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The Glory Of Lord Nataraja

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The stance of Lord Nataraja is straight from the Natyashastra. The classical Indian text (shastra) on the performing arts (natya, which literally translates to dance) is the definitive authority on creative expression, from which the Indian performing arts keeps deriving to this day. The name Nataraja translates to king (raja) of natya, a key manifestation (roopa) of Lord Shiva. It is His natya that wields destruction over life and in turn projects life anew, such is the grace of Lord Nataraja.

The majestic Lord Nataraja that you see on this page has been sculpted in keeping with the Natyashastra exposition. Chaturbhujadhari (four-armed): the anterior left hand in gajahastamudra (elephant-hand-gesture); the right in abhayamudra (fearlessness-gesture), with a snake coiled aptly around the arm. In the posterior hands are the damroo, from which emerges the naada (cosmic sound) of srshti (creative projection), and a ball of flame that leads to annihilation of all srhsti. In fact, a ring of flames constitutes the aureole of the destructive deity.

Apasmara is a crucial aspect of the Lord Nataraja iconography. A dwarfed and epileptic demon, he stands for avidya, that which leads to adharma. And while adharma must be destroyed, avidya must be subdued. The glory of Lord Shiva prevails because He remains in His Nataraja-roopa, dancing over avidyaroopi Apasmara, continually shoving him underneath His powerful foot.

Brass Statue
71 inch Height x 59 inch Width x 18 inch Depth
145 kg
Item Code: ZDL92
Price: $7995.00
Shipping Free - 4 to 6 days
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Thank you guys! I got the book! Your relentless effort to set this order right is much appreciated!!
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We received the item in good shape without any damage. It is simply gorgeous. Look forward to more business with you. Thank you.
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Your sculpture is truly beautiful and of inspiring quality!  I wish you continuous great success so that you may always be able to offer such beauty to all people throughout the world! Thank you for caring about your customers as well as the standard of your products.  It is extremely appreciated!! Sending you much love.
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I got my order today. It was well packed and looks lovely.
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