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Lord Ganesha with Spiralled Tusk Seated on a Conch

Seated on a beautifully illustrated conch, the elephant faced demigod Sri Ganesha resides in a lalitasana posture along with edampuri pose of trunk. He poses an Abhaya Mudra with his right hand and holds a stunning trishula (trident) in the left hand which is detachable, as one can make him hold any flower or any other implement which will add a spark in Ganapati’s look. The spiral tusked deity holds the astonishing shankhs (Sacred Conches) in both the upper right and upper left hands, this represents that, in this form Sri Ganesha is conch loving as there are three pretty conches shown here. Ganesha wears an alluring crown over his big head and is also adorned with a variety of jewels over his dive transcendental form.

Lord wears a massive shoulder cord (yagyopavita) to remind us that we too can be born twice through his grace, none is low and none is high. He has a snake tied on his round and large tummy. Many are afraid of such creatures, but he tells us that it is Kundalini within all and each one can rise above all the adversity. There’s a gorgeous aureole behind his head which resembles to the rays of Sun. Not only from the front, this creative masterpiece been carved out brilliantly and gently all over. The grace and the sharpness on this wooden art piece adds a highlight and it feels good to the eyes of the viewer.

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Wood Statue From Jaipur
11.00 inch Height X 6.00 inch Width x 3.00 inch Depth
0.87 Kg.
Item Code: ZEN407
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