Amriteshwar Bhairava Mantra and Amrit Beejas- His Holiness Swami Lakshman Joo Maharaj

Amriteshwar Bhairava Mantra and Amrit Beejas- His Holiness Swami Lakshman Joo Maharaj

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About the DVD

Sacred Hymns of Lord Amriteshwar om JUM SAH Amriteshwar Bhairavaya Namah

The contents of this Cd were recorded at the Ishber (Srinagar, Kashmir) Ashram of the Great Shaiva Philosopher and saint, Swami Lakshman Joo Maharaj. Born in 1907, Swamiji was a rare jewel who had supreme command over both the theoretical and the practical aspects of Kashmir Shaivism. He spent his whole life, beginning when he was a small boy, studying and practicing the teaching of this tradition and in doing so realized the reality of its thought.

Amriteshwar Bhairava is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Swamiji got the amriteshwar Bhairava temple constructed adjacent to the ashram premises and this temple was inaugurated in 1983. The cover photograph is of the amritshwar linga in the temple, Swamiji used to come down from his Ashram and do the daily pooja at the Amriteshwar temple every morning at around 6 Am irrespective of the season. He once explained the sacred Amriteshwar Bhairava Swamiji’s own voice can be heard in this audio CD. Also in the CD is an explanation of the sixteen Amrit Beejas.

In Swmai Lashman joo’s Teachings, he constantly emphasizes the secular nature of this great tradition. He wants it to be clearly understand by everyone that Kashmir Shaivism does not discriminate against anyone of the basis of caste, creed, color, or sex. No one is restricted from becoming involved in the practice and teachings of the tradition. This teaching is universal, open to one and all. In Swamiji words “To realize that God and individual are one is the essence of Kashmir Shaivism.


That belong who has kept the 36 elements comprising the 118 in his body who is a compacted mass of consciousness and bliss and who is exceeding great, that being is aid to be nature of Lord shiva.


The energy (Shakti) of that Om which is glorified with the state of Lord Shiva, It is Unlimited by time space and form.


The energy of independence, svatantrya Shakti, which is coprising of the three energies, will knowledge and action.

Liberation-Moksha is only attain by those followers who are longing to achieve it, Only then will the free wil of Lord Shiva transform you.


When he has established himself in his own real nature in the state of one pointed internal self awareness, then he must come out and experience that same glamour in both the internal mental and the external objective worlds.


Real bowing ir to drive this physical body, this whole universe that exists in the outside world, into the internal world, then in turn, this subtle must be pushed into that subtler and more refined state, the body of dreamless sleep. And ultimately all these bodies are driven inside the body of consciousness. This is real bowing.

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