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Large Size Shiva Family (Shiva Parivar)

Shiva family is a perfect example of an ideal family that learns to live in unity accepting each other’s diverse natures. Shiva, the destroyer sits in his sharp fearsome poise with the elder son Kartikeya (god of war) sitting on his lap, while his consort, the loving goddess Parvati sits next to him in elegance and beauty along with baby Ganesha on her lap.

If you zoom in, you will be spellbound by the intricate multiple carvings, finite structures and impressive expressions of this sculpture. The Lordships sit on a heighted lotus carved throne supported by the solid paws of a lion and has a big circular multiple layered arch, decorated in exceptionally bewitching floral and beaded designs with the outer layer of the cosmic fires of destruction and the face of glory, Kirtimukha, sculpted in the centre as an awe-inspiring guardian of the threshold.

The most alluring part is the perfect body structure of all the four deities, ornamented in lustrous jewels and the long South Indian styled crown with the powerful halo and the river Ganga flowing out from Shiva’s matted hair, glorifies his persona; adorned in a short tiger skin dhoti and Parvati is clad in horizontally rippled ankle length dhoti with a large broch in the centre, both have sacred symbols inscribed on their palms.

Carrying the iconic implements, Damru, Trishul, Serpent, Deer and Axe, Shiva blesses the devotees of fearlessness and Parvati holds a lotus in one hand and the other supports Ganesha. Kartikeya and Ganesha are also chiselled in extreme fine lines, holding their iconic weapons of a Spear, Bow and Javelin by Kartikeya and Laddoo, Axe and Noose by Ganesha. The sculptor has depicted very promising expressions on deities’ faces, justifying their innate natures and immense beauty.

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Brass Statue
54 inch Height x 42.5 inch Width x 21.5 inch Length
138 kg
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