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CDs & DVDs > Indian Classical Music > Prem Joshua & Band: Luminous Secrets (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
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Prem Joshua & Band: Luminous Secrets (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

Prem Joshua & Band: Luminous Secrets (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

Prem Joshua & Band: Luminous Secrets (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

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Music Today (2010)
59 Minutes

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Prem Joshua & Band: Luminous Secrets (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

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About the CD

Lyrics on Meera by Mirabai
Lyrics on Luminous secrets from based upon the (Hafiz) Copyright work of Daneil Ladinsky that includes verse from his Penguin Publications
Lyrics on Song of the weaver by Kabir
Guest Musicians:
Runa Rizvi: Vocals on Meera Luminous Secrets, song of the weaver Chandra
Lalitya Munshaw: Vocals on Nine wonders A light for your night

In this album Prem Joshua & Band an international group of musicians from Europe India and Japan take a bold step towards a new meeting of east and west. Here Indian ragas and Eastern poetry shine in a totally poetry shine in a totally new light and the ancient mystic poets Meera Kabir and Hafiz sing to us again as contemporaries.


1Meera 7:53
2Nine Wonders 5:52
3LFG (Letter From God) 7:08
4Luminous Secrets 6:47
5Hele Mele 6:49
6Song of the Weaver 8:16
7A Light of your Night 7:12
8Chandra 6:49
9Kirwani Namaste 2:22

Meera (or Mirabai) born in 1498 in Rajasthan is a well known Indian mystic and poet. She left us a treasure of over one thousand poems and devotional songs many of which are still sung today. Though married to a prince her love and longing for the divine became so overpowering that she left her palace her life of comfort and luxury and facing many difficulties along the way stepped whole heartedly on the path of Truth.

There are many beautiful stories about her. One of them says that after her spiritual awakening she spent the rest of her life dancing and singing in the streets of her hometown. Another relates that she eventually disappeared into a statue of Krishna leaving only her sari draped around it. These evocative tales of Meera’s ecstatic devotion and union with her divine love come from the very heart of the ancient Indian soul. Only here was the interior soil fertile enough to bring into flower courageous women saints brave enough to shine in their own right and dance in abandon in the streets!.

Nine Wonders
A powerful yet refined musical blend set to the scale of the North Indian raga Marwa with lyrics by Abid Hussain. Note the rhythm of 9 beats with a touch of Moroccan trance and a tinge of jazz.

LFG (Letter From God)
One of the most famous yoga exercise is called Surya Namaskar or in English Sun Salutation in its original form this sequence of postures was performed to the twelve Mukhi Rudrakshas mantras representing certain mystical aspects of the Sun. who knows even if you are not doing any yoga simply listening or dancing to this track might be of equal benefit to your health and well being.

Luminous Secrets
This song is in honor of the Persian mystic and poet Hafiz (1315-1390). The immense beauty and richness of his poetry opens doors into timeless spaces upon spaces. Hafiz often refers to God as a woman as the beloved or even a drinking companion!.

The great poet Goethe loved his poetry dearly and is believed to have said about him if Goethe is the boat then Hafiz is the Ocean!.

Hele Mele
Some Songs are like a journey on the trail of an invisible beloved. This one starts in the sacred mountains of Bulgaria takes a spin over the Moroccan desert, flies across Sufi soil and final reaches the river Ganges. The lyrics are based on a relatively unknown and ancient mantra dedicated to this River of Rivers the ganges herself.

Song of the Weaver
This Song is dedicated to the mystic poet Kabir he was born in Varansi in 1398 where he lives as a simple weaver. He is loved and appreciated as a great saint by Muslims Hindus and Sikhs and is probably still the most quoted poet in India today. The full luminosity of these beautiful two liners is perhaps a little lost in translation but the meaning and devotion imparted in them still shines brightly through.

A Light for Your Night
Based on the traditional South Indian Raga Madhuvanti this song blends traditional Morocaan qurqab percussion with a traditional North Indian Keherwa rhythm with an equally traditional for Funky groove all which results however in a rather untraditional track.

There are not many places on this planet where people from all directions continents and backgrounds meet for no other reason than to share their joy of being alive. Living together peacefully and respectfully they are joined by their common dream of a better world a world of freedom beyond doctrine.

One of these rare international melting pots is Goa, India, Many of the visitors there today may see it as little more than an exotic tourist spot or party machine. But if they were to dig a little deeper beyond this surface they would find another Goa they one which lies hidden but is very much alive Painters dancers, musicians, writers and other creative seekers have been gathering there every year following an almost inaudible call. Only India could provide the right soil for such an unintentional and ever changing experiment in simply living. And this moment to moment experience has been going on for the last 40 years.

Kirvani Namaste
Dedicated to Choong Khuat Hock and Neera Halls.

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