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The Life Of The Buddha, Interspersed With Pristine Stoopas

The Life Of The Buddha, Interspersed With Pristine Stoopas

The life of the erstwhile Shakyamuni Siddhartha Gautama has been an unusual one. Brought up in the sequestered life His father, the king of the Shakya clan, chose for Him, one day he chanced to witness disease and senescence and death. At this juncture He renounced all that had been His - the beautiful Yashodhara and Rahula, the son she gave Him - and retreated into the wilderness in quest of a panacea.

The thangka that you see on this page is a visual record of these times leading up to His Buddhahood. The Enlightened One is seated on a lotus pedestal at the very centre, under an aureole of mythical creatures. Episodes of His life fill the rest of this complex yet aesthetically compartmentalised thangka.

To the top left is the Queen Maya in slumber, dreaming of the pristine elephant that foretold His birth. Immediately underneath it are the panels recounting His momentous birth in a clearing in the forest and the luxuries as well as the rigours of His princely childhood. To the right of the thangka could be seen crucial life-stages such as when He turned to severe asceticism and when He proved His Enlightenment before a group of teachers. Note the panels that form a straight line down the centre of the composition - the dream of the white elephant, the Buddha as a king, bhoomisparsha Buddha, mahaparinirvana Buddha, and the very image of Enlightenment.

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Tibetan Thangka Painting
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