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Krishna Paintings

21.00 inches X 29.00 inches
7.5 inch X 9.5 inch
38.50 inches x 22.00 inches
38.00 inches x 23.00 inches
29 inches x 41 inches
9.00 inch x 12 inch
28 inch x 21 inch
11.8 inches X 14.0 inches
35.5 inch X 42.5 inch
28.5 inches X 20.5 inches
28 inch x 19.5 inch
20 inch x 28 inch
5.5 inch X 8 inch
34.5 inch X 41.5 inch
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38 inches x 22.5 inches
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The Devotee's Muse

Krishna has been the most oft-chosen subject for Indian fine art practitioners since the classical period, for all the obvious reasons. He is arguably the most widely loved and deeply regarded deity of the Hindu pantheon. The beauty of His person inspires the artist within everyone, and overwhlems the ones who practise. Finally, loving devotion makes for an interesting theme to work with in terms of the visual arts. Painted in shades of dusk, we have curated in this collection a variety of Krishna portrayals - from the adorable baby Gopala in Mathura to the handsome youth Krishna in Vrindavan. In many of these paintings He is surrounded by beauteous, loving gopies or His one-and-only beloved Radha in haloed togetherness. Some of these pieces depict particular episodes from the myth-laden life of the deity, from amongst which you are wlecome to pick any that best resonates with you.

Water colours are a dynamic medium against paper. There is so much that could be done with a limited set of key colours, as could be seen from the charming backgrounds that characterise each of the paintings chosen to go into this section. The soothing beauty of the North Indian countryside, with its lushness and riverine abundance and nourishig forest-cover, has been captured to perfection in these watercolours. Some of these paintings depict Krishna as the object of worship of devotees, which means that not only are these paintings on the subject of Krishna but also revolve around the theme of Krishna. Unfailingly depicted with flawless shringar and framed to perfection, each of these works would be a fine addition to the homes of Krishna lovers all over the world.