Ardhanarishvara (Shiva-Shakti)

Ardhanarishvara (Shiva-Shakti)

Madhubani is that traditional art form which has its roots from Mithila, a village in Bihar. This art takes a huge amount of painstaking time and accurate skills to create a breath-taking masterpiece. Ardhanarishvara is a soulful blend of masculine and feminine aspects of the universe. This androgynous form depicts Lord Shiva towards the right and Goddess Parvati seated on the left symbolizing fusion of Purusha (man) and Prakriti (creation).

Here, they sit on a stylized lotus pedestal in the usual lalitasana; Shiva is garbed in his fearsome tiger skinned attires, carrying a Damru and Trishul in his two hands along with Ganga river flowing towards the right from the top. Parvati is clad in a royal designer saree, carrying two lotuses in each of her two hands and ornamented graciously in luxurious jewels. Madhubani is popular for decorating house walls and doors and is demanded by people to seek God’s blessings in the form of peace and prosperity.

Mostly Madhubani art is sketched in natural colors of yellow, orange, red, blue, green, but the one shown here is painted in an exclusive dark color combination of black, grey and white in intricate patterns with a background of artistic leaves and pink flowers; formed in a creative upside down triangular-like border. This painting, if hung on any bright and light colored background will enhance its beauty and creativity by itself.

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Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
20 inch X 28 inch
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