Some people hang coconuts or melons or even a string threaded with a lemon and some green chilies. It is believed that they have the capacity to absorb negative energies. These are remedies on the material plane.

Drishta dosha nivaaran is a remedy on a spiritual level to dispel the malefic effects of these negative vibrations. Generically mantra refers to sacred words or syllables used repeatedly in religious and ceremonial rituals. As we know the correct pronunciation and intonation of a mantra is said to create strong vibrations that effect the vibrations of every thing and being in the universe. Each mantra is believed to help one to achieve a certain goal which may be a mission or an objective or the attainment of something desired. The Drishta Dosha Nivaaran mantra which is taken from the Markandeya Purana is a powerful set of syllables which have the power to absorb and negate all negative energies and vibrations that has the potential to harm an individual. In this album we go through the entire ritual of Drishta Dosha Nivaaran beginning with the worshipper or yajmaan taking a sankalp or the traditional vow for the successful completion of the rite and then ending with the Samarpan surrendering ourselves before the will of the almighty. The album ends in an invocation to Goddess Kali the Universal mother whose divine task it is to combat and destroy the ill will and malevolence that troubles her devotees and smoothen the paths of their lives.

Baadha Shanti Mantra
O; Mother Goddess dweller of universe clear out all hurdles from my way in all the three worlds and continue to destroy my enemies.

The Drishta Parihaaran begins with a Sankalp which is the first part of every worship. Sankalp means aking a pledge. It is believed that all yagnas and worships are accomplished after taking a vow for its performances. As we recite the Sankalp we meditate on the form of the Supreme being and expresses our faith and determination in performances of the Sadhana. In this we are not answerable to any outside person only to the God who is present within.

Ganesh Dhyan Mantra
From the immemorial the worship of Lord Ganesha has been important in India. Also known as Vighneshvara or Vighnaharta the Lord of and destroyer of obstacles he is invoked for siddhi success in undertakings and buddhi intelligence. He is counted as the first and foremost among gods and occupies a unique place in any worship. Before commencing any activity obeisance to Lord Ganesha is imperative.

The Drishta Dosha Nivaran Mantra
It is generally not advised to search for a literal meaning of any mantra for it is the combination of the syllables and their correct intonation along with its repetitions that makes for the totality of its effectiveness. This sacred mantra taken from the Markandeya Purana specifically for the purpose of neutralizing the effects of ku drishti and is said to be extremely potent.

This is a samarpan or a shloka of total surrender to the almighty mother goddess. The Samarpan normally follows the observance of a worship where the worshipper having performed the rituals to the best of his ability now surrenders his fate before the will of the supreme spirit.

Baal Drishta Dosha Nivaran Shloka
Children are usually the first ones to be susceptible to the negative vibrations that can affect a household. It is a custom to first protect the young ones of the house from the effects of drishta. This shloka is specially written to ward off this negativity and is supposed to have been sung by Yashoda the mother of the little Lord Krishna for his protection.

Stuti Mata Kaalika
This Stuti which has been popularized by the Mewati Gharana maestro Pandit Jasraj also has a very interesting story behind it. While living and performing at the royal court of Sanand a principality in Gujarat it is said that Pandit Maniramji who was Pandit Jasraj’s guru and elder brother wake up one day to the shocking development that he had lost his voice. Deeply upset at this blow to not only his profession but also to his saadhana of a lifetime Maniramji was understandably distraught Maharaja Jaiwantsinhji, his royal patron and an extremely learned and spiritual person then persuaded him to sit down before the image of the Goddess Kali and sing this composition which he composed himself. Putting all his faith and belief in her powers Maniramji began to sing. As he began he found his voice coming back miraculously sweeter and stronger and that day. Pandit Maniramji sang as he had never sung before. Since then this composition forms an indelible part of the repertoire of the Mewati gharana and is sung with a heartfelt thankfulness and joy.

1. Signature Prayer
2. Baadha Shanti Mantra
3. Sankalp
4. Ganesh Dhyan Mantra
5. Drishta Dosha Nivaran Mantra
6. Samarpan
7. Baal Drishta Dosha Nivaran Shloka
8. Stuti Mata Kaalika

Signature prayer for Ears Inc – Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj
Music Director and Arrangement – Kedar Pandit
Lead Singer – Uday Bhavalkar

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