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Kali the Terrible

Kali the Terrible
Item Code: DA84
Madhubani Painting On Handmade Paper
29.5" x 11.0"
The myths and legends prevalent among the indigenous people form an important factor in the Madhubani (Mithila) art. These stimulate dramatic intensity resulting in distortion and exaggeration and the use of strongly contrasting colors. Maithalas are deeply religious.The influence of goddess Kali
has been quite predominant ion the tradition of Tantra which has greatly influenced their character, and it is these traditions that have found adequate expression in the paintings of Mithila.

Consort of Shiva, and considered the incarnation of his energy, Kali is the terrible goddess of time, that destroys all existence.Her terrible countenance gives us a glimpse of the extent of her powers of annihilation. The great goddess of Tantrism, Kali, is depicted with her tongue sticking out making a mockery of the ignorance of us humans. She also wears a garland of human skulls to flaunt the fact of her own supreme and universal being. Kali here kills the demon Mahishasura. In the two corollary depictions on either side is the same subject again of the benevolent slaying the malevolent. Kali, in different forms, using different weapons, different means to the same end - destruction of evil. The painter does not seek to place objects of figures in a natural relation to each other. What he wishes to express, he does so very well. The look of terror in the eyes of the demons counter the gentle look in the eyes of the terrible goddess, suggesting that she is also the benevolent mother who aids man in his struggle with his own animal instincts.

The colors used are bright, with a liberal use of yellow and orange. Every shape is enclosed in a black outline, making the image sharp and brilliant.

This description by Renu Rana.

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