Filigree Gau Box Pendant with Coral from Nepal

Filigree Gau Box Pendant with Coral from Nepal

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This filigree gau box pendant is studded with the glowy coral gemstone. This ravishing gau box pendant is crafted by expert Tibetan artisans from Nepal. The gau box is the is container covered with the charismatic appeal is used to store a prayer or any sacred writing.


 In ancient times the Tibetan Gau box was used to carry magical charms,  medicinal herbs, and sacred relics. While traveling the gau box was also used as the potable shrines by the Tibetans. The Portable Shrine Tibetan Gau was worn on a  belt or waist sash and from the neck.


 The gau was used as a box to protect things when traveling. With the mesmerizing designs, the gau box ornament will look exceptional on anyone. You can carry your prayer with you anywhere you want. This pendant with the filigree design on this gau box is ravishing. 

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Sterling Silver
1.3 inch Height, 1.4 inch width
31 gm

The coral is the best gemstone with high healing and spiritual properties. The red coral is the most valuable gemstone and is famous for its bright color. The coral gemstone can help the wearer with circulatory system disorders.


The coral-stone also symbolizes joy, immortality, wisdom, and modesty. This gemstone can help the blood in nourishing and aid the weak bones to get stronger. It can dispose of the negative energy and can bring the wearer out of depression easily.

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