Vedic Hindu Chants Authentic Chanting for Positive Vibrations (Audio CD)

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R. MohanTimes Music (2008)
About the Tittle

Rigveda exerpts+
Yajurveda exerpts+
Saamaveda exerpts+
Atharvaveda exerpts+
Produced by: +Ears Inc. *R. Mohan* Art and Artistes
Rigveda, Yajurveda & Atharvaveda recitation:
Vedamoorthy K, Sharaschandra Bhat, Arun Iyer
Saamaveda recitation:
Sri Srirama Sroutigal, Sri Sudarshana Sroutigal
from the Sri Rajaveda Kavya Patashala, Kumbakonam
Rudram & Chamakam recitation:
A. Ramani Sastrigal, Krishnamoorthy, Baskaran
Purushsooktam Chants: Omkar Vedic Sadhana Centre.

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