Parrots Nut Cracker

Parrots Nut Cracker

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Parrot, is of great importance in the religion of Hinduism. It is the vahana of the Hindu God of love and desire, Kamadeva. Vahanas are described as the mounting vehicle of deities, that accompany, pull the chariot of or serve as a seat for them. The parrot as a spiritual animal is a symbol of celebration. It's a happy expression of all the good happenings in your life and those about to happen in future.

The nut cracker is amazingly emblazoned and imprinted with the fine artistry, fashioning and sculpting it in breathtaking designs, of detailed parrots, which curve about, depicting their gracefulness like a swan. It is designed to such a high level that it doesn't miss a single feature, with its jaws made up of strong iron, worth breaking a diamond. The hues of gold paint, embellish the motif-adorned nutcracker that is the perfect choice for all the art lovers.

However, it is even a perfect choice as an actual and particularly amazing nut cracker, with its sharp and precise iron jaws, that acts as an ideal option to easily slit your favourite nuts open, as it delicately fractures them assisting to fill up your dry fruit cravings.

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Item Code: ZCM81
Brass Statue
8 inch Height x 2.8 inch Width x 0.5 inch Depth
480 gm

The nutcracker is a quintessential Indian household item. Weilded primarily by a languid, betel-chewing grandparent or two in the family, it has over the years acquired an appeal that is markedly aesthetic. This unusual brass tool from the Exotic India collection is the perfect blend of the implement's queer aesthetics and Oriental functionality. In the shape of the most resplendent of all birds, parrots, this nutcracker is deeply symbolic of attitudes towards pleasurable pursuits in the East.


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